Thomas Walter Niedermeier denies he’s the Hampstead Dad.


The following information has been published for the purposes of defending myself in the forth-coming Dearman v’s Taylor harassment case.

This denial of being the Hampstead Dad by Thomas Niedermeier, evidences the witness intimation and maliciousness, I’ve received from him since 2018, and will be used as evidence in my defense.

A man claiming to live in Germany has denied he’s the Hampstead Dad, and is the fifth time, a person has accused me of harassment and stalking.

  1. A Particular Individual (who I cannot name for legal reasons) made a complaint against me for harassment and stalking in 2017, of which no criminal charges were brought.
  2. Rick Dearman, the alleged Hampstead satanic cult leader, made a complaint against me in October 2018, where after my computer and photo were seized for 9 months. No criminal charges were brought.
  3. Rick Dearman has again made a complaint of harassment against me in September 2019, in which again, my new imac desktop computer and Samsung 10 phone were seized as part of the investigation.
  4. Sheva Burton accused me of sexual harassment in 2019, no action was taken by Sussex police.
  5. Thomas Walter Niedermeier from Germany is now claiming that I’ve stalked and harassed him and his family.

Threatened with arrest on the 21 September, arrested 23 September, bailed until 22 December 2019, I’ve now rebailed until 18 February 2020.

Sussex police are torturing me and stopping me from earning a living as a freelance writer and graphic designer.

I will ask Inspector Thompson of Sussex Police, to identify Thomas Niedermeier. I have a lawful right to know the identity of my accuser.

I will then report him for further witness intimidation, which brings with it a 5 year prison sentence.

Thomas Walter Niedermeier has been stalking, harassing and sending me malicious communications since 2018, and I reasonably believe him to be either Ricky Dearman, or a person pretending to be Ricky Dearman.

Either way it called Gas-Lighting.

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