We need your help…. Please; its serious….

To all us heroes, heroines, scallywags, scoundrels, veteran’s and pirates; we need your help, support and assistance.

Truther and Bringer of Light to a Dark World

:Gavin :Price needs our support on the 12th of August on the Isle of Wight.

“We need loads of people to come to court xx”

Freeman :Gavin :Price is facing 26 (non indictable crimes) in a Crown court, for carrying knifes, which were in their sheaths in a closed rucksack.

No threat to anyone, he was on his way to the Tank Museum, carrying the knifes to go on the soldier mannequins; where he is a partner in a garage.

:Gavin :Price was unlawfully held under the Mental Health Act for 3 days.

Contact Emma Price on Facebook for more information.

:Gavin :Price isn’t the only person who needs help, support and assistance. Take Daryl Payan stuck thousands of miles away from home in the USA, for example.

Please support Daryl to get home


And of-course Daryl Payan isn’t the only one who needs financial support; think about the orphans and widows in the poorest countries in the world too.

Save Omwana – https://www.facebook.com/save.omwana


And please think of our sister Misbah Jennifer in Pakistan too.


We all need help and we all need to help each other.

Please do what we can to help. Please share and leave your own cry for help in the comments below…

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