Sussex Police in Elderly Abuse Scandal.

Why are Sussex Police targeting old aged pensioners?

John Hoath, has been convicted of sending emails!

David ‘Joe’ Neilson remains in hiding, too scared to return home because he fears he’ll be killed by Sussex police.

Michael Coughtrey has spent years trying to bring justice to his brother, who was accused of attacking a police officer with a 7″ knife. The police lied…

John Paterson is awaiting trial in Chelmsford prison, based on the lies of an alleged satanic cult leader.

Edward Ellis is being hounded for helping people find justice in the British courts.

Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis has called for a ‘Remedy Negotiation,’ meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis has called for a ‘Remedy Negotiation,’ meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to address the rampant State, Judiciary and Police corruption, currently running amok in today’s British institutions.

In an email to the PM, House of Commons Speaker, Cabinet Officers, all MPs, Law Court Judges and other State Officers; Mr Ellis explains how the Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops have Justice Responsibilities known as the Equity Monarchy Trusts.

They have Corruption Remedy Jurisdictions that govern Parliament Session Powers. They have used them for a Corruption Remedy Process. It used Corruption Investigations at every level of governance. 

In April 2017 the Remedy Process got completion of a Criminal Conspiracy Proof Set against Top State Officers and Law Court Judges. The Crown and Lord Bishops used it to decide the Corruption Remedy Conditions for the Parliament Session Agreement.

They needed a Long Session of 2 ½ years to complete the Corruption Investigations in the Law Courts, get Unfitness Cases against Top Judges and use them for Protection Fraud Investigations in Parliament.

The Standard Protection is General Passive Protection Rights for Citizens with Protection Enforcement by the Cabinet and Prime Minister and Enforcement Accountability by the Opposition Leader.

Passive Protection gets either Protection Justice Proof for the Cabinet, and Prime Minster or Protection Fraud breach Proof against them. In addition they needed Special Active Protection Rights that enabled Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to service the Corruption Investigation and the Protection Fraud Investigations.

The Special Active Protection Rights were a Legal Service Crime Prosecution Prohibition and Civil Contempt Enforcement Prohibition for Mr Ellis against the Cabinet and Prime Minister. It caused State Officers to demand Protection Frauds with All Major Decisions signed for by Top Judges.

Prime Minister Mrs May accepted the Parliament Session Conditions and called a Surprise General Election to avoid a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. 

The Long Session got completion of the Corruption Investigations. The Equity Lawyer, Mr Ellis serviced them. State Officers demanded Protection Frauds. They were given Restraint Frauds + Restraint Breach Contempt Trial Frauds + Contempt Finding Fraud + General Civil Restraint Frauds + Probate Estate Asset Freezing Frauds + Discretionary Trust Asset Freezing Frauds + Protection Breach Contempt Frauds by State Lawyers, Cabinet Officers and the Prime Minister against the Equity Lawyer, Parliament, Lord Bishops and Crown. 

On 18th June 2018 the Contempt Trial Fraud Appeals got completion of the Criminal Conspiracy Proof Sets against the Appeal Lord Justices.  That day the Mr Ellis sent a Judicial Office Unfitness Case Notice Email to Parliament. It did two things.

  1. It put the Unfitness Case in Parliament.
  2. It enabled Protection Fraud Investigations by the Honourable Members, the Lord Bishops and the Crown in Parliament.

The Top Judges made Protection Fraud Demands. They were given Protection Fraud Promises by Corrupt MPs.

Prime Minster Mrs May traded Protection Frauds for Top Judges in exchange for support by Corrupt MPs for the Brexit Deal.

They needed a Secret Signal she had a Deal Majority. They used a Victory Dance by the Prime Minister as the Secret Signal. The Prime Minister went to South Africa and Nigeria and did the Victory Dance.  The Equity Lawyer gave Email Notice to All MPs of the Protection Fraud Deals and Secret Signal. Either the Prime Minister lied about having the Deal Majority or the Email Notice broke the Deal Majority.

Victory Dance by the Prime Minister as the Secret Signal

Prime Minister Mrs May ordered the Medical Murder of Mr Ellis. It needed Blood Test Result Forgeries for a Kidney Failure Diagnosis Fraud + Transplant Prescription Fraud + Pending Transplant Dialysis Prescription Fraud + Mental Ill Health Finding Fraud + Fistula Operation Dialysis Preparation Fraud + Dialysis Consent Fraud + Lethal Injection + Murder Concealment Frauds. The Mental Examination Refusals + Treatment Refusals + Mental Health Arrest Fraud Sabotage got a Murder Conspiracy Proof Set.

