Hoaxtead Research Fail to Respond to ‘Trolling’ Charges

Queen Satanist, Karen Irving, head-writer of the discredited Hoaxtead Research insidious satanic blog, has failed to address charges by Veritas Justice, (a leading organization highlighting the scourge of harassment, stalking and trolling,) that her behaviour is indeed ‘trolling,’ and is in violation of the Malicious Communication Act, proving once and for all, that the Hoaxtead Research community are criminals.


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While the satanic Queen Bee remains silent in the face of imminent criminal investigation, her satanic minions were quick to shout ‘foul play,’ and go running to the teacher to tell.



‘Satanic Panic Fun and Games’ would have you believe he isn’t the sad individual in the video above:



But the truth is clear; the demonic entity identifying to be ‘Satanic Panic Fun and Games,’ is indeed, the very same person masturbating under his quilt, while broadcasting on Youtube, while recounting in lurid graphic detail, a satanic child ritual murder.




McKenzies Devils has even wagered a very sizable bet that I’ll be arrested and thrown into prison very soon. It remains unclear at this point, at what point, McKenzies Devils loses the bet and has to pay up?

Desperate measures by desperate satanists, desperate to find meaning in their desperate lives, desperate to find something real to believe in.


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4 thoughts on “Hoaxtead Research Fail to Respond to ‘Trolling’ Charges

  1. This is true. When I questioned Hoaxtead (Karen) about cherry picking stories, she ignored a series of actions by Hoax originator Abraham Christie that resulted in Sparkles being abused by a black pudding weilding pervert and simple minded pot head Hoaxteaders Flo Destroyer and Danny Jones being public supporters of Cips Clips by only being concerned she didn’t want to be blamed for it and spending her time making charismatically challenged and delirously unphotogenic videos attempting to promote herself as an expert on the case.

    I was subject to sudden mass trolling on youtube and twitter. When I made it perfectly clear I had made my valid criticism of Karen and iundicated their continued contact was unwelome they relented and gave me no choice but to block them. Unwanted contact when you’ve requested someone not contact you is the first step into breeching the malicious communications act.

    Karen Irving is a vain and bitter woman who failed as a novelist and is using the Hampstead Case to promote herself into the public arena as her last ditch attemnpt at fame in the declining autumn of her misterable existance. She operates through proxy via her, very small and rather dim, army of followers.

    Aside from this you should know that the vast majority of comments on her blog are sock puppet accounts operated by Karen and Scarlet Scoop. Sad really, a pair of grown women reduced to that.

    I never associated with them much and am keen to est ablish that I was never under their command, nor did their bidding. I don’t want to be associated with wankers like that.


    1. Grob, is the person behind the ‘papahemp’ channel really Abe Christie, or is it a frequent commentator from the Hoaxtead Research blog? Yes, we know Abe has a social media presence, but after the antics on your chat from a couple of days ago i’m beginning to question what and who has done what. Has Hoaxtead been making stuff up?



      1. Who cares what happened, who’d done what and how. Let’s hit the RESET and start afresh. United as one against a criminal establishment


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