The Equity Monarch Trust Corruption Remedy

We are at the mass publicity stage and I’m trying to get people like Ian Crane, Brian Gerrish, Richard D Hall, etc.

I’ve just managed to get Chris Everard to interview Edward.

I know you have contacts who have followers do you know any of these or others who interview and have a big following? if so can you kindly ask them to interview Edward please, you can provide this information to them.

Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis invites Mass Publicity Interviews on mainstream media globally.

He has gone Public about the UK Corruption and Mass Remedies and the Imminent Forced General Election.​


2 thoughts on “The Equity Monarch Trust Corruption Remedy

  1. Have you tried Eric Von Essex? He’s quite good. His shows are on mid-week on internet either Weds or Thursday evenings.
    Also Mark Turner aka Windows of Window On The World show online. Once employed at The Peoples’ Voice.


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