Only Matt Taylor can save Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP.

A GENERAL election predictor has forecast Lloyd Russell-Moyle would lose his 9000+ majority, to a 1000 vote deficit, giving the Conservatives the win, and losing his Brighton Kemptown constituency he’s held since 2017.

Easy come easy go.

At this early stage, it forecasts that Conservative Joe Miller will unseat Labour’s Lloyd Russell-Moyle by 1.8 per cent of the vote.

It predicts that both parties will take a lose vote share but Labour will be more affected, with the Greens, who did not stand in the last election, and Liberal Democrats taking large amounts of votes from Mr Russell-Moyle.

The Luckiest Boy in Parliament

Blissfully unaware he was the lucky recipient of a “progressive alliance” (or rather a secret deal done behind closed doors,) that guaranteed whoever the Labour candidate would be, he or she would win.

Interfering with democracy, both Green Party leader Caroline Lucas and Labour supremo Simon Burgess, make no secret that they took advantage of the machinations of democracy, to ensure Conservative Simon Kirby would lose his seat and secure a Labour victory.

Imagine the fury and disappointment when in 2015 Simon Kirby retained his constituency with a very marginal 690 majority.

I maintain that if my Brighton Kemptown 2015 General election campaign wasn’t sabotaged, Labour’s Nancy Platts would be the current Brighton Kemptown MP and Lloyd Russell-Moyle would still be a nobody.

“I could have, at best won the Brighton Kemptown 2015 General Election and at worse, enabled Labour’s candidate Nancy Platts to win the 2015 Brighton Kemptown election.”

I’ve written extenstively about the back room dealing between the Green, UKIP and Labour parties, chronicling their “Progressive Alliance.”

What makes it even more interesting is the response of Simon Burgess and lloyd Russell-Moyle.

I put it to them that they interferred with Democracy by conspiring together to ensure a Labour victory in the Brighton Kemptown constituency.

Their sole intention was to stop Simon Kirby from regaining the seat for a third time.

A Mr.X Investigation has concluded there was collusion to corrupt the course of democracy in the Brighton Kemptown 2017 General Election

“Go spend your days doing something productive rather than conspiracy rubbish.”
Lloyd Russell-Moyle

“I am genuinely not in a position to know the answer, or to enquire about an answer to your question.”
Simon Burgess

Lloyd Russell-Moyle accepts the numbers.

Responding to the prediction, Russell-Moyle said, “I think to be fair it’s probably the other way round with the Liberal Democrats [and Greens] but we’re looking at around those kinds of numbers.”

Labour’s Nancy Platts, the current leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, ran for the seat in 2015. She lost to the then incumbent MP, Conservative’s Simon Kirby, by 690 votes.

Davy Jones, the would-be Green candidate in the 2017 election was stood down by the party in a “progressive alliance” pact to unseat Mr Kirby in 2017.

Russell-Moyle, who gained the seat, said, “Many Greens after the 2015 election came up to me and Nancy and said they bitterly regretted not lending us their vote.

“With the number of people came up to us, we would have won that election.

“I don’t want Greens to lend us their vote, I want them to know as their MP I have done them proud and will continue to do them proud.

“There’s a real danger you will get Brexiteer who didn’t vote for ban on fur and will be more than happy to see us with some Trumpian deal.”

The predictor, which can be found at, also forecasts that the Green’s Caroline Lucas will increase her vote share in Brighton Pavilion and Labour’s Peter Kyle will defeat Conservative Robert Nemeth in Hove and Portslade.

Nationally, it forecasts the Conservatives will get a 96 majority at the election.

Councillor Joe Miller said: “The only poll that matters is on December 12, we’re determined to get Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven back on the road to a brighter future, and as such I am taking nothing for granted.

“Every vote for any other candidate other than myself in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven will result in us coming closer to an anti-Semitic Corbyn government.

“As such I will be speaking to the residents who I am seeking support from so I can represent them properly in Parliament right up until 10pm on 12th December.

“Whilst I may not be a man to hold down the speaker, or pick up the mace; I am one to not hold people down from their ambitions and I will pick up on their issues and concerns.”

Public Opinion of Lloyd Russell-Moyle isn’t as forgiving.

Brighton’s Argus Omit Matt Taylor, due to No Credibility Claim

The Argus, Brighton’s premiere newspaper has omitted to mention Matt Taylor’s name in their list of parliamentary candidates for the Brighton Kemptown Christmas 2019 General Election.

Giving each candidate equal and fair publicity, Matt Taylor was dumped for the second time in three elections.

The Argus – Travesty of Democracy

Revealed by their cheif Crime Reporter Emily Walker, it was revealed “the problem” was that I had “no credibility,” with the editor of the Argus Mike Gilson and as such, will never get equal and fair publicitity as the other candidates.

I left the following comment, in the comment sections of The Argus article:
General Election 2019: Who can I vote for in Brighton and Hove?

As always The Argus has omitted the inclusion of me, Matt Taylor, leader of the UK Moai King William IV Party and candidate for the Brighton Kemptown constituency.

As you know I came last in the 2015 GE with 69 votes, following a sabotaged election campaign, reported at the time by The Argus.

Again, my 2019 General Election campaign has been sabotaged, with my 7th arrest in 2 years by Sussex police, and the seizure of my computer equipment worth £2000, preventing me from waging a successful social media election campaign.

The Argus feels I have zero credibility and as such, doesn’t warrant the equal publicity as the other candidates.

It happened in 2015, when I wasn’t invited to any Argus sponsored Hustings or events.
I wrote about it –

If my election wasn’t sabotaged and I was able to have my 90,000 leaflets delivered through every door in the Brighton Kemptown constituency, the protest vote alone would have got back my £500 deposit (let alone the 691 needed for Nancy Platts to beat Simon Kirby.)

I’ve got more credibility than The Argus likes to admit, which is why Sussex police have been throwing everything they have against me to sabotage my election campaign for the second time.

The article above predicts Lloyd Russell Moyles will lose by a 1000 votes. Only I can save him and secure a Labour Brighton Kemptown victory.

My name is Matt Taylor and I’m the leader of the UK Moai King William IV Party.

New Power, New Economy, New Monarchy – Real Change

Please check out my election campaign promotional video on Youtube and please subscribe.

Support my campaign at


Brighton from the air

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