Arthur The War King Chapter One

The first installment of Arthur The War King.

The book throws us into 6th Century Britain and the campaigns for survival leading up to the arrival of the renowned Arthur on to the scene.

Fate leads to a young Arthur being appointed ‘Uther Pendragon’ and supreme commander of the united British forces and we then follow him on his famous campaigns and climatic battles across Britain.

The book is written in an exciting story-teller style and is packed with historical references and information.

I am hoping to record the whole story in short videos with only some of the slower parts skipped.

There will also be maps and graphics where helpful. This is the new bed-time story in my house so while there are no interruptions in this video I can’t promise that will always be the case!

My boys often have some interesting questions and I hope no-one minds if I leave some in.

Enjoy this dramatic, informative and action-packed story.

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