a personal opinion of a particular individual – “I’m furious with Sussex Police”

I’m so furious with the management of Sussex police that they should allow the morale of their police force to hit a 90% low.

Its a clear dereliction of duty on the part of the bosses responsible for the well-being and mental health of their work-force.

There is no excuse and heads must roll. Allowing your work-force hit a 90% dissatisfaction level demonstrates bad leadership.

Something has broken at the top of Sussex police and its time for a change.

Sussex police is a train wreck and everyone wants off.

We now know that behind all the public smiles of satisfaction, competence and hope; Sussex police officers were turning to pornography to alleviate the horrors of anxiety, low morale and stress.

As an ex-Royal Military Policeman myself, I appreciate the hard work and service to the country, our police officers give on a daily basis.

There is no greater responsibility in being tasked with serving and protecting the public.

Shame on Giles York for failing his rank and file.

Investigating the stories which the mainstream media dare not investigate


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