Labour’s Simon Burgess – Profile/CV Analysis

Simon Burgess Profile/CV Analysis.


Following on from the hugely successful and well received statement analysis of Prince Charles, in which I concluded he did have a case to answer, (in relation to allegations of paedophilia,) I now present a similar styled assessment of a certain public figure of notable public acclaim, Labour Ring Master, Mr Simon Burgess.

Read my Prince Charles Statement Analysis here:

Simon Burgess

And why should I write a Profile/CV analysis of a certain Mr Simon Burgess, the Labour Legend of Brighton’s Labour Party?

Well that’s for me to know and for you to find out, (which will be soon enough, so don’t fret.)

There is no need for anyone to get their knickers in a twist, all I’m doing is analysing a public document, which Simon Burgess wrote as his Labour Party profile, and choose to make publicly available.

I found it here: PPC Profile: Simon Burgess


Before we continue I wish to warn anyone who is fortunate enough to read this;


The last article I wrote celebrating a look back at 50 years of Sussex Police Chief Constables (which I thought was a well-balance, well researched and well written 1000 word plus article) was meet with the following negative feed-back.

“An article conceived with little knowledge and experience of those included, and with only negativity in mind to undermine all that is good within the Sussex Police….. a sad individual indeed. ☹”

To which I replied;

“Thanks you for your comment and I’m sorry you feel I’m “a sad individual indeed,” I certainly didn’t mean for the article to be seen as negative, and I certainly didn’t intend the article to “undermine all that is good within the Sussex Police.

I apologize if you felt that from reading it.

I simply wanted to celebrate 50 years of Sussex police, by looking back at their colourful Chief Constables, and their own stories.

I love policing and police work. I’m an ex Royal military myself, so I think it’s a bit rich saying I have “little knowledge and experience of those included.”

I suppose my own personal experience with Sussex police has fainted my behaviour towards them, no matter how sub-conscious that may be.”


Read the article yourself:

Now; quickly analyzing my own response to the negative feedback to what I thought was a brilliant piece of journalism, by apologizing to the person who dissed me, reveals me, that I am a spineless piece of shit who can’t stand up for himself to defend my own opinion and outlook on life.

Well that’s changed; that was the old me; now I’m the new me.

It is truly remarkable that by analyzing the words we use, we can reveal hidden secrets about ourselves which we would otherwise never have known.

I’m analyzing Simon Burgess’s profile for reasons for me to know, and which you will eventually find out shortly, so don’t worry.

I’m building the suspense until the unfulfilling climax.

But for now; I just want to make it crystal clear; If you don’t like what you are reading; FUCK OFF and STOP READING AND GO AND DO SOMETHING MORE INTERESTING INSTEAD.

Just stop reading and watch porn instead for all care. I really don’t give a flying fuck what you do, just stop reading and FUCK OFF.

If any reader thus far is feeling in anyway, alarmed or distressed with what you’ve read so far; please for your own well-being; FUCK OFF AND READ SOMETHING ELSE INSTEAD.

I doing this to understand Simon Burgess; and wish to share what I find with you; my readers.

Simon Burgess, better than anyone will appreciate the appeal of attracting other people’s attention and persuading them notice you.

After all, isn’t that what politics is all about?

Now, before any further ado; allow me to introduce Simon Burgess, by letting Simon Burgess introduce himself.

But before I do, and I promise I will; just a quick explanation on the style of Witness Statement analyzation I’ll be using.

The following article published on Blasting News UK, introduces a renowned statement analyst called Peter Hyatt, from America, who works for the FBI by analyzing witness statement’s of suspects under investigation.

He contends that by focusing on every word used, it reveals hidden truths and exposes lies, which would other be missed by the casual reader.

Hyatt is regarded as a highly respected and professional statement analyst, (who teaches other professionals and who assists law enforcement on criminal cases), and has staked his career and reputation on the conclusion that the McCann’s covered up the accidental death of their daughter.

I’ll be applying the same principles as Hyatt used with the parents of Madeleine McCann, and using my own experience as a Royal Military Policeman, well taught in police interview training, here it is:

Analyzing Simon Burgess, based on his own words, which he published in public, under his own will and vocation.



