HOAXTEAD TROLLS Reach New Depths of Depravity

The lengths the HOAXTEAD TROLLS will go to cause alarm, distress and fear to their victims knows no bounds.


With their behaviour confirmed by Vertias Justice, to be “Trolling,” and in violation of the Malicious Communication Act, HOAXTEAD TROLLS have plunged to new depths of depravity by implying the controversial writer, Matt Taylor is having an incestuous relationship with his sister.


With a new breed of genetically engineered satanic super-soldier being unleashed onto an unsuspecting world, HOAXTEAD TROLLS are leading the satanic charge by sabotaging anything good in the world today.

Read more: Hoaxtead Trolls Sabotage Moai Tidal Energy Share Sale#

Editor of Guerrilla Democracy News, Matt Taylor is facing a brutal back-lash having reported on reports that the recent New Zealand mass shooting slaughter was a false flag event, orchestrated to engineer nefarious social change, known only to the secret satanists ruling the world today.

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Please can you stop enabling him. Thanks.

Satanic Super-Soldiers

satanic super soldiers
Beware the Satanic Super Soldiers

Convicted stalker Matt Taylor, faces fresh criminal charges after being accused of sexually harassing a vulnerable, elderly and disabled child abuse survivor.

Read more: Sheva Burton – Satanic Troll Targets the Wrong Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is delusional – GET HELP!

Seriously delusional, joker Matt Taylor can’t seem to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Is it Karen Irving or Rosanne Barr?


Is it one Silly Satanist or another?

Matt Taylor wins the war against Hoaxtead Research


Hoaxtead Research Fail to Respond to ‘Trolling’ Charges

Hoaxtead Trolls Sabotage Moai Tidal Energy Share Sale

Hampstead Satanic Horror Continues

Karen Irving Denies Dawn-Raid-Arrest

Matt Taylor wins the war against the Silly Satanic Saxons!

Beware the Satanist Hordes
Beware the Satanist Hordes

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