Brian Harvey v’s David Icke

Ex-East 17 singer Brian Harvey has challenged the God Father of the UK’s Truth Movement, David Icke, to a conversation over Skype.

“Can you handle it?”

“Me and you live on BHTV2, live over Skype. I want a conversation with you David.
Right, no edits, no pre records, no nothing, just a straight conversation.
Can you handle it? I await your response.
Good morning everyone.”

David Icke
Brian Harvey

John Wanoa – “I’ve never heard of him.”


Reaction to John Wanoa’s illegal, immoral, unethical and criminal detention from the Truth Movement has been muted to say the least.

We are all familiar with the German Martin Niemöller’s famous quotation;

  • First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
  • Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
  • Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
  • Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

The same applies right now within the Truth Movement;

  • First they came for the Hoaxtead believers and I did not speak out – because I’m too scared to watch anything about Satanic Ritual Abuse.
  • Then they came for the Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis and financial fraud whistleblowers John Paterson, Neelu Berry, Frank McElheron and Lee Chant, and I did not speak out – because I am not part of the Royal Commission into Police, State and Judicial Fraud.
  • Then they came for John Wanoa, and I did not speak out – because I am not part of the King’s Flag and have no idea of what John Wanoa is going on about.
  • Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Why aren’t the Truth Movement Big Hitter’s talking about John Wanoa?

Ian R Crane, (anti-fracking champion and spokesman for David Noakes and Lynda Thyer,) has declined to comment on John Wanoa’s on-going assassination.

The same with Christopher D Spivey… 

The last time I asked Christopher D Spivey for his opinion, he charged me £100 for a single word answer, and or £500 a paragraph.

Read more: Christopher D Spivey breaks his silence on Satanic Ritual Abuse. 

Richard D Hall said this in response to being asked to comment on John Wanoa;

“I’ve never heard of him.”

The pleas for help from anyone in the Truth Movement, from David Icke, to Ian R Crane, Ben Emlyn-Jones, Christoper D Spivey, Richard D Hall, Vinny Eastwood and Piers Morgan, has been met with silence.

“Please contact Andy Devine on or call him direct.  He’s expecting your call and is beside himself trying to get John out and we really need your help.”

To which Richard D Hall replied;

“I don’t work like that.  I don’t get an email then react like batman running from his cave in Gotham City.  If I worked like that I would be like a moron running about spinning plates and them all crashing to the floor.  I get dozens of requests to investigate or expose personal tragedies. All I can do is “make a youtube video” which is what anyone else can do.  I select cases on a strict set of criteria. It MUST be damaging to those running the agenda of cover ups. It MUST have national or global significance.  It MUST have possibility of a damaging outcome for those covering up. I am not some saviour or do gooder.”

Richard D Hall’s Strict Criteria of Action

  • Is it damaging to those running the agenda of cover ups?
  • Yes; the very reason John Wanoa was set to put his plan into action, secret securities on both sides of the world, were forced to conduct illegal kidnaps and mental health frauds on innocent and highly ranked fraud whistleblowers.
  • Is it damaging? 
  • This can bring down the government within 24 hours of implication.
  • Has it got national or global significance?
  • Yes; Moai tidal energy will be captured from across the world, generating a zero carbon, Hydrogen economy, injecting £970 million trillion trillion into the world’s financial economy. 
  • Has it the possibility of a damaging outcome for those covering up?
  • Yes; using the King William IV laws, everyone found guilty of crimes against humanity will be liable to hanging.

So if Richard  Hall isn’t some saviour or do gooder, then who is Richard D Hall?

“I am a one man band, not a corporation.  If you email me a synopsis of the case I will read it in my own time.  email it to”

“I am not some saviour or do gooder.”

If Richard D Hall isn’t some saviour then he must be some bringer of doom, and if he isn’t a do gooder, then he must be doing evil.

What is it with the big hitters in the Truth Movement using their middle initials…


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Australia denies David Icke Free Speech

Australia has been the first country in the world to demonstrate their Orwellian policies and deny their population of 25 million the truth about the existence of aliens.

Feared across the world by the Illuminati leaders, straight talking David Icke, was refused his visa and entry to Australia, with only 4 hours before his plane took off.

The First Ever Conspiracy Theorist – David Icke

Cancelling the plans of thousands of concert goers, the Australian government cited ‘Antisemitism’ as a deciding factor, (plus the fact he believes in alien races), in their decision to ban him from speaking.

Having been to Australia on speaking tours for the last 9 years, without incident or complaint, David Icke has been left bewildered, angry and disappointed, that the thousands of Australians who brought tickets to see him across 10 hour shows, over the weekend; have been denied the truth of the world in which they live.

Who will be next to be banned from talking the truth?

fuck you icke



A Labour member asks, “I wish someone would explain the antisemitism, it is always said about, but no details are ever given. Who is saying what etc”

Another Labour member answers, “They will not give details because they are well aware that it’s prevalence is low and is being dealt with effectively. They are simply weaponising the subject, which is despicable and dangerous.”

Though when a Blairite offers the detail which was asked for; he uses a conspiracy theory about David Icke, as the ‘detail’, that proves antisemitism in the Labour party.

Chair of CLP accused of bullying Luciana Berger appeared on show broadcast by David Icke

Lets look at the ‘detail’ in more’detail.’

The chair of the Liverpool Wavertree Labour Party – which is facing claims of antisemitic bullying by local members against MP Luciana Berger – made repeated appearances on a current affairs show broadcast by conspiracy theorist David Icke.

