What is it about using your middle name’s initial?

What is it about the big hitters in the Alternative Media/Truth Movement, who use their middle name initial, having the biggest egos?


Come on let’s be honest. I remember at school, thinking that the kids who used their middle name initials were a bit self centered and egotistical.

Am I right, or am I right?

Please leave your comment in the comment section at the end of this page. Share your own experiences of people who use their middle name’s initial and their corresponding egos. Is there a link? Or is it just my vivid imagination?

Take for example;

  • Ian R Crane
  • Christopher D Spivey
  • Richard D Hall

I caught Ian R Crane out at AV5 in 2014, when he spun the events of the Greg Nikolettos arrest, to match his own made up narrative, of what led up to Greg’s committal to a mental hospital for the next 28 days.

Perhaps Ian R Crane can tell us what really happened at AV5, and what his response is to Thomas Sheridan’s claim that a secret sonic ray weapon was used against the participants of the conference?

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If such a weapon was used against us, and Crane knew about it, then I demand my money back (plus damages, costs and compensation)

Ian R Crane hasn’t yet commented on Andy Devine and John Wanoa. Why doesn’t he want to get involved, when David Noakes and Lynda Thyer are regular guests on the Andy Devine Show?

Its time we unite

I bet Ian won’t get involved, because his ego will be bruised, having to share the lime light of saving / changing the world, with a man from down-under. (Whose name ends with Wanoa!)

The same applies for Christopher D Spivey. Another overblown ego, bursting at its seams, about to blow, splattering shit over us all.


Spivey is a coward who doesn’t defend himself against anything said against him. He leaves it to his minions to bully, ridicule and harass those you dare to ask questions of him.

More on Spivey from Mr.X

He commands an army of loyal supporters, who are only in his favour, if they never show criticism and continue to pay for his blog / dog bills.

When is he going to comment on Andy Devine and John Wanoa?

Judging the time he took to comment on the biggest scandal in Truth Movement history, (namely the Hampstead SRA case,) where he dismissed the kids testimony because they “didn’t look too traumatized,” charging £50 per word response and £500 for paragraph response; I expect he’ll finally comment on John Wanoa sometime in 2030.

I often leave him polite messages on his blog, that never get published.

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Again just like the other blokes who use their middle initials, their ego’s won’t allow them to share the stage of saving / changing the world.

Onto Richard D Hall. He likes to keep it all close to his chest. I’ve asked Richard enough times to comment on John Wanoa, but like the rest of the blokes who use their middle name initial, their ego’s get in the way of a polite answer.


I’m still waiting for an answer…

What is it with these blokes, their middle names and their egos?


Right of Reply

Matt Taylor accepts New Zealand invitation to meet alleged Christchurch killer Elliot Dawson

Name: U N OWEN

Email: nobody@nowhere.com

Comment: I invite you to Linwood Islamic Centre to meet Elliott, the man you accuse, if you dare, oh, and I invite you to meet me too, I look forward to your coming out of you comfortable setting into the real world and see that we do not live in a soap opera, but a world full of beautiful people, so come on, what are you waiting for? Or are you a keyboard coward?

keyboard coward

Dear U N OWEN,

Please accept my apologies for taking so long to reply to your kind offer of an invitation to the Linwood Islamic Centre, to meet both yourself and Elliot Marshall Dawson, who I accuse of being the real killer at the Linwood Islamic Centre where at, 7 innocent worshipers were shot dead in cold blood.

As you can imagine, (remembering the events of Christchurch), the anguish of all Christians across the world this Easter weekend, (following the barbaric terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka, and the desecration of The Notre Dame in France, displaying their satanic contempt to Allah, by ensuring even the aliens on the moon could see the upside crucifixion burning from the surface of the Earth); has been truly terrible and shocking.

As an ex Royal Military policeman, (trained to conduct criminal investigations), I will relish the opportunity to travel to New Zealand, and prove to my satisfaction that Elliot Marshall Dawson, is not the killer at the Linwood Islamic Centre.

I am thrilled to come out of my comfortable setting into the real world, and humble ask both Allah and the Islamic community in New Zealand to crown-fund the necessary amount to fly me to New Zealand and provide the resources to conduct a serious criminal investigations.

