Matt Taylor banned from supervising his own children.

In a year where Matt Taylor was banned from mentioning a particular individual, banned from standing in local elections, sabotaged from standing in the Christmas 2019 General Election and, most recently, banned from posting comments on the on-line Brighton and Hove News; Taylor has now been banned from unsupervised contact with his own children.

In leaked text messages from the mother of Taylor’s two children, identified only as Ms.K, a recent referral by Sussex police to Social Services, appears to be the basis for Ms.K’s decision not to allow Taylor unsupervised contact with his own children.

Ms.K wrote in two text messages, sent between 22:24-22:26 hrs on 27 November 2019:

“Since that letter from Social Services has confirmed my concerns about the kids staying with you.”

“You need to clean the place up, make it safe and clean and uncluttered, and clear the garden. Sort yourself out, get a job. U can still see the kids but I don’t want them going to your place until I know they will be OK, and you are in a sensible calm frame of mind.”

Taylor replied, “FU.”


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