No Collusion to Corrupt Democracy?


Dear Simon Burgess and Lloyd Russell-Moyles,

May I inquire whether you or anyone else within the Labour party, played any part in the Green Party’s decision not to field a candidate in the 2017 Brighton Kemptown General Election?

Many thanks for your time.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Taylor

Moulsecoomb, Brighton


Response from Simon Burgess

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for the email, the following could sound a bit defensive but it is a genuine fact that I have no idea what conversations did or did not take place. It would be a breach of my contract to spend my time on such matters. I played no part in any Green Party decisions at the last General Election, at the time I was involved in the campaign to re-elect Peter Kyle for Labour in Hove and was not involved in any organising of the campaign in Brighton Kemptown. Since shortly after the General Election I have been employed as Lloyd’s constituency Office Manager which is a non-party role and therefore I am genuinely not in a position to know the answer, or to enquire about an answer to your question.

All the best

Simon Burgess, Office Manager

Office of Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

Response from Lloyd Russell-Moyles

“I want not even the candidate when the greens decided to stand down, so i don’t see how we could have had discussions. Go spend your days doing something productive rather than conspiracy rubbish.”

Response from a Green Party Member

“It wasn’t a conspiracy I can assure you. Labour did not take part in the Green decision to step down in Kemptown at all. The local Green Party membership voted to stand down…. to unseat Simon Kirby. I have to admit that i was in the minority of Greens who voted against standing down….. I hated that the Greens didn’t stand a candidate. I did then vote for Lloyd as I believe in having the vote that I am entitled to and i was never going to vote Tory. So please do not think it was a conspiracy between Labour and the Greens … I can assure you that the Greens will NOT be standing down again any time soon, as Labour did not return the favour in any seats and continued to stand in Pavilion, where Caroline Lucas is a very good hard working left wing MP. Mind you saying that …it is always up to the membership, as we are the only party that is from the ground up…rather than top down like all other major parties.”


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