Matt Taylor – M.I.5 Operative Exposed

nailtown slim APRIL 7, 2019 @ 5:37 PM This sounds very much like the rantings of Mr X, = A.K.A. = Matt Taylor, that useless fucking bellend from Brighton! You are a gutless cunt Taylor and need to be sectioned and committed to Broadmoor for the sake of your ex’s and the children’s safety! You have no good qualities to speak of whatsover, where as Chris, a man who’s struggled his bollocks off to make a difference, has many! He doesn’t jump on any bandbox to further his public image, unlike you, you conniving cunt, you couldn’t lie straight in bed you wanker! Chris has been a good dad and granddad to his lovely daughter and young grandson, you, you tosser can’t or won’t, even provide for your family! Your wife’s family can’t stand you, your ex can’t stand you, and I certainly can’t stand you, you scrounging cunt, and neither can most, if not all, of the residents of Moulscoumb and Bevendean! Chris and his team deserve respect, you on the other hand deserve the services of a very good shrink, or a slap or two to wake you up into the real world! But you like it better in cloud cuckoo land, because you feel happy there and you know everyone who inhabit’s that dark land between your fucking great jug ears! Chris and wolfie will be sadly missed by many people, but will you ever be missed by anyone? NAH! Lat time I saw you in Brighton, I thought ‘hello, fat matt has lost weight’! Then I realised that you hadn’t in fact lost any weight at all, what had happened was, your mouth had gotten bigger and made your body look smaller! You try and sell yourself to the great British public, but in truth you’d have a job to sell ‘The Big Issue’! Chris and wolfie, sorry with al my heart that you’re going, but it has been a genuine priveledge to have been involved with you, if only online!

Prince William’s Farewell Message to Chris Spivey

Site Closure by Christopher D Spivey

Chris Spivey Breaks his Silence on the Hampstead SRA Case

Matt Taylor is an enigma to me

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