The Daily Mail Newspaper Breaks Hampstead Court Order.

According to Sussex Police, journalist Lara Keay from the Daily Mail newspaper, has broken Mrs Pauffley Justices court order, dated 10 February 2015 , strictly forbidding the naming of the Hampstead parents, involved in the horrific Hampstead Satanic Ritual Sacrifice scandal of 2014.

Published on the Mailonline website, journalist Lara Keay wrote;

Ella Draper, 45, is believed to be in Spain having evaded arrest in February 2015 when she escaped from police via the back window of her Hampstead home.”

Sussex Police have been notified of the breach of the Court Injunction, and an arrest is likely, following the arrest of independent journalist, Matt Taylor, arrested of breaking the same court injunction, when he publicly named Ricky Dearman, the Hampstead dad, (accused of being a satanic cult leader by his own children.)

As this extract from Mrs Pauffley Justice court injunction states:

Dame Anna Evelyn Hamilton Pauffley DBE, styled The Hon. Mrs Justice Pauffley, was a judge of the High Court of England and Wales. until her retirement on the 1st of October 2017. She was educated at Godolphin School and the University of London. She was called to the bar at Middle Temple in 1979.

This order prohibits the publishing or broadcasting on any computer network, internet website, or any other form of social media:- (a) The name and address of:- i. The children; ii. The children’s parents…”

The Daily Mail aren’t the only one who has named the Hampstead mother!

Up and coming stand-up comedian Matt Taylor, is currently under investigation (for the second time within one year,) of allegedly harassing Ricky Dearman, the father at the centre of the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare, who is alleged to be a satanic cult leader by his own children.

Taylor was initially arrested by Sussex police for breaking the Court Injunction, of which the Daily Mail newspaper, has also broken.

Arrested on the 23 September 2019, during which all his computer equipment was seized, (preventing Taylor from earning a living as a freelance journalist,) Sussex Police have rebailed Taylor from 22 December 2019, until 18 February 2020. Where-after he will either be charged, released from investigation, or rebailed again!

Matt Taylor demands a Trial.


“I’m innocent.”


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