Email to Sussex Police DC Duncan Lloyd dated 13 January 2020


The following information has been published for the purposes of defending myself in the forth-coming Dearman v’s Taylor harassment case.

The evidence of my email to Sussex Police DC Duncan Lloyd dated 13 January 2020, is to be used as evidence in my defense.

Email to Sussex Police DC Duncan Lloyd dated 13 January 2020

DC Duncan Lloyd of Sussex police,

To update you on my situation and circumstances…

First and foremost, I wish to notify Sussex Police that Horsman Solicitors no longer represent me, and that I intend to defend myself in any forth-coming Court trial between Mr Dearman and myself.

I’ve attached a letter from Mr Horsman dated 3 Jan 2020, which evidences this.

Secondly I wish to formally express my anger, frustration and disappointment that I’ve been rebailed until 18 February 2020.

I’ve proven beyond doubt that Sussex Police, had no grounds to arrest me on 23 September 2019, for breaking a court order, which I have demonstrated was a null and void court order, in light of a further court order dated a month later, which allowed the naming of the Hampstead parents.

In light of this, I’m now calling for a court trial, as the only avenue left open to me, to prove my innocence and guarantee the return of my property.

I relish the opportunity to defend myself in a court of Law, where I am confident I can demonstrate beyond doubt, that I am a victim of Sussex police harassment and intimidation.

As you will be aware; a lawful defense of Harassment, is the prevention and detection of crime.

I can evidence this by exhibiting the following email exchange between myself and Veritas Justice, in which Veritas confirm I am a victim of crime.

Second to this, I made a complaint, (based on the advice of Veritas Justice), to Sussex Police on the 21 June 2019, to which Sussex police choose to ignore and take no further action.

I can demonstrate with confidence that there is no law preventing the public naming of any of the Hampstead parents, and that the Hampstead case is still very much in the public domain and a public interest story.

This is evidenced by a recent Daily Mail article dated 5 January 2020, which names the Hampstead mother.

To remind you; on the morning of 23 September 2019, the day I was arrested, I went to the Royal Courts of Justice in London and filed a claim of harassment against Sussex Police, citing £2 million in damages.

I fully expect to win any future case against Sussex police and am confident that my affidavit of truth, demonstrates beyond doubt, I’m a victim of Sussex police harassment.

I am currently attending a Graphic Design course, to which the return of my computer equipment is essential, to enable me to make a living as a freelance writer and graphic designer.

I wish to offer you this chance to cease and desist any and all investigations against me, in light of the information above, and return my computer equipment without delay.

I look forward to a swift and just end to this criminal nonsense.

Matthew Taylor

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