Full Name: Simon Burgess
Age: 45
From: Brighton

Facts after my own heart: I would conclude that Simon is much like me; a middle aged Brightonian.

“Labour member since: 1983 – it was a tough period for the party. My experience during those years of opposition continues to make me very determined to see our party stay electable.”

“Very determined to see our party stay electable,” this is a very telling phraseology used, and reveals his strength of passion for the Labour Party, to which we will later learn, he’s been a faithful servant since 2006, when he was elected Labour City Leader.

Its relevant to the reason why I am analyzing his profile, because I want to determine whether there was collusion between the Labour Party and the Green Party, in the unexpected and disastrous snap general election of 2017.

As history shows, the Green Party unexpectedly decided NOT to field a Green candidate in the 2017 Brighton and Kemptown General Election because they were determined not to allow the then incumbent MP Conservative Simon Kirby from regaining his seat for a third successive time.

As a political observer and independent parliament candidate in the 2015 Brighton and Kemptown General Election, I find it quite implausible that there wasn’t at least a conversation between Simon Burgess and the Green Party legend Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas, about what will happen.

Namely that the Green Party will meddle with Democracy to ensure the next Labour candidate, (whom ever it may be,) will stand unopposed by a Green Party candidate; and that further still, the Green Party will encourage all their supporters to vote for the Labour candidate, (whom ever that maybe), absolutely guaranteeing a Labour victory and the political ruin of an up and rising star in the Conservative Party, Simon Kirby.

“Labour member since: 1983 – it was a tough period for the party.”

He would have been 19 years old when he become a Labour Party member. He had found his Tribe and his future dedication and loyalty to the Labour Party, was cemented during the years of his late teens and into his early adulthood, blazing as fierce as ever 35 years later.

If Burgess was “very determined” to see his party stay electable, then you would be naïve of the highest order to thing he wouldn’t pick up the phone to Caroline Lucas and discuss a deal to ensure a labour candidate, (whomever that may be,) guaranteeing the Brighton Kemptown constituency for Labour.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle is the luckiest man in politics.

Lloyd Russell_Moyle

He walked into the Labour Candidacy of the Brighton Kemptown 2017 Snap General Election, totally in the dark, that he was guaranteed to win the election.

Vote Rigging behind his back.

We know Lloyd Russell-Moyle was unaware of any arrangement between the Labour and Green Party because in response to being asked whether himself, his election manager (Simon Burgess), or anyone in the Labour Party, ever communicated, in relation with the Green Party’s decision NOT to field a Green candidate in the last election, to which he replied, “I was not even the candidate when the greens decided to stand down, so I don’t see how we could have had discussions.”

A loud and clear denial from the bad boy of the House of Commons, Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

Bad-boy Lloyd Russell-Moyle walking out with the Common’s Mace

Onwards to Simon’s CV

“I left school at 16 having hated it, which is why I want schools to be a positive experience for all students.”

How very interesting, and what a very peculiar thing to say.

So he left school at 16 and he hated it, but yet he wants schools to be a positive experience, which he himself didn’t experience.

It doesn’t make sense to me; some kind of oxymoron, or some other peculiar particle which hasn’t yet been named by scientists.

But I know what I mean, even if I may not be able to explain what I mean to you, my readers.

A negative immediately followed with a positive; it reveals a hidden conflict yet to be resolved.

Of-course it’s valiant of him wanting something for others, which he never got himself; and it’s a typical thing a selfless man would say.

This use of words reveals a gentle, generous and caring man, who is prepared to work hard to make other people happy.

Having met Simon Burgess myself in person, I found him to be a gentleman, polite, accommodating, helpful, sincere, interested and attentive.

This is confirmed as we plunge deeper into his profile and reveal the hidden meanings behind the words that he’s used.

“I worked in a sports shop for a year before working for a number of shipping and transport companies advancing from clerk to operations manager.”

Again, this one sentence alone reveals a huge amount of the man we know to be Simon Burgess.

On the verge of leaving his teens and entering early manhood, here we see a hard working and conscientious young man, who worked hard to reach management level in a relatively short space of time.

