What happened to all the old paedos?

Jonathan King

Status – Innocent!

Rolf Harris

Status – Free

Max Clifford

Status – Dead

Gary Glitter

Status – In Prison

Dave-Lee Travis

Status – Free

3 thoughts on “What happened to all the old paedos?

  1. Great article that gave me alot of knowledge about something going on in the transfer of power in 2014 with all those high profile cases adjudicated.
    Could all those cases have inspired young people in their 20s and 30s to try getting out of any reprobate relationships to distance from wrongdoings being exposed in those years around 2012-2015?
    Did these cases inspire Brian Harvey to seek out Bill Maloney to work together just before Brian accidentally got the notes that show he was phone tapped?
    Could those things have triggered increased targeting of victims by government since 2015 in an escalating cycle?
    Are you familiar with the case of Toni Lovell’s son being killed by police at Fox Pub in January 2015?


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