The process got a Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mrs May and a Forced General Election.

“I will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold — the second female prime minister but certainly not the last,” she said as her speech wound down.
Her voice cracked with emotion as she read the final line, saying, “I do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love.”

The Conservative Party Leadership Contest included Protection Fraud Deals in exchange for Leadership Support. The Protection Fraud Deals were subject to Viable Execution Conditions.

Integrity Tests before and during the Election Campaign Period got Corruption Proof, Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof against Organised Criminals, Corrupt Officers, Law Court Judges and All Party Leaders.  Also they got Unviable Execution Condition Proof. It was enough to get Protection Fraud Deal Releases for Prime Minster Mr Johnson against Corrupt State Officers and Law Court Judges. It was not enough to get Deal Releases from Powerful Corrupt Media Managers.

The Corruption Remedy Ultimate Sanction is a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof, Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof. It needs a Credible Choice for Voters.  The Election Fraud Proof against All Party Leaders denied a Credible Choice and invalidated a Parliament Session Refusal and Repeat Forced General Election. The Crown and Lord Bishops imposed Corruption Remedy Conditions in the Parliament Session Agreement. They required a Royal Commission to manage Corruption Remedies within a Session End Time Limit. The Protection Arrangements continued.

The General Election got an 80 Seat Majority for Prime Minister Mr Johnson. A Remedy Failure would get a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. The Governing Majority would deliver Mass Remedies for the Victims by the Session End or face a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity.  This time there would be No Election Fraud Proof against All Party Leaders and therefore a Credible Choice for Voters.

On 19th December 2019 the Queen used the Parliament Session Opening Speech to announce the Royal Commission.

Integrity Tests forced State Officers and Law Court Judges to process Fraud Proof that got the Royal Commission. The choice was between making Conflict Disqualification Admissions and committing Conflict Qualification Frauds + Dismissal Frauds + Restraint Frauds against Citizens. 

The Integrity Test 1st Series got Fraud Proof against State Officers and Law Court Judges.

The Test Results link Old Frauds with New Frauds. In 2001 Top Judges and Top Police started a Drug Production Business in Sussex.

John Hoath

The Top Judges insisted their Organised Crime Manager control the business because they did not trust anyone else to pay them. He wanted Protection Frauds that would last his lifetime.

He stole Firearms from a Cabinet and got Firearms Theft Protection Frauds from Sussex Police. They seized the Stolen Firearms, used Receipt 0223607 to list them and identify the Organised Criminal as the Possessor.

They seized the Cabinet, issued Receipt 0223608 for the Cabinet with the comment ‘locked – contents unknown’. 

The Sussex Police Officers went to Lewes Armoury with intent to put the Stolen Firearms in the Cabinet and pretend nothing had happened. The Cabinet was locked. They had no key. The Unlock Procedure needed the Owner to identify the Missing Contents and account for Unlawful Contents if any.

No one dare conduct a With Owner Unlock Procedure because it defeated the purpose of the Theft Concealment Fraud. No one dare conduct a Without Owner Unlock Procedure because the Organised Criminal might have put Unlawful Contents in the Cabinet that they could not ignore. The Receipts + Stolen Firearms + Cabinet + Convictions Records of the Organised Criminal were organised Crime Proof against the Organised Criminal and Sussex Police.

In late 2008 a New Armourer issued a Destruction Notice. The Owner asked questions and in January 2009 was given the Receipts. He knew about the Convictions Record.  The Remedy Process has used the Forearms Corruption Proof Set thousands of times since then to discover who provides Protection Frauds for the Organised Criminal. Corrupt Officers used Framing Frauds against Citizen Mr Hoath for Theft Discovery Delay Frauds. They used Framing Frauds against Citizen Mr Paterson and Citizen Mr Taylor for Remedy Denial Frauds + Protection Frauds. Corrupt Officers made Protection Fraud Demands. They were given Repeat Framing Frauds against Citizens Mr Hoath and Mr Paterson. The Integrity Test 1st Series used the Repeat Framing Fraud against Citizen Mr Paterson to get Representation Denial Fraud Proof + Trial Fraud Proof + Trial Fraud Appeal Grounds before the Evidence Closure Date. Other Cases got Fraud Proof. On 12th February 2020 the Contempt Claim Fraud QB 2020 000286 General Civil Restraint Extension Hearing got the Case Papers and Hearing Audio Record that are Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof for the Equity Lawyer, Royal Commission Lord Bishops and Crown against the State Lawyers, Counsel Mr Eardley, the Solicitor General, Attorney General, Cabinet, Prime Minister Mr Johnson.