This demonstrates a purpose of intention, natural leadership and a desire to better himself. These are admiral traits for anyone.

“In the meantime I had spent a lot of time volunteering with people with disabilities and I decided to make that a full time commitment in the NHS working with adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues.”

OK, so from working as a sales assistant, to a shipping/transport clerk to manager; a 9-5 automated existence wasn’t a prospect Burgess was willing to accept.

Thus it was ’meanwhile’ working a soul destroying 9-5 job that Burgess found personal and spiritual satisfaction in volunteering his valuable time helping people with disabilities.

Helping people less fortunate than himself. Isn’t this the back bone of every politician’s desire to get involved in public office?

This caring, sharing and compassionate side of Burgess has already been identified, and this change of career direction, further demonstrates the his willingness to take risks, follow his heart and make bold moves.

It was brave, bold and courageous of him to leave a managerial position to work in the NHS to work with adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Again, a valiant direction to take and a further indication of his willingness and dedication to help others.

“During those years in the NHS I became an active trade union rep and then branch secretary.”

We know from analyzing ahead that his early involvement in ‘politics’ was with the Anti-Nazi League, CND and the Anti-apartheid Movement; and it wouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone that Burgess would get involved with a Trade Union; and taking into consideration his self motivation to better himself; it’s also no surprise that he would progress through the ranks to become and Union Representative and then Branch Secretary.

Is it fair to say that Burgess was meeting all expectations and doing very well in life; thank you very much.

“These were during the dark days of Thatcher and Major who inflicted terrible damage on this most vital of public services.”

Yes of-course; let’s get all Ben Elton and talk about the dark days of ’Thatcher-the-Milk-Snatcher’.

“The dark days of Thatcher and Major,” interesting that he used the word “dark” and that he felt those ’dark days’ lasted 18 years.

So as far as Burgess was concerned, from 15 years old to 35 years old, he believed he and the nation was living under “Dark Days.”

I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, the use of “Dark Days” is revealing because of the dire picture the words paint.

From 1979 when Thatcher become PM, to 1997 when Blair took over from Major; Burgess would have watched in abject horror as the Conservative Party, as they “inflicted terrible damage on this (NHS) most vital of public services.”

I don’t intend to ridicule him for feeling this way. He was right; history has shown the Tories have systematically inflicted terrible damage on British society as a whole. I believe Burgess is being sincere and that it really was “Dark Days” for him and his colleagues. It must have been terrible to work in an organisation, seeing the damage being done to it, by an uncaring government on a daily basis.

I sincerely salute Burgess.

While he was fretting about the state of the NHS, I was travelling the South of France, getting drunk, working hard, and living life with the one intention of experiencing new things.

My own experience of living through the “Dark Days” of the Thatcher/Major was neither here or there.

It was what it was. It was the 80’s and 90’s, and I was just as busy as everyone else dealing with the bullshit the Conservative Party was throwing at us on a daily basis.

“At 29 I decided it was time to get an education and I studied Politics and Development Studies at Sussex University.”

So even he himself acknowledges that the ten years from starting work to reaching 29, were spent doing something he didn’t really want to be doing for the next 20 years.

“I decided it was time to get an education and I studied Politics and Development Studies at Sussex University.”

OK, this is an admission that he learnt nothing at school, but we knew that already because he “hated” school and left at 16.

Evidently he never learnt a thing, and at 29 acknowledges it was time to “get an education.”

Perhaps a bit too hard on himself, especially considering his natural leadership abilities, regularly scoring himself managerial positions; Burgess again demonstrated his boldness, with his decision to risk it all by studying Politics and Development Studies at Sussex University.

Knowing Burgess as I know him thus far; I would have guessed he would have chosen to do a degree in Politics and Development Studies.

Burgess is like an open book; easy to read and equally easy to predict.

“Whilst there I became a Brighton councilor, eventually becoming City Leader, in 2006, of a minority administration.”

This is great. While at University, he immediately acted on his advantage by becoming a Brighton Councillor; and then bettering himself even further by becoming City Leader in 2006; of I may hasten to add, (only because Burgess does himself) that he was a City Leader of “a minority administration.”

