Joe Biden’s US 2020 Presidential Election Takes a Turn for the Worse.

The US 2020 Presidential election has taken a disturbing turn for the worst, following unconfirmed reports from Blazing Press that Hunter Biden, son of Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden, has died of a crack cocaine drug overdose.

Hot on the tails of this tragedy for the Biden crime family, further unconfirmed news has been released that Joe Biden has suffered a stroke, having visited his dead son at the hospital in which his dead body lays in its morgue.

As if the news couldn’t get any worst, Info Wars are now reporting Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Blazer Biden, now aged 39 years old, revealed in her diary, that she took “inappropriate showers” with her father, and that she believes she suffered “sexual trauma” as a child.

Read more: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child

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