We do not live in a soap opera; but yet soap operas are all what we watch on TV; why do you assume soap operas aren’t played out in real life?

The world is full of beautiful people and anyone who denies me this opportunity are ugly and undeserving of Allah’s grace and mercy.

For example, take what Asa Graves had to say in response to my serious allegation that Elliot Dawson is the real killer at the Linwood Islamic centre.

Is he frustrated that he has to use twizzlers for his micro penis.”

REALLY! Is this the best the friends of EMD from New Zealand can produce; small dick jokes?

Even Elliot’s own response was cowardly.

Can anyone in u.k report this to the authority even if through fb etc. The guy I think is brittish an a lowlife scum.”


Rather than coming to me directly; you, EMD and the whole Islamic community in New Zealand have gone running to MI6 complaining that I’ve accused sweet innocent Elliot Marshall Dawson (EMD) of being a satanic super soldier.

Well done you keyboard cowards, you managed to take down my Youtube channel, where hundreds of others have tried and failed.

Even though Voldemort aka (sounds like Sickly Semen) likes to claim credit.

Where was Elliot when Prince William visited Christchurch over Easter?

As an ex-royal military policeman, with experience of criminal investigations and spotting crime, I doubted EMD’s claim of hiding in the bathroom of the Linwood Islamic centre as soon as I heard it.

And wasn’t it such a co-incidence that I should be EMD’s Facebook friend, having never previously met him?

What is wrong with New Zealand that I can’t even speak my opinion, in danger of my Youtube platform being shut down.

My youtube channel showed over 500 videos, with over 1500 subscribers and has been publishing since 2014.

Video subjects promoted on my channel included charitable campaigns to raise money for orphans and widows in Africa, videos about King Arthur II, aliens, police corruption, comedy, etc.

How dare you get my youtube channel taken down. Damn you all. The actions of EMD, ASA Grave, youtube and MI6 agents working in conjunction with the NZ government; is clearly actions of a coward, with secrets to hide.

I would sincerely welcome your kind invitation to Christchurch, to meet yourself and Elliot Dawson. I would dearly wish for this and urge the Islamic community in New Zealand to crowd-fund the amount to cover the trip’s expenses and a serious investigation, into whether Elliot Dawson was the real Linwood killer?

I am heartbroken that my Youtube platform has been shut down as a result of this, and will do everything in my power to prove I had serious grounds to accuse Elliot Dawson of being a killer at the Linwood Islamic centre, and get my youtube channel re-instated.

I stand by my contention and vehemently defend the thought process and journey, which my conclusion was founded upon.

It was the NZ government that originally sounded the alarm bells by attacking anyone from sharing the live streaming shooting at the Al Noor mosque.

Don’t shoot the messenger; by the footage of Al Noor was soon dismissed as fake.


Don’t start trolling me just because the Al Noor video was forensically examined frame by frame, and was proved to be littered with inconsistencies.

No wonder the NZ government were so keen to lock anyone up caught watching or sharing it for 14 years?

I have a history of conducting criminal investigations. It’s not rocket science. There is a framework that needs to be followed. Questions asked, evidence sought and conclusions noted.

Then of-course we have ex CIA operative Robert Steele, claiming its a false flag event


And then another CIA operative, David Rock confessing to have orchestrated the Christchurch shooting on the orders of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton.


It would appear the NZ government wants all critical thought shutdown and banned.

New Zealand is the New World’s Order leading light of Example. What is happening in New Zealand and Australia today, is the glimpse of the things to come, to the rest of us by tomorrow.

I stand by my contention that Elliot Dawson is not a reliable witness and that his testimony shouldn’t be believed.

I would dearly love to come to Christchurch to conduct my own investigation and to meet Elliot Dawson in person.

I pray to Allah and the Islamic community in New Zealand to make it happen.

Yours Sincerely,

Matt Taylor

Brighton, UK


Elliot Dawson Responds to Christchurch Shooting Allegations

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New Zealand Shooting Slaughter – The Story So Far…


I imagine you’d remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard Princess Diana had died; that the Twin Tower’s collapsed and perhaps even, when Neil Armstrong ‘allegedly’ walked on the Moon.

The first I heard of the New Zealand mass slaughter was when I turned on the news on Friday morning of the 15th March.

