King John Wanoa is Coming to sack the Queen…

A new threat from the other side of the world threatens the future of the Windsor royal dynasty, as once Oliver Cromwell threatened the Stuart’s.

Surrogate King William IV Monarch, King John Wanoa

(And history vividly remembers what happened to Charles I)
Mercilessly trolled by the satanic MI6 cyber wing of the Queen’s Satanic Super Soldier (SSS) army; Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa, 70 from Zealand, has been forced to sleep in his car, surviving on food stamps, because his pension has been stopped due to malicious complaints made by the MI6 sponsored trolls, and an assortment of useful idiots, and including maverick veteran Simon Bean MBE.



Banned from the UK, deemed a threat to the Queen; King John, (as he is called by his ever growing global audience,) has issued his last Writ against Queen Elizabeth II.
If not refuted by the 29 June 2019, she will be sacked her as the Trustee of the Queen Victoria Trust Fund, (which in today’s money, (plus costs, damages and compensation) amounts to £970 million trillion trillion), effectively depositing her as the Monarch of the United Kingdom and the Common Wealth.
Only a Monarch can depose a Monarch, and Queen Elizabeth II has until the 29 June 2019, to refute the Writ and Affidavit of King John Wanoa, of the Moai New Zealand Rogan Royal Dynasty.


The King’s Last Writ 2019


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3 thoughts on “King John Wanoa is Coming to sack the Queen…

  1. Also phone tapped to hell all police ststions had techno installed to snoop on mobiles or laptops years ago so all mi.mails calls texs all screaned so mite not even get posted like i say mail me tex me or phone me


  2. Get intouch asap i got proofs u wudnt belive on the real king of england and rotherham mps judges pizzagate (ex judge martin pickles flyingpizza links to bbc jimmy saville got 6 poeple that was in court on lad who was with a girl from j report told in court by judge that his barrester was unable to defend him as they using diff law even held solicitor in contempt of court for trying do his job if u want a story that will blow ya mind u ring me they destroyed mi life last few week i still got a home before i end up on streets also got letter from esa judge saying being in hospital is not gud enough reson not turn up esa app i was being brought back to life i had 3 strokes they can do and control insurance companys esa pip universal credit councils they acid attacked my van so killed mi busness my car is also now broke soon as drive off street brakes cum on but sits running all day up and down car park ok they payed me £80 for 05 reg audi tt they refused investigate the car had just been fully restored 6 weeks before full respray engine and gearbox rebuild like i say i got proof of all the link even how kids that was born to judges all births and registrations no longer ther wiped out i also got bugs they planted in my sons house by regional crime sqaud and letter to his mrs (j report victim) we sorry for nathan being set up my number is 07714719949 like i say i got weeks left on street by 25th next month as no longer can pay rent or go do mi job and refused all benefits i been at this years i been in it since 1974 misen i no social services was rapeing disabled kids on restbite weeks or weekends away i no head cid have been given oral sex in police station carpark all stament covered up they been doing it up ere that long they dont care they leave evidence or who noes look what happend to j report investigators threatend any1 who does they destroy or av accidents m8


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