Harsher sentences for police officers who commit crime “would be justifiable,” says anti-police corruption crusader Matt Taylor.



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Matt Taylor, ex Royal Military Policeman and controversial writer, said any police officer who breaks the Law should be given ‘double’ the sentence of a civilian, who commits the same offence, “no ifs, no buts”.

“No ifs, no buts”

He made the remarks following the endless stream of police corruption stories hitting the newspaper headlines.

“It’s a trend for Sussex police officers to retire early to escape misconduct charges and retain their police pensions,” he said via his popular blog Mr.X Investigations.

The remark comes soon after the urgent meeting of Chief Constables, the first time the chief constables have ever come together outside of their usual quarterly meetings – discussing how frontline policing can be made safer.


Previously, police officers who retired early escaped misconduct charges, and kept their police pensions. This “trend” ended following a concerted effort by Sussex police to clean up their act, closing the loop-hole which allowed corrupt police officers from ‘getting away with it.’

To restore confidence in the police and send a clear signal that police corruption will not be tolerated, a new Law must be introduced that enshrines the rule that any police officer who abuses the trust and privileges bestowed upon them as a police officer, will serve double the sentence, of a civilian who committed the same crime.


In his first interview since being convicted of stalking and given a four month suspended sentence at the Royal Courts of Justice in London October 2018, Taylor said: “If you are a police officer and commit crime, you need to know you will go to prison and serve double the sentence of what a civilian will serve for committing the same crime.”

Matt Taylor – who is himself a victim of harassment and stalking by the Hoaxtead Research community, lead by the ‘Protected’ Father of the Hampstead satanic sacrifice scandal, also sits on the management board of the Moai Power House company, which is launching the Moai Power Tidal project – creating endless tidal energy, using sea-bed tidal turbines located across the world.

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A thorn in the side of Sussex police since standing as an Independent Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012, and an Independent Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, Taylor added: “When we do catch police officers committing crimes, I think the sentencing needs to be reflective of the seriousness of the crime and abuse of such a privileged position. That a police officer tasked with protecting and serving the public, should then bring harm to the public, in favour of receiving an extra pay-packet from organized crime is despicable. How can any police officer justifiably arrest a drug dealer for peddling drugs, only to peddle drugs in their spare time. How can any police officer arrest a prostitute or even a rapist, when while on leave, they prostitute themselves and rape others while on duty?”

“Over the last few years, the number of Sussex officers retiring early to escape misconduct charges has risen exponentially, so much so that it turned into a trend,” he said.

Controversial writer and broadcaster Matt Taylor, who is the leader of the UK Moai King William IV Party, branded the increase of police corruption as “dangerously high, and very alarming”.


On Saturday, Martin Hewitt, the chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), called an urgent meeting for all chief constables, saying: “If we can’t protect our people, how can we protect the public?”

The summit to address epidemic police corruption, which is called to be held in early September, hopes to see the top officers address police corruption in their frontline officers. As part of the discussion Taylor will put forward the motion that, “if a police officer commits a crime, they need to know you will go to prison and serve double what a civilian will serve for committing the same crime”.

The Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers, has also been asked to give its input.

Although Taylor said it was important not to have “knee-jerk” reactions to events, he added: “Levels of police corruption are an increasing concern across the country and corruption within the rank and file of police officers have gone up”. 

“It is the responsibility of each chief constable to do all they can to weed out corruption in their rank and file as much as possible.”

Matt Taylor, recently compared to the American pest control officer from Hollywood Florida, Richard Lopez, famous for his attempted assassination of the Icelandic musician Björk in 1996,  (who recorded a video diary of himself talking about his plans over an eight month period, culminating in his video recorded suicide); is calling for a ‘Reboot,’ in how police corruption is addressed, suggested a nationwide roll out of the American based ‘Citizen’s on Patrol’ program, to fill the vacuum of 20,000 less police officers on the beat, combat crime and restore confidence in the police.

Meanwhile, in July, Sussex Police announced a former Sussex Police officer who warned 19-year-old Shana Grice for wasting police time, when she reported an assault by the man who would go on to murder her, has committed misconduct.

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“PC Godfrey retired from the force in December 2017 so will face no further action”, the Sussex police spokesman said.  PC Godfrey will retain his police pension because he was not found guilty of ‘Gross Misconduct’, as opposed to lesser charge of ‘Misconduct’.

Chief Constable Giles York of Sussex police – vice chair of the NPCC – told BBC Breakfast: “There is always a balance to be struck around how we equip our officers and still maintain that British piece of policing that is policing by consent.”

Resentment against the police is becoming more and more evident. Earlier this month, a police officer was stabbed in Leyton, east London, and two officers in Merseyside were attacked in separate incidents.


  1. Yes the police that come into vontacy with me are all corrupt Freemasons specially selected that way straight of the back of my late brothers registration plate C 542 YAC use corrupt con stables in Zajac’s case


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