Guerrilla Democracy News Weekly Round-Up

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Covering the London ‘Kill the Bill,’ march, the breaking news that Madeleine McCann is alive and living in Germany, plus the disgusting news that fake police pervert Danny Jones, was caught wanking during a live YouTube show with Sharon Gale….

Danny Jones caught wanking on live YouTube Show, by ex-East 17 singer, Brian Harvey!

Real name Linden Warden, has been exposed as a filthy fake police pervert, by actually masturbating himself, (out of shot,) while in discussion with Sharon Gale, the UK’s Truth Movement’s latest scarlet lady.


Danny Jones is a Racist

Danny Jones is a Paedophile

Danny Jones harassing Single Mothers

Danny Jones is a Racist – Part Two

Chris E is Danny Jone’s Controller!

Catches Fanny Bones having a wank!