Is Gordon Bowden dead?

Did Gordon Bowden fake his death to escape the scrutiny of conning Andy Devine out of £20,000?

After-all, no one has been to his funeral,  and Sussex Police continue to investigate a complaint of harassment he made against me in July 2019.

I could never understand the hero worship of both John Paterson and Andy Devine towards Gordon Bowden.

So what about Finchley Road?

Wow, you’ve shown how the corrupt elites funnel their money through fake company accounts!

So what?

Andy Devine in all his worldy wisdom, even handed £20,000 of his father’s inheritance to Gordon-the-Conman.

I remember looking at Paterson in disgust and loathing, whenever he started to hero worship the short fat cunt Gordon Bowden.

I remember back in the summer of July 2019, a horrible, false and damaging rumour was circulated about me that I was a convicted paedo.

I wasn’t impressed at all to listen to Gordon Bowden, repeat the rumour online and actively spread it.

I was so unimpressed that I rang him up and asked him what the fuck he’s up to.

I remember him hanging up on me, calling me a conman defrauding Companies House.

So I rang him up immediately afterwards to explain why my name was lodged with Companies House with one T and not two.

But the fat cunt blocked me and I couldn’t get through.

It was a year later that I learnt from Sussex Police that Gordon Bowden had made a complaint of harassment against me, following those phone calls, and that as of April 2020, Sussex Police were still investigating his complaint of harassment against me.

How can a police force actively investigate a complaint of harassment from a dead man?

Or perhaps, Gordon Bowden isn’t dead!

Perhaps he faked his death, to escape the criticism he was getting from conning Andy Devine out of £20,000?

Gordon Bowden and Jo-ann Sollis.

Jo-ann Sollis knows the truth. If anyone would have gone to Bowden’s funeral, Jo-ann Sollis would have gone.

Why hasn’t Jo-ann Sollis ever spoken about his funeral?

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