The True Story of Christ’s Crucifixion.

“Joseph of Arimathea has been steadily sidelined and ignored by the church of Rome and the Church of England and this is extraordinary given the hugely important part that he played in the Christian drama

He staged managed the crucifixion to arrange an exchange of the Son Jesus Bar Abbas for the father Jesus the Nazarene. He also stage managed a series of rapid court hearings so that a conviction and execution could be carried out very swiftly before the Passover feast began and if all this had not been swiftly concluded and matters had been delayed until after the Passover feast was over, then death on the cross would have been a certainty.

He then brought the holy family from Jerusalem over to Britain possibly taking ship at Alexandra in Egypt.

Joseph of Arimathea has been marginalised as a necessary manoeuvre in order to obliterate the fact that the holy family from Jerusalem came into Britain in AD 35-37.

He is an immensely important figure in the story of Britain.”

Extract from Where Jesus is Buried, by Wilson & Blackett.

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