“Oh what a night,” says Matt Taylor

At about 11.20am on Friday 16 January 2015, while texting a message to a friend, I heard David Neilson scream, “Matt Matt Matt.”

Realising David was in trouble by the tone and urgency of his voice I ran immediately to where he was at the front entrance hall of 318ab Southcoast Road, Peacehaven.

Upon getting there I witnesses two burly white middle aged men, of whom I can only describe as thugs trying to push their way into the property. The lead thug wearing a red jacket was repeatedly punching David with considerable force to his chest.

Upon evaluating the scene I immediately adopted the Home Office approved Arrest and Restraint technique of ’Get Back-Stand Back.’

With the front door unable to open fully due to a box in the way, I immediately grabbed David and pulled him away from the constant punches which he was suffering. With one hand to steady myself, I used the other hand to push the leading assailant away, all the while shouting at the top of my voice, “Get out, get out, get out.”

The assault and attempted to gain illegal entry into 318a/b Southcoast road, lasting between 10 to 15 seconds.

Visibly shaken up, in shock and fearing for his life, David rung for emergency police assistance at 11.22am.

While both David Neilson and I locked ourselves in to 318ab Southcoast Road to wait for the police officers to call, we were disturbed and distressed the see that once the police officers arrived at about 11.30 am, they proceeded to have lengthy discussions with the two assailants and could be heard laughing with them.

When it was becoming obvious that the police were not going to knock on our door and respond to David’s request for assistance, David opened his kitchen window to beckon a police officer over.

Three police officers were initially invited into the property of 318 ab Southcoast road at approximately 11.45am.

Upon entering now attempt was made to take our statement and both David and I were arrested for affray.

We were taken in separate vehicles to the detention centre in Eastbourne.

Arriving there about 1.30pm and after being processed, I was detained in a police cell until 00.07 the next day, upon which I was interviewed under caution, suspected of causing affray by attacking the assailants with a claw hammer. It was also alleged that David had attacked the assailants with an axe.

We were released soon after the interview and returned to 318 ab Southcoast road at 1.20am Saturday 17 January. (£30 taxi fee)

Upon entering the flat, I discovered my camcorder which had recorded our initial arrest had been removed by the police. (They were the only party who had keys to the property.)


This was the second attempted murder against David Neilson. A blatant attempt to silence and shut down my election campaign to become the Independent Candidate for Brighton Kemptown.

David Joe Neilson beaten and left for dead
Vote for Matt Taylor
Vote for Independence on Independence Day 7th May


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