Mr D wasting police time

Accused of being a satanic cult leader and a baby murderer by his own children, Mr D has been reported to Sussex police for harassment and stalking by ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor aka Mr.X from Brighton.

Elementary Penguin is believed to be a fake sock puppet account created by Ricky Dearman

Through the investigative research and exposure by Naima Feagin aka Hopegirl on her webpage and Youtube Channel TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EVIDENCE CHANNEL , Mr D has been identified as the generator of a number of online sock puppet accounts including UK Callum, Elementary Penguin, tniedermeier, The Office Tapir, Devines Intervention, Rinribs and many more…

Wasting police time, Mr D has posted on his favourite blog Hoaxtead Research, that he has reported the controversial writer and broadcaster to the police for posting various posts on social media channels.

Mr D, (who Matt Taylor has reported to Sussex police to be Elementary Penguin), states that “Yep, the police have been made aware.”

Matt Taylor reporting live from Moulsecoomb – Sussex Police Manhunt


Manhunt in Moulsecoomb

“I’m sure Sussex police have more pressing concerns, than listening to Mr D insist he’s a protected witness and that I’m not allowed to say anything about him, while he stalks and harasses me on a daily basis.”

Matt Taylor turns into a werewolf during the full moon

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