The next day it got the Forced Removal of MP Mr Cox from the office of Attorney General.

The Integrity Test 2nd Series started.

On 14th February 2020 a Violent Crime Eye Witness agreed to service the Royal Commission. The Corruption Investigation of the Law Courts got Corruption Top Judges used Organised Criminals for Violent Intimidation Frauds against Citizens. Everything that could go wrong for them did go wrong. The Intimidation Target had Citizen Support. He made a Criminal Complaint and got Investigation Denial Fraud Proof + Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the Metropolitan Police. Then he got Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court, County Court, Appeal High Court and Court of Appeal. Top Judges needed a Protection Fraud from the Metropolitan Police. They got a Damage Limitation Protection Fraud that used a Minimal Charge of Assault against the Violent Thug instead of Grievous Bodily Harm + Kill Threats + Blackmail + Extortion. It got a Plea Hearing and Trial Date for 20th February 2020.

The announcement of the Royal Commission forced a Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 Permission Decision dated 16th January 2020. It forced a Crime Re-investigation Order by Crown Prosecutors.

On 5th February 2020 the Re-investigator received Corruption Proof and Management Advice for a Case Reference via Superiors to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. The Re-investigator did not make any Further Enquiry of the Eye Witness.

A Royal Commission Briefing got a 2nd Witness Statement from the Eye Witness. It asked for an Immunity Deal on Remedy Co-operation Terms for everyone including the Thug who was the only one who needed it.

On 18th February 2020 Email Service of it on the House of Commons Speaker and Prime Minister did not get Immunity Negotiation Authority for the Case Prosecutor and Re-investigator. The next day it got a Case Withdrawal Decision by a Top Prosecutor and No Explanation Allegations by the Re-investigator.

The result for the Royal Commission is Case Management Advice for the Citizen to make Withdrawal Decision Review Claim in the Administrative Court a Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 Withdrawal Decision Disclosure Application in the Court of Appeal.         

On 17th February 2020 the Business Lease F02EF793 Defence and Counterclaim + Directions Appeal Grounds + Settlement Negotiation Service Email got Angry Expressions by the Landlord and a Communication Refusal Immediate Response Email from the Landlord Representatives.  The result for the Royal Commission is that on 21st February 2020 the Tenant signed the Directions Appeal Case Papers for the County Court and a gave Criminal Complaint Authority. The Royal Commission needs Precedent Cases for Rights Definition Due Process and Rights Enforcement Due Process in Management Incapacity Cases. The Illiterate Immigrants and Almost Illiterate Immigrants have many cases of Incapacity Exploitation Fraud + Business Thefts. The Bow Fast Food Business Theft Case got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Top Police and Top Judges 

On 18th February 2020 there were reports of a Mental Health Custody Fraud Release for Citizen Mr Adam Mustafa.  Car Ownership Proof Denial Frauds + Car Theft Misrepresentation Frauds + Car Theft Arrest Frauds + Mental Health Case Reference Frauds + Mental Health Custody Frauds + Forced Medication Frauds are Election Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Mustafa, the Royal Commission, Lord Bishops and Crown against Cheshire Police, Health Authorities, the Crewe and Nantwich Labour Candidate, the Labour Party Leader and Prime Minister Mr Johnson. Citizen Mr Mustafa will need time to recover.

The Parliament Session File contains Corruption Claim Papers in November 2019 that evidence Election Frauds before the Car theft Arrest Fraud. The 2019 Local Elections got 55 Votes in Crewe Central Ward for Citizen Mr Mustafa. The Labour Candidate was defending a 48 Vote Majority for the Entire Constituency. The Labour Supporters feared that the Independent Candidacy by Citizen Mr Mustafa would be a Seat Loss Guarantee against the Labour Party. They used Election Frauds. They started with Paedophile Defamation Frauds on a Facebook Account that services 20,000 Local Users. Allegations of a Complaint by the Labour Candidate to Cheshire Police were followed by the Car Theft Arrest Fraud.

