Its been 17 days since….


The following information has been published for the purposes of defending myself in the forth-coming Dearman v’s Paterson/Taylor harassment case.

The evidence of email to Sussex Police Resolution Centre, is to be used as evidence in my defense.

Sent to on Mon 22/07/2019 08:22

Dear Simon;

Its not been 17 days since I was told my allegations will be dealt with in due course…

Since then further developments have happened, which I need to report to the investigating officers.

I was told on the 5 July 2019; 

“The resolution centre will no longer be dealing with your report and Police officers will speak to you regarding your allegation in due course.”

17 days and counting??? I am continually to be attacked, with numerous malicious communications and false allegations are being made against my person, on a daily basis.

Since I’ve last emailed Sussex Police, a certain person who I know to be Den Tarragon has published claims that I am a convicted paedophile, and that I should sue him if it isn’t true.

John Wanoa from New Zealand, has also been detained in a mental health facility in New Zealand against his will, based on evidence given to New Zealand police, by a certain Jo-anne Sollis; a suspect connected to Hoaxtead Research, a community of trolls, of which are currently under investigation by Sussex Police. (Crime No 0621)

Sussex Police are obliged to contact Superintendent Gregg Williams from New Zealand Orkland Police. Crime No’ P038423237; to notify them that they are investigating Hoaxtead Research malicious communications crime no’ 0621.

You are obliged to notify another police organisation, that they are conducting a police investigation, based on the testimony, which Sussex Police are investigating, as a malicious communication.

Orkland Police are taking action against an innocent party, based on the information given to them, by a person of interest to Sussex Police, currently being investigated for making malicious communications, stalking and harassment.

Both DC Andrew Grimwood from Surrey Police and DC Charlie Ward from Sussex Police, have both had access to my diaries and note books going back to 2012. I remember Charlie Ward shyly telling me that he spent 5 days looking for all my data material and all he found was, “rubbish.”

I am not a convicted paedophile and no concerns of paedophilia has ever been raised… 
You are obliged to contact New Zealand Orkland Police, Superintendent Gregg Williams, reference Crime No’ P038423237, stating that having had access to my diaries and notebooks going back to 2012, no evidence has been found that implies the Moai Tidal Energy project is a scam and that I have any paedophilic thoughts, fantasies or tendencies. 

Part of the reason John Wanoa is being detained against his will, is the allegations by Jo-anne Sollis and her company Pandora’s box Investigation, that both John Wanoa and myself is involved in a financial crime.

What is happening? 

I want action taken today! I need you to contact New Zealand Orkland police to tell them that crime 0621 is being investigated, and that Jo-anne Sollis is connected to the Hoaxtead Research community, which are under investigation for making malicious communications, harassment and stalking.

I hope to hear from you soon, and that arrests are make today.

Yours Sincerely,
Matt Taylor

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