MTTV – Celebrating Lynda's Release – 9 Dec 19

And remembering those still imprisoned and persecuted for crimes they did not commit…

David Noakes

Carol Woods

John Paterson

Nathan Stather

Darren Roberts

Adam Mustafa

Eric Heaps and his family

John Wanoa

John Hoath

and many more…

John Paterson – Extra-Judicial Kidnapping by the State.

John Paterson has failed to appear at Wood Green Crown Court in London.

In what is believed to be an extra-judicial kidnapping, no listing for John Paterson was made public, even though an officer at Chelmsford Prison, where John Paterson is currently believed to be held, confirmed John would appear at Wood Green Crown Court, today (6 Dec 2019) at 10 am.

“They are watching us watching them.”

Innocent agent and an important witness in Edward Ellis’s Royal Commission into Judicial, State and Police corruption; John Paterson is believed to have been charged with six offences:

6 Charges alleged against John Paterson

  • Distribution of indecent images: namely a picture of the two Hampstead children P&Q, fully clothed
  • Sending a letter: Yes; you read that correctly; sending a letter!
  • Failure to Surrender; failing to answer bail
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Threats to kill; naming Bill & Ben as assassins

While it hasn’t been confirmed, friends of John Paterson, believe the complainant is Gillian Jones, a solicitor who works for Weightman’s Solicitors, the private solicitor firm, most often used by Sussex and Surrey police to fight litigation’s against them.
Its worthy of note at this point, that on the 11 October 2019, outside Suffolk Crown Court, GcMAF champion David Noakes said, “The evil Gillian Jones, who may in fact be satanic.”

“The evil Gillian Jones, who may in fact be satanic.”

Is there a satanic coven inside Sussex Police?

Emails released by John Hoath reveal that Gillian Jones is illegally using harassment and stalking laws, to cover-up her own involvement in Sussex/Surrey police corruption.

Extracts from John Hoath’s email explain in simply English, how Gillian Jones is accusing anyone of reporting her to the appropriate government bodies, (in relation to her alleged involved in police corruption), for harassment and stalking.

As to what is currently happening to John Paterson, the John Hoath emails prove that he is a victim of Sussex/Surrey police corruption and cover-up.

Our prays remain with John Paterson at this most difficult of times and we continue to pray he is released today.

Joe Miller, Brighton Kemptown 2019 Conservative Parliamentary Candidate

Baby faced Joe Miller is destined to score the lowest number of votes ever, for a Conservative candidate in the history of Brighton Kemptown elections.

Joe Miller is an embarrassment to the Conservative Party.


Mr Cumiskey


Matt Taylor is set to be cleared of all harassment charges

Arrested for harassing alleged alien satanic cult leader, Mr Snake, ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor is set to be cleared of all charges, after a three month investigation by the satanic alien arm of Sussex police.

Extracts from John Hoath’s emails


Tommy Robinson Exposed as M.I.5 Agent



Danny Tommo is Tommy Robinson’s gatekeeper and right hand man
Tommy Robinson exposed as MI5 Agent, who lost sensitive information about Rotherham child-abuse victim and Nathan Stather, who is serving 9 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.



Tommy Robinson Exposed


People’s champion and Rotherham child abuse crusader Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has been labelled a “coward” and “hypocrite,” by longtime supporter Eric Heaps, accused off losing sensitive information of a Rotherham child abuse survivor and his son’s 9 year prison sentence, for a crime he did not commit.

Tommy Robinson’s reputation is taking a nosedive within the Freedom Movement, following new information coming to light, from insider called Eric Heaps, who says he’s been treated criminally by Tommy Robinson, his supporters, henchmen and minions. 

Having created and managed 362 Facebook groups, reaching an audience of millions, attending his public rally and sharing all his news, Eric lost faith and trust in Robinson, after  losing evidence that proved his son’s innocence, plus letters from a Rotherham child abuse victim.

Eric’s son Nathan, now 25, is currently serving nine years in a Doncaster prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

“Literally stitched up by the British Courts.

Eric gave all the evidence to Danny Tommo and Tommy Robinson. Robinson says he lost it, but Eric will tell you a different story.

Making sense of a spider-web of connections:

Nathan Stather is innocent

Accused of kidnapping and attacking Ashley Stringer and dumping him at Manver’s Lake beauty spot, unconscious and covered in blood, both Nathan Stather and Darren Roberts have been jailed for nine years for abducting Stringer in June last year.

Nathan Stather and Darren Roberts were jailed at Leeds Crown Court on 17 May 2019, in a sentencing hearing which was relayed via video link to Sheffield Crown Court.

With the judgement already made public in advance, the sentencing started a day late, lasting from 9-11 May 2018. Both the judge and barrister were changed at the eleventh hour, and the new judge lambasted the new barrister from reading from a different law book.

Nathan Stather (25), of Clover Walk, Bolton on Dearne, and Darren Roberts (25), of Victoria Street, Kilnhurst, were both convicted of kidnapping and false imprisonment, and sentenced for nine years, with no chance of being released after 4.

Stather and Roberts were found guilty of wounding with intent and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, on no evidence.

Nathan’s ex girlfriend, who was dating Ashley Stringer at the time of the incident, confessed to solicitors, police, friends and family that she lied and gave false evidence to the police and court. 

Stringer lied to the jury during his trial, how he had feared for his life after being thrown into the back of a van by Nathan and Darren, claiming he was approached as he walked home with his girlfriend, Abbey Grey, from the Café Sport bar in Swinton at 1am on June 17, 2019.

The truth was that Stringer was thrown out of a pub for dealing drugs, and was witnessed beating his girlfriend Abbey, taking his frustration out on an already weak and vulnerable girl; who was then beaten up by two others, who most critically; WERE NOT NATHAN AND DARREN.

Stringer’s claim how he was bungled into a van, beaten to near death and left to die, is based on no forensic evidence, and is prima facie evidence, that the British judicial and police system are criminally corrupt.

 “Then two men got out and chucked me in the van”.

Abbey; Nathan’s ex girlfriend; has confessed in more ways than one, that she was pressured by Springer, his family and the police to give evidence against Nathan; even to the extent of having her children removed by Social Services if she didn’t give evidence against him.

Springer lied in court, “They approached me, grabbed me and put me in the van and put me at knife-point.”

He said he was “scared for my life.”

“He was just waving it [knife] about really, he was telling me to leave Abbey.”

He said the knife had not been used on him when he was conscious but he had been knocked unconscious and woken up alone in Manver’s Lake car park and found slash marks on his body.

Stringer said: “I honestly didn’t know where I was at the time.

“My eyes were swollen and I had slashes to the side of my head, on my hand and near my eye.

“I could just about see out of my eye.”

Stringer said he had begun walking towards Mexborough when two passing women came to his aid and took him to Manver’s Fire Station.

The court heard the victim was covered in blood and in a confused and panicked state when he was found.

The police used Stringer’s lies to convict and sentence two innocent man, instrumental in an illegal government policy to sow the seeds of a Civil War between the British and Muslims.

Springer was taken to hospital for stitches and needed no further treatment, but yet Nathan Stather and Dareen Roberts, were sentenced for 9 years a piece, for beating him to the edge of his life, left for dead in the middle of a beauty spot; based on no forensic evidence.

Tommy Robinson’s Connection

More to follow: