Sussex Police are wide open to Organised Crime Blackmail and Extortion


According to Police in Scotland, officers have received a number of reports from members of the public who have become victims of online fraudsters.

They warn that victims are being targeted by scammers who record intimate pictures and videos during conversations on various social media platforms.

The victims are coerced into removing clothing prior to being recorded, and are then threatened with exposure via their own social media accounts unless large sums of money are sent to the suspects.

While Scottish Police warn against the perils of extortion scams; doesn’t that mean Sussex Police itself have been prime targets for organised crime extortion, taking advantage of the sexual perversions rampant within their ranks.

I mean; I don’t want to cause alarm or distress to Giles York, especially now being under pressure to resign, following the Gatwick drone fiasco, but, all you need to do is a Google search to reveal the many sex scandals to hit Sussex Police in recent years.

December 2018 PC Daniel Barnes Child porn
April 2018 Det Con Richard Holder Selling sex while on sick
October 2018 Inspector Tony Lumb Sex with vulnerable women
October 2018 PC Alexander Walsh PC Stalker, hassling colleagues for sex, child porn
March 2018 PC Martin Harris Sex on duty
June 2018 DC Celia MacDonald Failing to investigate child-abuse claims
April 2016 PC Luke Smith Filmed himself having sex with whores in uniform
March 2017 Chief Insp Rob Leet Sex on duty
March 2017 Sergeant Sarah Porter Sex on duty
December 2016 PC Daniel Moss Advertising for sex while off duty on sick
September 2011 Sgt Philip Savidge Child porn
December 2015 Inspector Lee Lyons General pimp, addicted to sex with prostitutes

Does this show that Sussex Police have been prime targets of organised crime extortion since September 2011, when Sergeant Philip Savidge was downloading child porn while his colleagues weren’t looking, up to December 2015, when station pimp, inspector Lee Lyons, once made 23 calls to 11 prostitutes in one hour.

Sussex Police have had a problem with sexual perversion for decades and as such, have been wide open to organised blackmail and extortion.


This unfortunately relates to the unsolved murder of Katrina Taylor in 1996; who’s story was recently read by over a thousand readers, on the website.


The fact that the FIFTH MAN in the Katrina Taylor murder trial WASN’T investigated by Sussex Police, points to an organised Crime Syndicate blackmailing paedophiles, sex addicts and stalkers, within Sussex police ranks.


DANIEL BARNES, 40 years old, downloaded child porn while he worked as a Sussex police officer.

Sussex Police defended the convicted paedophile by reassuring the public that no children were harmed or suffered as a result of their ex officer’s sexual perversion.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “The images are all understood to have come from the internet and there is nothing to suggest that there is any risk to local children.”

Read more at:

Giles York at Gay Pride

Under fire Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Giles York, once famously remarked that while he believes it’s absolutely right and proper that, as a Civil Servant, he should be obliged to confess how much he’s paid, he’s not obliged to tell anyone, what he spends his money on.

I’ve always found that remark, to be remarkably remarkable.

Doesn’t it go back to the aged old reasoning which allowed the Bobby on the street to strip search you if he had to; that if you had nothing to hide, why hide.

Giles York is evidently hiding what he spends his money on, which then begs the question; what is it he’s spending his money on, that he doesn’t want anyone else to know about?

Sexy women’s underwear…

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