Correspondence with Horsman Solicitors Emails & Letter 25 Sep – 30 Dec ’19


The following information has been published for the purposes of defending myself in the forth-coming Dearman v’s Taylor harassment case.

The evidence of my email and letter correspondence with Andy Horsman of Horsman Solicitors, is to be used in evidence in my defense.

Email sent to Horsman Solicitors from Matthew Taylor on Wed 25/09/2019 09:41

Dear Mr Horsman,

In light of my arrest on Monday 23 September 2019, may I touch base and let you know my thoughts.

Initially at 5pm on Saturday 21 September 2019, two Sussex police officers arrived at my house at Bolney Road, Brighton, and caused me immense fear, alarm and distress by demanding I open my door to them, with threats that they will smash my door in, if I did not comply.

Full footage of the incident is linked below.

It was explained at this moment that a complaint has been received from Ricky Dearman, complaining of harassment and that I’ve broken a court order forbidding me from saying his name in public.

The court order is attached with this email, labelled Devil Docs 1,2,3 and 4.

I agreed to meet with the police at 5pm on Monday 23 September 2019 to discuss the matter further.

On route to the Brighton custody police station PC Read picked me up in an unmarked car and took me to the Custody suite, where on route he arrested me at 16.50pm.

After spending nearly 6 hours in a police cell, I was interviewed by PC Read, with K Evans present, who was there representing Horsman Solicitors as a freelance solicitor.

After the interview and having consulted the CPS, I have been charged with Harassment – Put in Fear of Violence, based on a comment I made following the visit of Sussex police on 21 September 2019, that “I’m going to wring your neck Ricky.”

The offence of breaking the court injunction was dropped. Does this mean I wasn’t obliged to adhere to the court order in the first instance?

It was on a Saturday night of 9 February 2019, when a PC Lyons from Sussex police turned up at my house, demanding I remove certain material about the Hampstead case from my media platforms, threatening me that if I did not do so by 23.59hrs, I would be arrested.
Justifying this she gave me the paperwork attached, which in my opinion was out of date and not applicable to me.

Does the decision by the CPS not to charge me with this, confirm that I wasn’t obliged to adhere to the paperwork in the first instance, and that the Police were acting unlawfully, threatening me with arrest for an offence, which isn’t an offence?

So as far as I understand it, I am being investigated for harassment for saying I’d “wring your neck Ricky,” having just had two police officers trying to gain entry into my home, threatening me with arrest and smashing my front door in.

As the jury will be able to see for themselves, from the live recording of the incident, I said that comment in jest, with adrenaline pumping through my body.

PC Read, took great delight in telling me that not only seizing my imac, smart phone, laptop and data chips, he also seized my internet router, depriving me of connecting with the outside world.

Isn’t this over kill? Isn’t there less intrusive ways the police can identify my IP address, without them needing to seize my wireless router.

On the 21 June 2019, I reported Ricky Dearman to Sussex police for harassment, having consulted Veritas, who confirmed I am a victim of Malicious communication.

See the full footage below.

Sussex police dropped my complaint against Ricky Dearman, but have acted on his complaint of harassment against me.

In 2015 my Brighton Kemptown 2015 election campaign was sabotaged, as the video below explains in detail.

I believe this arrest is another election sabotage. 

I would welcome this go to Crown Court, because it will afford me the opportunity to show the jury, the malicious communications I have received from numerous sock puppet accounts, which I believe Ricky Dearman is responsible for sending.

Below are some videos from a person who identifies as Sparkle, a third party who has watched the harassment I get from the Hoaxtead Research Community, which Ricky Dearman is alleged to fund and contribute to.

In the Youtube videos linked blow, Sparkle speaks about me, my mental health condition and about the individuals who are mercilessly attacking me.

Follow this link to Bitchute – SPARKLE’S EVIDENCE

Can you help me Mr Horsman?

Sussex police have deprived me of making a living by seizing all my IT equipment which I need for work and to stay in touch with my children, work colleagues and friends.

