Spivey’s Legacy


With Chris Spivey’s website saved at the 11th hour by a generous financial donor; I’ve been thinking about Spivey’s legacy!

What has Spivey given to the Alternative Media, and if ever his website were to close, what has he achieved?

What’s Spivey’s legacy?

The first thing that springs to mind is confusion.

For example, whenever I hear or read anything about Madeleine McCann, all I seem to hear is a little voice in the depths of my mind, telling me that Madeleine McCann didn’t even exist.

That’s Spivey!

The same goes for Princess Diana and half of the politicians in Parliament, Jo Cox, Meghan Markle and even Theresa May.

So more than anything, for me personally, all Spivey has achieved is to muddy the waters even further than what they already were.

Just when you think you are getting a proper measure of a subject, along comes Chris Spivey who says you’re a “fucking bellend” for believing it; and that if you were really clever you’ll believe his version of reality instead.

More than anything, Spivey has left me even more confused about the world in which we life, than ever before.

And then the question arises; should we even be listening to Spivey in the first place?

After-all, what with his self proclaimed insistence that he is a methodical forensic researcher of such high esteem that there is no other intellect in the world that equals his own, (except maybe the bloggers of Coleman Experience and Aangirfan); he then goes onto dismiss the testimony of the two children in the infamous Hampstead case, (who for legal reasons I shall refer to as Jack and Jill), on the grounds that they both didn’t look “too traumatized.”

You would have hoped that his analysis would have been based on something a bit more conclusive, other than Jack and Jill not looking “too traumatized.”

Lame, sloppy and cowardly

So according to Spivey, this proves Jack and Jill were coached by their mother and her boyfriend, to tell such a detailed story of satanic ritual abuse.

“Too traumatized”

Chris Spivey Breaks his Silence on the Hampstead SRA Case

Spivey has a loyal, dedicated and fanatical fan-base. I was one such devoted fan, who was once called “my mate Matt,” by the great man himself.

Read more: My mate Matt by Chris Spivey.

But that all changed when I apologized to his arch critic, Tom Cahill, and of-course, when I failed to turn up and support him at his harassment trial.

“And lets face it Matt, you have made some awful errors of judgement of late… Like apologising to that drug addicted paid troll in the jungle for one…”

an extract from the Guerrilla Democracy News Classic, ‘Chris Spivey – I’m not impressed.


“However, now you have brought the subject up, I don’t remember seeing you at my court case last month…”

an extract from the Guerrilla Democracy News Classic, ‘Chris Spivey – I’m not impressed.

The above sentence is taken from a longer sentence that appears to apportion me a level of blame in the court’s decision to find him guilty of harassment.

Who I support and who I don't has fuck all to do with you or anyone else... However, now you have brought the subject up, I don't remember seeing you at my court case last month... Course, shouting your mouth off at me is a sure fire way of losing mine.”

I personally think it’s very healthy to have healthy opposition. Constructive criticism is vital to personal development and I welcomed the emergence of Tom Cahill as the leading nemesis of the Alternative Media’s leading figures.

Relations between myself and Spivey hit rock bottom, after I asked him his opinion about the Hampstead kids, to which he replied he would only give me his opinion, if I paid him £500 for a paragraph response and £50 for a one word response.

an extract from the Guerrilla Democracy News Classic, ‘Chris Spivey – I’m not impressed. Published 2 September 2015
It all went wrong between Chris Spivey and I when the Hampstead case broke… And its this case which has compelled me to write this blog publicly voicing my disappointment in him.
Now you have to understand that up until this time, Chris Spivey would pounce upon any and every example of false flag government wrong doing and anything else that twanged his bullshit antennae for that matter.
  • Any Daily Mail news report that reported bullshit, Spivey would be on it.
  • Any news about the aftermath of the Woolwich incident, Spivey would be on it.
  • Any news about paedophiles getting away with it, Spivey would be on it.
This made it all the more frustrating that when the Hampstead case broke, nothing was forthcoming.
I’ll readily admit that up until this time I had become reliant on Spivey’s opinion. I know the likes of Ian R Crane would encourage us to do our own research rather than taking their word for it, but I had come to take Spivey’s word for it because I simply never had the time to do my own research and relied on people like Spivey, Richard D Hall and James Corbett for doing the research for me.
When the Hampstead case broke my jaw dropped to the floor as much as everyone’s else. Chris Spivey and Bill Maloney had been telling us for years that Satanic Worshippers ruled the world and this was the first time we were getting first hand testimony of what was happening from within the sick satanic cults.
I would have bet my month’s wage that Spivey would cover it; but he didn’t and my frustration grew and grew.
The new darling of the Alternative Media Danielle La Verite, in conjunction with her handler Thomas Sheridan were quick to publicly renounce and discredit the Hampstead kids testimony.
I simply couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t believe them and turned to Chris Spivey for guidance and advice.
As far as I was concerned, Danielle La Verite was abusing her new found fame to discredit and renounce the testimony of two kids, who in my humble opinion should be praised for telling their story.
In a moment of frustration I sent Chris Spivey the following message:
Get off the fucking fence Chris. You owe it to your fans.
One way or the other; do you support DLV or not?
As far as I’m concerned she is dragging the Truth Movement through the mud and I’m very disappointed and disillusioned.
Get off the fence Chris and tell it like it is.”
To which he readily replied:
Have a word with yourself Matt, you are losing the plot.
You are becoming a figure of fun, and from where I sit the only people dragging the truth movement through the mud are the likes of you & Catshit… Why the fuck should it matter to you what Danielle believes or doesn’t?
She is entitled to her opinion and just because it differs from yours is no reason to spit your dummy out.
And lets face it Matt, you have made some awful errors of judgement of late… Like apologizing to that drug addicted paid troll in the jungle for one… What the fuck has that self obsessed soppy cunt ever done to help further the movement that you are so concerned about being dragged through the mud?
My advice to you is worry about your own shop before trying to put other peoples in order… And that most definitely includes mine, because right now you are coming across as an egotistical, spoilt brat, with fuck all to brag about.
Who I support and who I don’t has fuck all to do with you or anyone else… However, now you have brought the subject up, I don’t remember seeing you at my court case last month… Course, shouting your mouth off at me is a sure fire way of losing mine.”
an extract from the Guerrilla Democracy News Classic, ‘Chris Spivey – I’m not impressed. Published 2 September 2015

Sorry for Asking!

