Taylor calls on Trump to send in the FBI…


Ex Royal Military Policeman and victim of Sussex Police corruption, Matt Taylor, 48 years old from Brighton UK, is calling on US President Donald Trump to send in the FBI, to investigate serious corruption and misconduct within the ranks of the UK’s Sussex Police force.

With their force infested with sexual perverts, paedophiles, rapists and prostitutes; there is no other police force who has more “dirty cops,” than Sussex Police.

Set to have all charges against him dropped by the CPS, for allegedly harassing and stalking the alleged satanic cult leader, Ricky Dearman, the father named in the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare, Taylor is hoping Donald Trump can do for the UK, what he is doing for the USA; namely “draining the swamp” of corruption and evil that currently operates with impunity.

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