This is overkill from Sussex police. Would you be willing to make application to get this investigation struck off, and my property returned immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Taylor

Andy Horsman’s email response on Wed 25/09/2019 @ 14:58

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your email, I have been out of the office hence the delay and still await the full report back from the representative who attended with you from interview, I have just obtained a copy of the bail sheet, confirming the bail return date of the 22/12/19 at 5pm.

Answering your concerns best I can at this stage, anyone is entitled to make a complaint/claim against the Police, I can only suggest you obtain advice from civil solicitors, as you will be aware my firm only deal with criminal defence work so cannot assist you in that regard.

You have not been charged with any criminal matter that I am aware of, you have been bailed pending further enquires until the 22/12/19 as the Police Investigation remains on-going against you.

You should abide by any previous court order, and indeed comply with such bail conditions that were handed to you when released from Brighton Custody Centre after your interview.

As regards Crown Court, if you were to subsequently be charged, it depends on what level of charges are preferred against you , as to if the Magistrates direct or yourself can elect Crown Court Trial, if for example you were only charged with a lesser summary only matter, than can only be tried at first instance before the Magistrates Court with no right to elect Crown Court Trial.

During this Police Bail stage of the investigation, I have no right in law to apply to get the investigation struck off, likewise the law allows the Police to retain seized exhibits, until the conclusion of the investigation against you.

I hope the above answers some of your initial concerns , of which I will write to you formally by post once I have received the interview papers back.


Andy Horsman.

Andy Horsman’s formal response by post on 27 September 2019

Second letter received from Andy Horsman dated 20 December 2019.

Evidence HS/02
To be used as evidence in the Dearman v's Taylor case.

Email sent to Andy Horsman by Matthew Taylor on Mon 30/12/2019 14:33

Dear Mr Horsman,

I am in receipt of both your letters dated 27 September and 20 December 2019.

I trust you’ve had a merry Christmas, and that you are looking forward to a happy new year.
My Christmas has been dire and my new year looks just as bleak.

I cannot in good faith ask you to act on my behalf, in relation to the matter of my arrest on 23 September 2019, to which Kim Evans attended Brighton’s custody suite.

You do remember how you dumped me in a previous matter, citing Edward Ellis as the reason.

While I of-course would prefer to retain your services in this matter; I simply won’t allow myself to, on the grounds that you will dump me again, and that ultimately, you do not have my best interests at heart.

I am positive that if I was able to pay you £300 an hour, this allegation would be dropped and my computer equipment returned.

I have not included you in the events since 23 September 2019, because I didn’t feel you could help the situation.

I have continued to name Ricky Dearman because I am under no obligation not to name him.

New evidence was brought to my attention in October 2019, which proved Ricky Dearman was not a protected witness and that anyone can name him.

I have always maintained I am a journalist, writing about stories in the public interest.

I have since gone onto publish a number of Youtube videos, taunting Sussex police for illegally arresting me, seizing my computers and thus, preventing me from earning a living.

I am furious, and am fully prepared to defend myself. So much so, that I am now demanding the CPS charge me, so that a jury can decide whether I’m guilty of harassing Ricky Dearman.

I intend to premiere the video below on New Year’s Day; and believe doing so does NOT breach my bail conditions, because I am neither directly or indirectly contacting Ricky Dearman.

I appreciate the situation I find myself in, and sincerely believe I am best suited to defend myself.

Of-course I would be interested to hear your views, and invite you to come to my home for a conversation.

I am starting a 6 week graphic design course starting in January, and was relying on having my computers back. Being rebailed until 18 February 2020, is simply prolonging my torture and preventing me from earning a living.

I showed the new evidence of a new court order dated 19 March 2015, to DC Duncan Lloyd, who has acknowledged it null and voids the court order dated 10 February 2015, which Sussex police and Ricky Dearman used as the pretext to arrest me on the 23 September 2019, preventing me from earning a living, and from standing as a prospective parliamentary candidate in the Christmas 2019 general election.

As far as I’m concerned, Sussex police are thieving bastards.

If you want to call me, then please do so on 0*********3; otherwise, all the best….

Matt Taylor

Letter received from Andy Horsman dated Friday 3/01/2020

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