Any Publicity is Good Publicity

As the old saying goes; ‘any publicity is good publicity’; and as such, I’m very lucky to be a regular feature and topic of conversation (and ridicule) on the underground and subversive satanic promoting ‘Hoaxtead Research’ website.


A source of fascination since late 2017; satanic loving Hoaxtead Research have published nearly a dozen blogs about me ever since.

Never one to shy away from confrontation; now is the time to take a closer look at what the satanists have to say, and to give my response.

So without further-ado; lets take a closer look.


“The authorities are too lenient with these scumbags.”

Say that to 74-year-old Sabine O’Neil who was recently sentenced to a whooping 9 years in prison, for believing in what she thought was Britain’s most vile satanic scandal in recent history.

“If Taylor breached his court order why wasn’t he just hauled off to serve his sentence?”

No doubt it’s obvious to anyone that if I haven’t been “hauled off”, quite plainly indicates that I haven’t breached any court order.


For the record I am very proud of being featured on the Moai £100 million bank note, and equally proud to represent Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa, as the leader of the UK’s Moai King William IV Party.

Faith in the established political party’s of the United Kingdom has reached rock bottom and I believe with all my heart, that John Wanoa offers the change for a better future for all of us.

Satanic loving ‘Hoaxtead Research’ can ridicule me all they want; I’m not for turning!


Now this is a very interesting comment which I’m very grateful for ‘Fireman Sam’ for bringing up.

“Taylor is a complete and utter dickhead.”

Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

I’m under the firm belief that if anyone resorts to calling the opponent names, then the person calling the names has lost the argument.

As I made clear with the recent confrontation between TV anchor-man Piers Morgan and up and coming Scottish politician Ross Greer, who recently clashed over the memory of Sir Winston Churchill.

Danielle La Verite!

Its very very very interesting that ‘Fireman Sam’ should bring it up.

(‘Fireman Sam,’ have you noticed that all these satanic commentators always hide behind ridiculous pseudonyms.

I can hear the satanic hordes replying that  its a bit rich coming from me hiding behind the name, Mr.X. But remember; Mr.X is a name kindly given to me by the Sun newspaper; a name which I am very happy to adopt. But hey, everybody knows its me!

I would have included a link to the Sun article, but if I did, I’d be hauled off to prison for 4 months!)


But back to Danielle La Verite: Now everybody knows I’ve got a crush on Danielle La Verite!

And its true that people hardly ever comment on my blog posts! But when they do, it means something!

So I was surprised to receive a message saying Danielle La Verite had sadly “passed away.”


Thankfully I was being pranked; which was confirmed with a quick view of Danielle’s Facebook page.

Danielle La Verite, 40 years old, alive and kicking!


I find it interesting that ‘Fireman Sam’ should bring this up, considering no-one else has; and nor would they if they didn’t want to bring it to the attention of the satanic minions on ‘Hoaxtead Research’.

It reminds me of the old principle of, ‘If you smelt it – you dealt it.’

And I’ve got a pretty good idea of who ‘Fireman Sam,’ really is.

I’ve been pranked like this before, back in December 2016 and I’m sure it was ‘Fireman Sam’ coming back for more.

The culprit is someone well-known in Hoaxtead circles, which means ‘Fireman Sam’ and Jimmy Jones, are one and the same…

The Golden Cube


Free publicity! Priceless


Available now from


Typical of the satanic minion to dismiss my debut novel as a “derivative of every sci-fi novel ever written,” without having actually read it.

Here is a review of someone who has!


And while we are on the subject of reviews, why not check out another book I’ve published.

The SOS Party Manifesto


Also available from

“What a pathetic Goose”


I’ve never been called a ‘Pathetic Goose’ before! And I most probably never will be ever again.


“Another one with an inflated ego with sadly no abilities of any kind to match it.”

Please; “an inflated ego with sadly no abilities of any kind to match it.” Lets me tell you for a fact, I bet I’ve got more talent in my little toe that Ghost of Sam has in it’s whole ethereal being.

I bet the Ghost of Sam has never won a Bases Project Film Festival Award!


Remember it’s King Arthur Awareness Week!


King Arthur II – The War King – The True Story

Now is the time to discuss the truth about King Arthur II

Sorting the Facts from the Fiction

King Arthur will return in our Nation’s darkest hour; the Nation’s darkest hour is now!

Join us at the King Arthur’s Facebook group

Last but not least

The comment below simply reinforces what vile, crude and sadistic, satanists these Hoaxtead Researchers really are.



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