With 49 dead and 20 injured; I expected to see a large number of injured being rushed to hospital with blood shot wounds, though all I saw on Good Morning Britain TV was two men with nothing more than sprained wrists; and a police officer with a gun running around pointing.

I also saw fleeting footage filmed from inside a passing car, of a police vehicle having rammed a car off the road, with two police officers pulling someone out, while pointing their guns at him.

I also saw another police officer, separate from the police officers getting the guy out of a car, actually kicking a body on the floor from laying on his front, to laying on his back.

(Mind you having watched the footage again, perhaps the man kicked onto his back, was the same man the police dragged out of his vehicle at gun-point.)

Its with this in mind that I posted the following Facebook Up-date.

Guerrilla Democracy Breaking News- New Zealand shootings looks like another false flag event

To which I received an abusive response.



While I will surely be reported for posting the whole footage by the Hoaxtead Tell-Tits, here are some screen shots of the Al Noor/Linwood mass slaughter.


It wasn’t long before the media were encouraging everyone NOT to watch the video and NOT to share it on social media.

Nor was it long before the New Zealand government threatened their citizens with 10 years imprisonment if they watched or shared the footage.

“Serious concerns have arisen over how New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has handled the recent Christchurch mosques massacre. And they don’t just involve her calls for stricter gun control and decision to ban all semi-automatic rifles.

In the wake of the attacks, the prime minister promised to keep the murderer “nameless,” and the internet promptly obliged by flushing the perpetrator’s identity down the memory hole.”

As with Citizen Investigators across the world, it didn’t take long before a number of inconsistencies were identified.

As reported by ex-CIA spy, Robert Steele – New Zealand False Flag Event 

Event Anomalies

  1. These are clearly toy guns firing air and not ejecting casings or firing real bullets. In the video the bullet casings were added after the fact as a special effect.
  2. With the exception of the alleged dead by the front door, who appear to have been staged beforehand, none of those allegedly killed in the video fall in spastic shock as real wounded do, and there are no blood splatters. Some of those lying dead are not actually shot in the video. Indeed, the shooter exits the mosque and then returns, this time we see some rather amateurish blood evidence, as if he had to leave so the special effects crew could come in.
  3. The piles of bodies appear to have been there prior to the gunman entering. They are all in very unnatural positions, and interestingly, not a single one is face up, useful if you want to conceal all their identities.
  4. Shots fired from a shotgun inside the car do not blow out the front windshield.
  5. All traffic is blocked from the street during the event, as if the police had roadblocks set up.
  6. The police do not arrive officially until 36 minutes after the first shot, never mind that their nearest station is two minutes away from the first mosque.
  7. The video shows clear signs of having been technically altered, including the addition of bullet casings, after the fact, never mind the reality that the shooter was quickly arrested and had no time to edit anything.

Then there was the mystery of the magic windscreen which didn’t shattered after a three rounds were fired through it.

Where are the three bullet holes in the above image?
In this Saturday, March 16, 2019, photo, a car thought to be used by the suspect in the Christchurch mosque shootings is lifted onto a tow truck in Christchurch, New Zealand. The live-streamed attack by an immigrant-hating white nationalist killed dozens of people as they gathered for weekly prayers in Christchurch on Friday, March 15. (Claire Chambers/Mediary via AP)

And who exactly was the person brought into court?


New Zealand Mass Shooting Slaughter

click above

Not long after, the following video appeared. Is this a rehearsal or the after-math of New Zealand’s worst ever mass killing?

So while the Truth Community argue among themselves whether the leaking of the footage was another psy-op by the nefarious satanic shadow governments, to muddle the waters, or a major blunder by the Satanic Overlords;

“There is intentionally-created confusion re Christchurch in order to foster the ‘conspiracy theory’ smear – in particular, a fake ‘shooter video’, with the likely purpose of distracting from real mosque killings done by government-complicit operatives, killings which we didn’t see on camera.”

Another well-known researcher in the Truth Movement, Matty Inglis Taylor, was pointing me in another direction.