No doubt he paid special attention to the “minority administration,” as proof that he had to work even harder and better as other City Leaders, because he had the additional challenge of leading a “minority administration.”

“Once I graduated I was election agent for my home seat of Brighton Kemptown helping Des Turner MP to be elected three times.”

Which is where Burgess really comes into his own and consolidates himself as a major player in the Brighton Labour Party.

Simon Burgess is without doubt, the power in the shadows.

Not only becoming a Brighton Councillor himself, (which is no small achievement), he helped Des Turner become elected as MP across three General Elections.

“I have worked both full and part-time for him over the 12 years as his office manager.”

And now it gets interesting because ex MP Des Turner is now brought into the picture, with the revelation that Burgess was not only responsible for getting Des Turner elected three times, but he also ran his office as his manager for over 12 years.

This tells us that Burgess was intricately linked with Des Turner and knew everything (and more) which Des Turner knew.

And now this is where it gets uncomfortable for myself to write further and no doubt uncomfortable for any readers who happen to have had a relationship with either Turner or Burgess.

It is not my intention to cause anyone distress or alarm. I am simply following my journalistic nose and following the smell of a story.

Again; I’d like to reissue the warning which I issued at the start; if you don’t like what you are reading; STOP READING AND FUCK OFF.

As an investigative journalist I go where the story takes me, and the mention of Des Turner takes me to a collection of websites, which allege both Turner and Burgess are named as accessories in the murder cover-up of Katrina Taylor.

A murder which just isn’t going away.

I’ll cut and paste in it’s entirety what anyone access from the Internet.
Des Turner MP covered up for the killers of Katrina Taylor. He lied to her family over the murder.
Des Turner MP was personally involved in witness intimidation of a Mr Neilson the member of the public who was responsible for solving the murder. Mr Neilson and Mr Cox repeatedly visited Des Turner MP over the murder and cover up of evidence by Sussex Police but he did Mr. Cox secretly taped meetings with Des Turner MP.
Des Turner MP & Simon Burgess covered up Mark Slades/Marcel Sulc part in the murder of Katrina Taylor.
A full investigation is needed in to Des Turner MP and Cllr. Simon Burgess’s involvement in this case.
This Website is under New York State Law
Also published under the protection of the Human Rights Act 1998 and Article 10(1) of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Very heavy stuff indeed; an obscure website alleging both Des Turner and Simon Burgess are accessories in Brighton’s most infamous unsolved murder case.

It makes you wonder why no other journalists from any local Brighton papers, haven’t looked into this further.

The natural question will therefore be; who is making these allegations that both Des Turner and Simon Burgess are accessories in Brighton’s most infamous unsolved murder?

Well it just so happens that I know the person making these allegations, very well. So well in fact that I consider him a friend, and so well in fact, I saved his life on the 15 January 2015, when two thugs attacked him at his home in Peacehaven.

Taylor & Neilson the day after attack

Joe Neilson is making serious allegations of corruption, which have spread far and wide across the Internet. As far as I am aware, Simon Burgess has never directly addressed these allegations.

The murder of Katrina Taylor really did happen and her killers are still at large.

With the Babes in the Woods murder finally resolved after 30 years, with the recent conviction of Russell Bishop, isn’t it time for the Katrina Taylor murder to be reopening, and the roles of all politicians, police chiefs and civil servants, be thoroughly investigated, to ensure corruption wasn’t a contributing factor, in allowing the killers of Katrina Taylor to walk free.

Taylor Investigations

I could go on further discussing the alleged role of Turner and Burgess in the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up; but having written nearly 4000 words already, and the same amount yet to write; I really must crack on and analyse this profile/CV.

“I was selected as the Labour and Co-op PPC in 2007.”

And this is where it all goes wrong for Burgess; evident by his keenest to skip past this moment in life and talk about something less hurtful instead.

Let’s just take a moment to look at the life of Burgess (thus far) in perspective.

After a lifetime doing things for other people, after over 12 years of ensuring Turner secured three terms of public office, 2007 was the year he was meant to step from behind the shadows to take his rightful place as MP for Brighton Kemptown.