It hurt because I like to think I’ve done more than most, to promote Spivey across the world, and having published positive articles about him on UK Blasting News and have donated money and brought his books, to be treated with such contempt did feel like a dagger in the heart.

I’ll be honest with you. When I heard his website was closing, my first response was, ‘good riddance.’

I mean really, what has Spivey done for anyone else? He sits on his throne looking down upon the Alternative Media, and under his own admission, is happy to watch it take “an almighty fall,” hoodwinked, by what he believes is a psy-op, with the Hampstead case.

Chris Spivey Breaks his Silence on the Hampstead SRA Case

I really can’t get my head around that, especially considering I and Sabine McNeill, (whose been jailed for 9 years), were keen to know what his thoughts were about he Hampstead case?

Perhaps if he warned the Alternative Media that he thought the Hampstead Case was a psy-op by the Monster Elite, to discredit the movement, then perhaps, just perhaps, Sabine McNeill may have acted differently, and perhaps, just maybe, be a free woman today, rather than languishing in jail for the longterm future.

I mean really – what a cunt.

For someone who is so quick to call other people cunts, he certainly doesn’t like being called one himself.

And of-course if anyone does call him a cunt, his fanatical fan-base are quick to come to his defense.

Nailtown Slim isn’t a nice person

Will the real Matt Taylor please stand up!

But what about his legacy?

According to the mainstream media, Spivey will be forever remembered in history as the world’s worse troll. Though of-course, one’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter, and that’s no different with Spivey.

Deemed a vile troll by The Sun newspaper, Spivey is a hero among his fan-base.

But what has he done for his fan-base, except confuse us all the more than we’ve ever been before.

It’s all very well publishing million worded articles, which the average reader struggles to finish, with hundreds of face comparison pictures, but where is the solid proof?

Where is the proof we can experience with our five senses?

It seems a lot of the proof, is having faith in Spivey that he knows best. But how can we have confidence in Spivey, when he dismisses the testimony of Jack and Jill, based on his assessment that they don’t look “too traumatized?”

Take for example my own investigation into the recent Christchurch mass slaughter shootings in New Zealand.

I’ve gone further than any researcher in the world, by unmasking the satanic super soldier, who killed seven people at the Linwood Mosque, to be Elliot Dawson.

Guerrilla Democracy News: New Zealand Up-Date

In the same vein as Spivey publishes his evidence, I’ve published indisputable evidence that Elliot Dawson was present at the Linwood mosque on the day of the shooting, and indisputable evidence, that Elliot Dawson is a mentally retarded satanic super soldier, who processes just enough intelligence to follow his orders, without question, emotion and hesitation.

Anyone who doesn’t believe me, and anyone who questions my research and findings, are absolute bellends, with zero intelligence, who need their fucking minds examined.

So, in the same vein as Spivey, I’ve presented my evidence as indisputable, and have bullied anyone who dares to question it.

Perhaps it’s safe to conclude that Spivey’s legacy is one of harassment and bullying.

At the end of the day, Spivey enjoys a very privileged position of being a well known figure in the Alternative Media; but what has he achieved by being in this position?

The answer is absolutely nothing! Under his own admission, all he’s achieved is a “horrific financial nightmare.”

Nobody else that I know has to pay nearly £270 per month to keep a website online and it would seem that all that I have achieved in doing so is to get myself into an horrific financial nightmare.

That stinks of bad management. He’s evidently been listening to bad advice; and in turn, passes on that bad advice to his fan-base.

It’s as if Spivey is that fabled Ethiopian who is constantly given money to buy food, but never learns to grow his own.

Yes, of-course I’m bitter and prejudiced against Spivey. He’s done fuck all for me, while berating me for doing fuck all for him.

As if it wasn’t bad enough being trolled by the satanic readership of the Hoaxtead Research community, I’ve been equally harassed and trolled by Spivey’s readership.

I can’t leave a comment without some arse hole, like Barney leaving a malicious response.

More from Barmy Barney

Spivey’s administration team, Wolfman and Dogman, know full well who is posting and their IP addresses, and are more than happy to allow comments accusing me of posting comments, I never wrote, to stay up for everyone to see.

Will the real Matt Taylor please stand up!

I hate to say it, but Spivey has either intentionally or unintentionally, confused the fuck out of the Alternative Media, and that’s his legacy.

Instead of clarifying the situation, he’s muddied it further. Instead of explaining the unexplained, he’s sown so much confusion, that now the world according to Spivey, is simply unbelievable.

So to answer my own question of what is Spivey’s legacy?

Spivey’s legacy is even more confusion than ever before.

Well done Spivey, you have ensured the Alternative Media will never ever, gain the credibility it so desperately needs, to break into the mainstream.

Leaving the last word to Abe:

Mr ‘X’ demolishes attempted Hampstead Cover Up absurdities; exposes the hubris of the #pedosodomitedeathcult #HOAXTARDS; metaphorically ‘bitch slaps’ ‘Spineless #childsextrafficking apologist Spivey;’ whilst surrounding/‘binding and controlling’ this horde of abominable, anti-human, mistreants. Respect, Mr ‘X’ Sir.








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