Beware the Satanic Super Soldiers

There are thousands of these fascist occultic sleeper super-soldiers in Europe, Ukraine and Russia. Its called the Satanic Black Awakening. Very similar values as Isis

The pertinent sentence to be taken from above is:

“There are thousands of these fascist occultic sleeper super-soldiers in Europe, Ukraine and Russia. Its called the Satanic Black Awakening. Very similar values as Isis.”


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Matty Inglis Taylor‘s warning was loud and clear. These Black Satanic Awakening, genetically modified Super-Soldiers, were being unleashed onto the world in their thousands.

This was confirmed the very next day, when a giant Black Satanic Awakening Super-Soldier came sailing into Plymouth’s harbour.

And then I remembered a Facebook Conversation I had with a person called Elliot Marshall Dawson who claimed to have actually been at the Linwood mosque where seven people were killed.

Please tell us what happened to you?

I was praying closest to the door in Linwood i moved to the wash room, I remained in the toilet, I came out and saw the dead bodies then one said this guy fits the profile cuff him I'm white but then they let me go :/

7 died at one I was at, but saw dead bodies and blood :/ Thanks for the stream.

I was theree :(

I'm from christchurch was there when it happened :(

worst experience of my life :(


While I would dearly love to take Elliot Dawson’s word for it; having watched his videos posted on his Facebook page, the only conclusion I’ve come to is that he’s a mental retard, incapable of common sense and highly unlikely to be considered a reliable witness.


To be honest; Elliot Dawson’s comedy and work is very similar to my own; so much so that I seriously think we may have been separated at birth.

Matt Taylor & Elliot Dawson Separated at Birth Part 1

Matt Taylor & Elliot Dawson Separated at Birth Part 2

Matt Taylor & Elliot Dawson Separated at Birth Part 3

But still the mainstream media is asking Dawson’s opinion on gun-control.

“Personally, I don’t think guns should be legal at all. Maybe in some extreme self-defense, but I don’t think they need such firearms like that,” Dawson said. “New Zealand is not America. America is a totally different situation. I think in America it would be probably more dangerous to take people’s guns away. But here, I don’t think we need them at all.”

Is Elliot Dawson a Reliable Witness or a Mental Retard?

One last word on Elliot Dawson. What with all this speculation of genetically modified satanic super-soldiers, I found it very interesting that Dawson publicly declared:

We're all the same on the inside! (Genetically Engineered and Modified)

Then an Ex-CIA spy puts his penny’s worth in and alarm bells begin to ring.

TEHRAN - Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), regularly answers questions for Tehran Times.
Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy

Now when an ex-CIA spy starts telling us its a false flag event, we should look at it with skeptical eyes.

Remember the warning by Henry Makow:

“There is intentionally-created confusion re Christchurch in order to foster the ‘conspiracy theory’ smear – in particular, a fake ‘shooter video’, with the likely purpose of distracting from real mosque killings done by government-complicit operatives, killings which we didn’t see on camera.”

This is what Dr Katherine Horton has to say about Robert David Steele:

Dr Katherine Horton is a high energy physicist who was a Research Fellow at St John’s College, Oxford. She has recently been interviewing Kevin Annett, which makes very interesting viewing.

Would you stake your life on the New Zealand mass slaughter being a false flag event?

Are you prepared to be publicly vilified, insulted and ridiculed for believing the NZ shooting was a fake? Would you stake your life on it being a fake? And would you stake the lives of your kids on it being a fake? Serious questions Bill; serious questions which I have to answer myself 😱



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Investigating the stories which the mainstream media dare not investigate

Matt Taylor wins the war against the silly satanic saxons!


mission accompanished

Matt Taylor wins the war against Hoaxtead Research



Over and Out

Rest in Peace El Coyote




“Reveal the Truth behind Illusion and Chaos”

Karen Irving isn’t ill at home recovering from the “Blerg”.


Karen Irving aka El Coyote is in all probability languishing in a police cell, waiting to be interviewed by detectives having had her home searched, and computer seized in an early morning raid.

Matt Taylor has won the war against the silly Saxons from Hoaxtead Research.

King Arthur II - The War King -The True Story

Never trust a Coyote



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Any Publicity is Good Publicity

Hoaxtead Research Break-in and Entry

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“Devil is alive,” says Pope Francis

Sheva Burton – Honey Trap

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Mr.X (Too dangerous to name in public)

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