I can only imagine his confidence when the 2010 General Election was called, and all Burgess had to do was to hold a nominal majority of 1800 votes, to fulfill his life-time ambition of becoming a MP.

No wonder he doesn’t want to spend too long dwelling on this part of his life.

Simon Kirby

I can only imagine his shock and horror, when the dreaded Conservatives, under the candidacy of Simon Kirby, managed a 5% swing from Labour, resulting in Burgess coming second, with 14,889 votes, compared to Kirby’s 16,217 votes.

General Election 2010: Brighton Kemptown
Conservative Simon Kirby 16,217
Labour Co-op Simon Burgess 14,889
Liberal Democrat Juliet Williams 7,691
Green Ben Duncan 2,330
UKIP James Chamberlain-Webber 1,384
TUSC Dave Hill 194

Kirby won with a majority of 1,328, with a total turnout of 42,705 voters.

I don’t know about you, but I’d think this was a major low-point in Burgess’s life, and an experience he’d rather not go through again.

“I was inspired to go into politics because:

From an early age I hated discrimination and social injustice.”

OK, the profile/CV is coming to an end, and having swiftly passed over the worst period in his life, namely letting his dream slip through his hands; Burgess is keen to tell us why he was inspired to go into politics, though at the same time revealing something from his past, which I don’t think he reveals to many people; namely that he was ’discriminated against’ and that he ’suffered from social injustice.’

He must have suffered ’discrimination’ otherwise he wouldn’t have hated it through his early years. The same with ’Social Injustice’. He would have suffered ’social injustice’, to form a hatred of ’social injustice’.

But what type of ’Social Injustice’ did Burgess suffer at such an early age?

“It felt instinctively wrong for anyone to be trapped by others’ prejudices or lack of opportunities.”

Evidently he felt trapped by the ’prejudices of others’, and trapped by a ’lack of opportunities.’

I don’t know anything of the childhood Burgess lead, but by the sounds of it, his childhood was filled with discrimination, social injustice, prejudices of others and a lack of opportunities.

Gold stars and a bucketful of Brownie points for Burgess, in overcoming such a debilitating childhood, to achieve so highly in adult life.

“My early involvement in ‘politics’ was with the Anti-Nazi League, CND and the Anti-apartheid Movement but it didn’t take long to be drawn into Labour activity though initially that was in safe Tory areas.”

OK, whatever that means? I don’t know!

Opposing Nazism, nuclear weapons and apartheid, seems the typical causes a passionate teenager would become involved in. Especially a teenage passionate about fairness, social justice and goodwill to all men (and women).

“My experience of working in business and the NHS only increased my anger at the Conservatives’ lack of support for business, and their attacks on public services and the least well off.”

“Conservative’s lack of support for business,” really? I can appreciate the Tory attacks on public services and the least well off; the nation was rudely woken up to this reality a few years into Thatcher’s Premiership, but to accuse the Conservatives lack of support for business, does make me think twice.

I don’t particular think Burgess has got any aptitude for business. With his considerable managerial and leadership skills, he could have easily gone into business himself, but he chose to help others (namely Turner) to secure three terms in public office.

Publicly declaring his “anger” at the Conservatives lack of support for business, reveals to me that Burgess has gone into business at some point in his life, only for it to go tits up, (and as a self preservation exercise), put the blame on the Conservative’s lack of support for business, for the reason why his business venture failed.

Whatever that business venture may have been?

“As with many others, our defeat at successive elections – especially 1992 – is scarred on my memory.”

Poor guy, “our defeat at successive elections – especially 1992 – is scarred on my memory.”

I bet the 2010 defeat hurt even more; but lets not dwell on that.

He used the word “our,” reinforcing his tribe like allegiance to the Labour Party; and what was so special about the 1992 General Election?

Andrew Bowden

Conservative MP Andrew Bowden was elected MP for Brighton Kewmptown an amazing seven times, across a whooping 37 years, from 1970 to 1997, when he was finally deposed by Des Turner (with the invaluable help of Burgess no doubt).

