The nature of SOA is a voluntary non profitable, non-political, non-governmental and registered community based organization [CBO] REGno[LMC/CBO/074]to benefit grass root people. its open to NGOs, companies, churches, individuals wishing to support, donate or take part in any activity and international agencies that subscribed the values, aims and the objectives of SOA. the organization is also open to individual with proven experience in the activities.
Save Omwana Africa has 60 illiterate orphans and 20 abused women in Geregere, Bugomba village, namalinga, katugulu, all in Lugazi municipality, Buikwe district, registered with SOA and each with a file containing personal life information at our Centre.
To facilitate access to better life for vulnerable children, youths and abused women
To cater for the needs and wants of the needy children and abused women in and outside our community
Outstanding steward is more than our priority at SOA, It’s a passion and deeply held values
SOA is committed to invest at least 80% percent of donations received into front line programs, infarct when u give to SOA in a year 86% percent of expenses go to our programs that benefits vulnerable children and abused women
Save Omwana Africa is also working to facilitate access to a better life for vulnerable children, youth and abused women in their families and communities to overcome poverty and illiteracy.
Save Omwana Africa is dedicated to work with the most vulnerable people mostly, children, youths and abused women regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender.
We are committed to the poor and called to release hopples and helpless children and abuse women sufferings and to promote the each one receives the holistic care they deserve to releases their full God created potential in life.
We are a community based organization to help communities lift them survive out of poverty for good.
We are responsive to the life threatening emergencies where our involvement is needed and appreciate.
The major aims of this organization are to cater for the needs and want of the needy children and widows in and outside our community.
Training vulnerable children, youths and abused women life changing skills that will aid them to earn a living such as: African craft making, saving skills, modern farming skills, computer skills, HIV prevention skills, coffee making skills, soap making skills among others
Special Objectives
To facilitate access to better life for vulnerable elders, youths,abused women and children though engaging them in agriculture, small businesses, games and sports spurring their community participation and involvement through our programs “community health, ’we sensitize and create awareness about HIV/AIDS, malaria among others to the community,
To encourage the youths to get involved in income generating activities like brick laying, poultry among other activities that may help to eradicate poverty among youths.
To support and develop the talents of the youths and the children through music, dance and drama, games and sports, carpentry, bread baking.
To improve morals among the youths and children. To take care of the needs of the disabled and unite them together to avoid discrimination.
To empower the youths with job creation skills.
To empower the general community with basic malaria skills.
Project /activities:
The Education and Training Program
This project provides direct sponsorship to orphaned and needy children by giving them school fees and scholastic Materials, School Uniforms and Medical Care. Even mentoring them to become hopeful citizens that will impact their communities with positive changes.
Adult education program/English teaching
Here we teach both abused women and youths who have dropped out of school how to read and write since all of them have never gone to school at our Centre from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 11am.
SOA has a wide plan of introducing adult education to rural communities, like in Bugomba village such that illiterate people can learn how to read and speak English and we minimize the problem of language barrier among abused women, children and youths drop outs in villages.
Each orphaned child needs $15 to 20 to go to school and learn how to read and write in a public school per a term, public primary schools like Lugazi west and east, st Kizito, Bugomba P/S, Nakawungu P/S
Agricultural Development and poultry
This is an initiative that has been developed in Bugomba village and the goal is to provide food to abused women and children as well as create a demonstration garden to the local community where they can come and learn better agriculture and poultry skills and practices in both crops and animal husbandry.
The goal here is to have a sustainable source of food for the children and abused women. Save Omwana Africa organization hopes to increase food production from subsistence farming to extensive farming using machinery. With high production of food, we shall be able to feed the women and children at school and to also sell off some so that we can have a sustainable source of income to them.
Widows and Women Empowerment Programs
This is a program aimed at empowering abused women with skills that can help them sustain themselves and their children. Women are trained in various skills like farming and poultry, Art and crafts, these crafts are made from palm leaves, Beads and necklaces, bracelets in our continent Africa,80% for the money gotten from craft sales goes on food and children school fees.