The byline makes a bold statement, that after the following sentence, voids exactly what it was meant to say.

He was meant to appear on a current affair show broadcast by conspiracy theorist David Icke; but once you read the following line, the truth is the chair of the Liverpool Wavertree Labour Party had actually appeared on the Richie Allen show, which is no longer anything to do with David Icke.

In fact, what has David Icke got to do with this story at all?

Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, who is a member of the pro-Corbyn Jewish Voice For Labour group, has been a regular guest on the Richie Allen on David show since 2015.

What’s the big deal, an educated man, a doctor, appears as a regular guest on an internet chat show called the Richie Allen Show. I listen to it myself.

He also happens to be a member of the pro-Corbyn Jewish Voice for Labour; so nothing antisemitic about that then.

The news Dr Scott-Samuel appeared on the show will come as a huge embarrassment to those defending his constituency Labour Party against accusations it bullied Ms Berger with two motions of no confidence against her over her repeated public criticism of Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to deal with Jew-hate within the party.

Why was the Doctor appearing on the show “a huge embarrassment’? 

What is embarrassing about discussing ideas, concepts and current Geo-politics?

Mr Icke, an infamous conspiracy theorist, has spoken of “the global conspiracy ‘Rothschild-Zionism, a secret society putting its agents in places of power’ – and listed Jewish people he says are part of the plot.

Why is this a problem? Yes, David Icke is not only an infamous conspiracy theorist, but he was also the FIRST CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

Why is he being called a conspiracy theorist because he believes in alien species? Reptilian alien species, who not only have been visiting Earth from outer space, but also have been living deep inside the Earth, and have been doing so since the age of the Dinosaurs.

What is wrong with that? People believe a man died on a cross and rose from the dead 3 days later.

Will Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett to the next banned from Australia for saying Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion and escaped to South Wales with his family, where after he was called the ‘Lame Fisher King’.

He has also claimed he isn’t an antisemite because the “Jews are really reptiles”.

FAKE NEWS ALERT – I bet David Icke has never said that, “Jews are really reptiles.”

Mr Allen – who has continued to invite Dr Scott-Samuel on his show since splitting from Mr Icke to air his shows on his own website – hosted notorious antisemite Gilad Atzmon last July, former KKK Grand Master David Duke in 2016 and self-described “Holocaust revionist” Alison Chabloz in 2018.

Isn’t freedom of speech and  intelligent debate valued in 21st Century culture? Evidently not, because in this Orwellian climate, extreme ideas and values are forbidden to be discussed.

Alex Sobel, the Jewish Labour MP for Leeds North West, tweeted that Mr Icke and Mr Allen were “fermentors of antisemitic thought and draw people into a series of conspiracy theories”.

“Fermentors of antisemitic thought and draw people into a series of conspiracy theories”.

“Sharing a platform with these men is incompatible with Labour membership,” he wrote.

Shock horror, sharing a platform with anyone who believes in aliens is “incompatible with Labour membership,” is a ridiculous thing to say. 

The news about Dr Scott-Samuel, who is a senior lecturer in public health at the University of Liverpool, came after Wavertree Constituency Labour Party members were forced to defend themselves against claims they were relentlessly attacking Jewish MP Ms Berger.

Again, what has this got to do with David Icke?

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson had urged the party to investigate the Wavertree CLP executive over claims of bullying and antisemitism against Ms Berger but on Saturday, General Secretary Jennie Formby ruled this out on constitutional grounds.

And David Icke?

In a statement on Sunday, Dr Scott-Samuel and Wavertree CLP secretary Nina Houghton defended their decision to approve a no confidence motion against Ms Berger weeks before she was due to give birth.

Why is given birth an issue? If Margaret Thatcher was pregnant during a nuclear exchange tension build-up; would Labour have demanded the Russians lower the level of threat just because the Iron Lady was going to push out a Tory in a few weeks time?

The motion said that Dr Scott-Samuel is “himself Jewish and the suggestion the CLP executive is in any way party to bullying and antisemitism is a slanderous accusation.”

Motions are motions and Jews are Jews; remind me again where David Icke comes in the middle of all this?

They also claimed they had not acted improperly by selecting two motions of no confidence against Ms Berger to be debated.

Dr Scott-Samuel had proposed the second of two motions of no confidence tabled last week.

The JC has also learned that Dr Scott-Samuel has regularly made claims about Israel subverting UK democracy, while also claiming Labour antisemitism claims are smears to undermine Mr Corbyn.

Dr Scott-Samuel, who posted a photo of himself and Mr Corbyn at last year’s Labour conference, also once posted a claim that Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth was “the enemy within?”

Dr Scott-Samuel has also said “Isis, Boko Haram and Zionism are genocidal terrorists”.

In another tweet, he shared a picture of him meeting Mr Corbyn, saying he had discussed “victimisation of anti-Zionists” with the Labour leader.

When asked about his appearances on the shows, Dr Scott-Samuel told the JC: “I don’t enquire into the ownership of media when I do interviews with them.”

He refused to answer questions about his decision to table a motion of no confidence against Ms Berger only weeks before she was due to give birth.

Last week, Ms Berger was branded a “dirty little Zionist rat” and taunted with abuse, including “All Jews together, the c**ts” on a pro-Corbyn Facebook page.

Ms Berger – who was told her CLP dropped the no confidence vote against her on Friday following an intervention from the Labour leadership – was also taunted with suggestions she was an “agent of a foreign power”, an “Israel attack dog” and “Tory scum” who “f**ked her way into a job” on pro-Corbyn websites last week.


fuck you icke



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