I demand my $6M Gold Payments, 1-11, for each of 7.6 billion people, under Swissindo, Nesara, Gesara International Laws.


White House Petition

United States is violating all International laws, by trading illegally, outside Gold Mandate Laws of SWISSINDO, NESARA + GESARA, thereby causing Destruction, Impoverishment and Enslavement of Humanity, under US Corporate Dictatorships globally.

Prosperity Payments 1 to 11 (P1-11) of Swissindo were made International law, with 30 day Action Mandate, on 14 June 2010, at the United Nations HQ in New York, USA, by its President, H.E. Mr Sino, K681, King of Kings, of Indonesia, and 12 Worlds top Financial organisations, UN, WBG, ICOJ, ICC, IMF, BIS, IMF, FATF, HM QUEEN, The Vatican, US Fed & US Treasury.

Mr Sino was falsely jailed and is under House Arrest to stop $1 Quintillion asset backed SWISSINDO P1-11 for 7.6 billion people.

Release Mr SinoRelease P1-11 ($6 million per person)





1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ji set up League of Nations in Indonesia, in 1919, to stop pirate ships looting ancient Royals on Lands in Africa, China, India, Europe Australia, North & South America. (1)

2. All treasures were moved under the 17,000 islands and caves of Indonesia, with shallow waters, to stop pirate ships.

3. At the 1930 Geneva Convention, all countries were bankrupted, by the League of Nations, to stop them trading with pirate currency and to mandate Gold trading Monopoly.

4. 1933 Federal Reserve Act treasonously banned the Gold Trading Agreements to start Pirate Trading Mandate to build a Cancer of Humanity, which would trade with its Puppet Leaders around the World, with the USA, in Pirate Currency of USD, in Contempt of the Agreements in the rest of the world. Corrupt leaders were selected and retained or shot dead as puppets to Gun Control.

5. On 17 Aug 1945, PIRATES in the USA convinced Mr Soekarno to Co-operate in a secret deal, to make him the President of the new Republic of Indonesia if he agreed to secretly rename the League of Nations as the United Nations and move the United Nations Headquarters from Indonesia to New York, USA

6. USA was built under secret treasonous pirate agreements without the knowledge and consent of all democracies. It was always a Predator of Humanity, always changing its Camouflage. Secret Services assassinated any truthers. Mainstream media was bought out with a Deception Mandate.

7. 1954 Greada Treaty signed secretly by the United States with Reptilians, made USA a puppet to the Reptilian Agenda, to destroy Humanity by stealing human DNA, mixing it with Reptilians to cannibalise humanity, steal Mother Earth from the Galactic Federation of Love and Light for the Dracos, Devils, Cannibals.

8. JFK’s attempts to return to Gold Mandate in 1963 led to Bankers assassinating him 8 days after he signed the Green Hilton agreement. Mr Soekarno was put under House Arrest

9. NESARA GESARA LAWS were to Mandate Gold on 11th September 2001 but the bankers blew up the Twin Towers to stop it.

10. BLAIR AND CLINTON LED WARS in the Middle East as a power display of Terrorism to distract and subdue the Whistleblowers and Truthers

11. 14 June 2010 12 top financial organisations signed the mandate for a 30-day acceptance of the Certification of swissindo Payments 1-11 offerd by Mr Soeghihartonotonegoro on behalf of 7.6 billion people

12. 2013 G8 Obama was to announce Payments 1-11 of Swissindo Gold but failed.

13. All signed offers made by Mr Sugihartonotonegoro were ignored. In November 2018, he was jailed on falsified document evidence, to steal $6 million Gold from each of 7.6 billion people.

14. Mr Soeghihartonotonegoro is currently under House Arrest, restrained from mandating Payments 1-11

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(13) Payments 1-11

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