Mr.X got questions, Spi got answers


Christopher D Spivey has a problem, and we’d like to help him fix it.

Spi seems to have developed a leeeeetle tiny obsession with Mr.X—not only has he prevented posted videos and blog posts about him to be displayed on this comments page, but he has also kept unusually quiet in the face of public commendation by Mr.X.

The problem, though, is that poor Spi is shy. So shy, in fact, that he has blocked Mr.X on all his accounts including his million subscribed YouTube channel.

His other problem is that he seems not to have adapted well to the rigours of post-primary school life.

So rather than come out and just admit that he cannot stop obsessing about Mr.X, he gets her friends alliesexpedient acquaintances to write and publish nasty things about him—because everybody in Year 3 knows that this is the correct procedure for informing someone that you like them.

Nailtown Slim isn’t a nice person

Yesterday, Mr.X decided to offer Spi a helping hand: he published the following Facebook updates, in hopes that it might encourage Spi to get over his shyness and face up to his feelings:


He even made up a nice invitation card for the occasion:


Some readers of this blog have even offered their assistance: Flo Destroyer kindly said that he would host the discussion on a live-stream:

But 24 hours later, and nary a word from Spi.

So Mr.X would like to issue the invitation once more: he will be happy to have a discussion with Spi, in which he invites Mr.X to ask all the questions he wants, and he will do his very best to answer.

Does Mr.X want to know about his education, his degrees, his books, his careers, how he got involved in the Hampstead SRA hoax, what size shoes he wears, why he is bald? This is his big chance to get it all out in the open, like grown-ups.

To arrange the live-stream, Spi can contact Mr.X via the Contact Us link on this blog, or via YouTube, whichever she prefers.

Come on, Spi. You know you want to.



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