Women and Children are the most hit group by Malaria and HIV/AIDS Diseases. Many of them become widows at a very young age and the biggest numbers of them do not have any source of income which can help them to obtain some medication with this death can be the best solution to them in Uganda most of the abused women are young mothers with children to look after. Therefore, when they die, they leave children without help, this calls Save Omwana Africa organization to take over them.
Youth and Empowerment Programs
In this program, SOA has gone out the young people in schools to inspire them to become hopeful to make good decisions that will impact their lives and communities. This program aims at closing the gap between the rich and the poor to become role models in their communities. SOA organizes seminar to monitor and empower the young people, in this we train and encourage them with skills. These young men and women going throughtraining’s, it helps them to be able to do something economical with their lives. These training programs include; adult education, Hairdressing, craft making,bricklaying, music dance and drama, art moto washing, coffee making, farming, sports, are taught in order that many villagers gain skills and be able to start their own small businesses. We have seen many of our young peoples’ lives being transformed by these training programs.
Housing Development for the homeless children, Elderly Women and abused women
In partnership with both local and international volunteers [student groups, mission groups and local organization] SOA, organization reaches out to the rural villages to build houses to these, homeless children, widowed mothers and grandmothers (elderly and needy) with descent housing structures.
The goal is to have need families to get descent and secure house’s so that the children can grow in a good atmosphere. To help us do this, a 2 bedroom goes for an estimate of $ 4000 to 8000 including land and building. We appreciate groups that can come mainly to build a house. With support from our local youths from under programs and resources available, this house can be built in a space of three to five weeks.
The activities have no specific staff attached, therefore tend to delay
Funds allocated are not enough to cause impact
Issues to put much consideration.
Poverty alleviation is a big issue that SOA must put emphasis on t if any impact is to be realized on ground to improve on the standards of living of our members.
SOAis grateful for the committed Board and Staff members for the continued support that has enabled SOA to register growth day by day.
There are several reasons why we do need international volunteers and these are as follows.
Volunteering is very different because you will spend a significant amount of time in one place and you will be working on daily basis with the local people. This provides an invaluable opportunity to learn different cultures, develop and understanding of the issues facing most communities and develop a sense of global citizens. Volunteers also get a chance to learn other peoples culture because of the nature of our country which has a good number of different cultures.
Potential volunteers are a precious resource in funding minor projects. in this they can help in investing in small projects like cabbage growing with the local people in which they can obtain income to improve on their lives.
Volunteers with projects help in raising up the community and SOA, today!There are so many possibilities and opportunities in which you can help now. Let’s begin by spreading hope in one another. We can accomplish this goal by combining research skills and knowledge of our communities.
We are searching for volunteers who can help us find prospective skills from our people to re build our communities.
At the local level, people want to see efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in their republic service delivery. Volunteerism can promote inclusive participation of citizens in local development cycles and this has extensive experiences in mobilizing community members through voluntary actions and promoting access to basic services like Primary healthcare and HIV/AIDS: In many countries, more and more children under five years are dying than ever before due to malnutrition and disease. The HIV/AIDS epidemic remains one of the biggest threats to sub Saharan Africa .and malaria kills more than one million people, mostly children, every year Primary health care services provided by volunteers range from child to material health care to nutrition, reproductive health, reproductive health, health education includingHIV/AIDS awareness and sanitation. Volunteer health workers enabled by volunteers can also make a big difference by helping communities gain access to healthcare, and by educating people about preventing infections.
One of the better known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community. Unpaid volunteers are often glue that holds a community together. Volunteering allows you to connect your community and make it a better place, However, volunteering is a two-way street, and it can benefit you and your family as much as the cause you choose to help. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps a community to make new friends, expands their network, and boost social skills
With all those reasons, we will be very grateful if our appeal is being put into consideration
Mission statement
In due to the great donations, SOA exists as an advocate for vulnerable children and abused women to release them from their spiritual, economical, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christians
For donations,support and help you can visit our paypal{}
SOA account information:
Account name [save omwana Africa]
Account no [95160200000045]
Shift code [BARBUGKA]
You can like our face book pages
(save omwana africa )
(save omwana Africa orphans and abused women initiative Lugazi)
Director: Sseruteega Fred +256702756964
Co/Director: Kuteesa Gloria +256700397493

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