No Further Action by Sussex Police Resolution Centre


The following information has been published for the purposes of defending myself in the forth-coming Dearman v’s Paterson/Taylor harassment case.

The evidence of this email from Sussex Police Resolution Centre, stating “The resolution centre will no longer be dealing with your report”, is to be used as evidence in my defense.

Sent to on Fri 05/07/2019 08:13

Thanks Simon. 

Can you explain why the Resolution Centre isnt dealing with it, and the implications. 
What does it mean?

On 5 Jul 2019 08:55, wrote:

Mr Taylor

Thank you for the further email which has been added to your report. The resolution centre will no longer be dealing with your report and Police officers will speak to you regarding your allegation in due course. If you have further evidence relating to this matter please save it for officers to view at a later date.

The crime prevention advice still stands if you are concerned about people attending your address call 999 if you are in immediate danger.

Kind Regards



Resolution Centre

Force Contact Command and Control Centre

Tel 01273 470 101 or 101

Email –

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