Sussex Police are failing me, like they failed Shana Grice

For Immediate Release

Mr.X reporting news the mainstream media dare not report.

Ex Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor from Brighton UK, has accused Sussex Police of failing him, as they once failed 19 year old Shana Grice, who begged for protection from a dangerous psychopath ex boyfriend, only to be issued a Penalty Notice for wasting police time.

Shana Grice was killed by her ex-boyfriend, metaphorically drenching Sussex police hand’s in her blood.

Under investigation for the second time within a year, journalist Matt Taylor has been accused of harassment and stalking by alleged satanic cult leader, Ricky Dearman, the father named in the 2014 satanic Hampstead scare.

Admitting satanic abuse is “under-reported,” by Sussex police themselves, Taylor finds himself in the same position Shana Grice found herself before her murder.

Taylor continues to be a victim of harassment and stalking, while receiving daily malicious communications via his YouTube.

Learning nothing from the mistakes made with Shana Grice, Sussex Police continue to treat Taylor as the criminal, rather than the victim.

RIP Shana Grice

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