Matt Taylor accused of Sexual Misconduct.

In a statement published by Brooks Nielsen, the lead singer in The Growlers.

“I am Brooks Nielsen, the lead singer of The Growlers and co-founder of the band. There have been a number of claims made on social media these past few days about the band, and I feel it’s necessary for me to address them. All the claims were made on social media and all were anonymous. Despite that, we take them seriously and want to get to the bottom of them. Let me provide some historical perspective on the band: The Growlers have been around for almost fifteen years, and in that time, we have had a number of members come and go. There have been eleven ex-band members in total. Some we dismissed from the group years ago for not aligning with the kind of band we strive to be. one of the recent claims is that I touched a female journalist on her breast during an interview that happened ten years ago. I absolutely deny this ever happened, period. An additional claim was made against Matt Taylor, our lead guitarist and co-founder of the band, which he denies. To our female fans in particular, Know that we are committed to conducting ourselves in a way that our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters would be proud of. We ask for your patience while we look into these allegations in as thorough, professional and unbiased manner as we are able, and make responsible decisions based on what we find out. We thank you for your patience, support and love during this time and always. Brooks.”

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