By his own admission, the 1992 defeat is “scarred on his memory.”

I’d imagine the past came back to haunt him, facing the prospect of Simon Kirby regaining Brighton Kemptown for a third time.

From analysing his Profile/CV thus fair, I’m positive Burgess is the type of man who would do everything in his power to ensure Labour wins power.

Which brings me back to the whole point of doing this.

I am convinced, that as the campaign manager responsible for ensuring the Labour candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2017, (whomever that may be), wins the election; he would have communicated with the Green Party to discuss their decision not to stand a Green candidate in the 2017 Brighton Kemptown General Election.

Caroline Lucas

Now to be fair; I haven’t yet asked Simon Burgess or Caroline Lucas, whether they had a conversation concerning the Green Party’s decision to meddle with Democracy to ensure Simon Kirby lost.

But having analysed what I have thus far, I’m confident that Burgess is the type of man who would do anything and everything in his power to secure a Labour victory.

I believe Burgess is the type of man who would go beyond the call of duty to ensure his tribe survives, over and above all others.

My question I want answered was whether or not, there was any collusion between the Green and Labour Party, to meddle with Democracy to ensure Labour won.

Just a simple phone call would have been sufficient; or even a power lunch or an evening meal.

You would be naive to think a political high roller like Burgess, not to facilitate a favourable outcome for Labour.

I know there were a section of the Green Party who opposed standing aside and not fielding a candidate.

This is what one Green Party member had to say on the subject;

“I have to admit that I was in the minority of Greens who voted against standing down….. I hated that the Greens didn’t stand a candidate. I did then vote for Lloyd as I believe in having the vote that I am entitled to and I was never going to vote Tory.”

Let’s get one thing straight; Lloyd Russell-Moyles may not have been the MP of Brighton Kemptown, if the Green Party hadn’t failed to field a candidate and then get all their supporters to vote Labour.

What is most interesting is the measures everyone is going through to convinced me there was no collision, (no ’conspiracy’ for want of a better word); to corrupt Democracy’ to ensure Simon Kirby lost his slender 690 majority, Brighton Kemptown constituency.

As the Green Party member said, “So please do not think it was a conspiracy between Labour and the Greens…”

But still, at the end of the day, and according to the Green Party member, (whom for the time being i’ll keep the identity secret), admitted that via a Green Party vote, they took the unilateral decision to hand the Brighton Kemptown Constituency to the Labour Party, served on a silver platter.

As the Green Party member continues,

“It was not a secret that the local Green Party had a vote on the matter. We strive for transparency and don’t like to do things behind closed doors (I say ‘we’ as I am an active Green Party member). Yes, it was a shame ….as I said, I voted against standing down as I believe that Green supporters should have been able to vote Green even if there was no chance of a Green been elected in Kemptown. I admit I was cross at the time and really upset…. so much so that I jumped on a bus in tears after that meeting. But the way our party works is that if a party member has a motion …..and it gets voted by majority (as long as the meeting is quorate) then that motion will pass. So it’s how we work democratically as a party. Caroline did not hatch a plan with Lloyd and his team….I can assure you 100%.”

Still, this Green Party member knew in their heart of hearts, that the Green Party decision to throw in their deck of cards, went against everything Democracy stood for.

Let me just highlight and repeat a small portion of what was said above;

“I admit I was cross at the time and really upset…. so much so that I jumped on a bus in tears after that meeting.”

My personal opinion is that the Green Party’s decision not to field a candidate in a General Election, with the intention of guaranteeing the election of a certain candidate, over and above the wishes of the constituents electorate, is an affront to Democracy and a clear example of political corruption.

The luckiest man in Parliament, HIV Positive Lloyd Russell-Moyles is also adamant that there was no collusion, conspiracy or back room deal to get him elected.

I’ll remind you what he had to say on the subject;

“I was not even the candidate when the Greens decided to stand down, so I don’t see how we could have had discussions. Go spend your days doing something productive rather than conspiracy rubbish.”

“Conspiracy Rubbish”

Well let’s find out if it is “Conspiracy Rubbish”, or whether it was a blatant act of sabotage against Simon Kirby to defraud him of a legitimate election win?

We must remember how scarred Burgess was that Conservative MP Andrew Bowden retained his seat in the 1992 General Election.

Burgess would have been more motivated than anyone, to ensure his candidate, (whomever it may be), won at all costs.

Perhaps it was Burgess who approached Lucas and seeded the idea.

I’ll only know once I ask them, of which I will be asking shortly.

Evidently what they did hasn’t caused any alarm bells to sound and no doubt the Electoral Commission feel as if the Green Party did nothing wrong.

The local Press haven’t caused any waves, and it would appear that I’m the only one concerned that Democracy has been meddled with to ensure Lloyd Russell-Moyles won.

Perhaps I’m wrong and making a mountain out of a mole hill?

I just feel that for many centuries, many people put their lives on the line to ensure each and every man and women, had the right to cast their vote.

It just seems perverse that a Green Party so keen on social justice, should meddle with the natural course of Democracy to ensure a victory, which may not have otherwise happened, if they did field a Green Party candidate.

I’m sure you are as bored of the whole thing as much as I am, so let’s speed through the rest of what Burgess had to say on the Profile/CV.

“My main policy interests are:

Tackling climate change and grabbing the opportunities for quality jobs, the continuing fight against discrimination, improving the supply and quality of affordable housing and in all those and many more areas implementing solutions that empower consumers and workers. We get the best from people when we give them a real say in what they do and use.”

Yeah yeah, whatever! I’m too bored to care anymore; I know know everything I need to know about Burgess and don’t necessarily need to know anymore.

But I’ll persevere until the end.

“Three things I think should be in the next Labour Manifesto:

1 – A strong commitment to mutual solutions for services that are essential such as the Royal Mail and People’s Rail. Even Conservative voters are deeply suspicious of privatization and excess profits – mutual solutions are trusted and proven to whether tough economic times. This is the time – we must grab it.

2 – Increased supply of affordable and low carbon housing – the public rightly looks to politicians for real results on climate change and affordable housing, Labour and Co-op values and solutions are in tune with that.

3 – International justice from conflict resolution to fairtrade.”

I’ll let you make what you want from his three things which he thinks should be in the next Labour Party Manifesto.

“I feel strongly that politicians are there to serve the public not themselves.”

This line comes across was as disingenuous, because politicians very rarely serve the public, and more often than not, serve themselves.

“I have made pledges on expenses – ones I will honour because we must re-build trust if we are to be able to help this country as a whole and especially those who need it most.”

If Burgess is so keen to re-build trust in politicians, it doesn’t help that he should have colluded with the Green Party, to corrupt Democracy to their own will and direction.

And of-course, as of yet there is not indication that anyone from the Labour Party colluded with the Green Party to fix the result of the Brighton Kemptown 2017 General Election.

Lloyd Russell-Moyles calls it “Conspiracy Rubbish” to imply there was any collusion; as does a Green Party member who states, “Caroline did not hatch a plan with Lloyd and his team….I can assure you 100%.”

As I’ve said before, I’m yet to ask Burgess and Lucas their side of the story, and as soon as I do, I’ll pass on their answers.

I think it’s important we get to the bottom of this.

Democracy must not be corrupted to secure a win, no matter how justified that win is wanted.

And why should we vote for Burgess?

“People should vote for me because:

I have worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors, I have been a carer and I am a parent – that range of experience is what we need in parliament as politicians work to re-connect with voters.”

Evidently the voters decided not to vote for him, so I think it’s criminal that he should (allegedly) collude with the Green Party to ensure everyone voted for his prodigy instead.

If you have read this far; well bloody done. You must have been at a loose end.

But seeing as you have; why don’t you take another minute to leave a comment and tell me what you think about it?

  • Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?
  • Were the Green Party right NOT to field a Green Party candidate in the Brighton Kemptown 2017 General Election?
  • Did it amount to a corruption of Democracy?
  • Was there collusion between the Green and Labour Parties; and does it even matter?

I’d love to know what you think….

Oh yes, and once more question; do you think this 6000+ analysis amounts to harassment of Simon Burgess?


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