The Election Integrity Tests got Election Fraud Proof against All Party Leaders. Prime Minister Mr Johnson needed Election Fraud Proof against the Labour Party. On the evidence available Prime Minister Mr Johnson valued the Election Fraud Proof against the Labour Party more than an Independent Candidacy that was likely to be a Seat Transfer Guarantee for the Conservative Party against the Labour Party. On the evidence available the Car Theft Arrest Fraud + Mental Health Frauds got Before Event Protection Fraud Approval from Prime Minister Mr Johnson. Investigation is needed to discover whether Citizen Mr Mustafa has the confidence to use Review Claims and Corruption Claims for Royal Commission Integrity Tests. In any event the Royal Commission has an Election Fraud Proof Set.        

On 19th February 2020 a Prison Release Licence Breach Prosecution Fraud relied on a Release Licence Forgery. The Case History includes use of a Tenancy Forgery for a Possession Fraud + Criminal Trial Frauds + Court File Forgeries + Habeas Corpus Issue Denial Fraud + Liability Admission and Settlement Offers. It enabled Integrity Tests of the Magistrates Court and High Court Masters on the same day. The State Advocate and Court Lawyer received Corruption Proof and made Relevant Evidence Findings + Similar Corruption Fact Evidence Findings. They lacked confidence for a Case Withdrawal or Jurisdiction Trial Order + Jurisdiction Trial Directions. The Court Lawyer suggested an Adjournment Order with intent to get a Case Withdrawal Decision. The Magistrates Chairman thought he knew it all. He rejected the No Jurisdiction Plea, entered a No Liability Plea and made a Trial Order. The result for the Royal Commission is a case in which the Citizen can use Forgery Proof for a Forged Evidence Finding + Evidence Exclusion Order + No Admissible Evidence Findings + Case Dismissal Order for the Citizen against the State.

On 20th February 2020 the Contempt QB 2019 004208 Contempt Committal Hearing got Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof + Jurisdiction Fraud Conspiracy Proof + Bias Fraud Proof for the Citizen, Royal Commission, Lord Bishops and Crown against the State Lawyers, State Advocate, Solicitor General, Attorney General, Cabinet Officers, Prime Minister, High Court Justice and Appeal Lord Justice.  It started with Recusal Refusal Frauds by the High Court Justice and Appeal Lord Justice. The Citizen had Protest Skills but lacks the Emotional Control + Investigation Discipline + Representation Discipline needed for Remedy Management under Corruption Stress Conditions. The Case File + Audio Record are Corruption Case Management Incapacity Proof + Incapacity Exploitation Fraud Proof + Jurisdiction Fraud Conspiracy Proof + Legal Assistance Denial Fraud Proof + Court Room Exclusion Intimidation Frauds Proof + True Innocence Evidence Exclusion Fraud Proof + False Guilt Evidence Admission Fraud Proof + Undisclosed Material Denial Fraud Proof + Trial Fraud Conspiracy Fraud Proof for the Citizen, Royal Commission, Lord Bishops and Crown against the  State Lawyers, State Advocate, and Hearing Judges. It is Relevant Admissible Evidence for Corruption Findings + Remedy Decisions by the Royal Commission. It is Relevant Admissible Evidence for Remedy Condition Breach Findings for the People against the Prime Minister by the Lord Bishops and Crown.

On 19th February 2020 the Malicious Communication Conviction Fraud against Citizen Mr Hoath was a Protection Fraud for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Ms Bourne and All Corrupt Police Officers who are responsible for Drug Production + Firearms Corruption. The Sentence Hearing is listed for 27th February 2020. The result for the Royal Commission is a Corruption Proof Set that links Old Crimes committed on the death of his father almost 60 years ago with In Progress Crimes. The Father died in 1961 when Citizen Mr Hoath was 16 years old. He left school and started work. The Probate Estate Trusts Frauds committed during the first 25 years by the Law Firm Cripps Harries Hall against his Mother as Life Tenant and him as Remainder Man might never have been discovered. On the death of his Mother the Remainder Interest became an Absolute Interest. Corrupt Lawyers and Corrupt Council Officers planned Land Use Frauds against Citizen Mr Hoath with intent to get a Forced Sale. They were unlucky with the timing. Three Cousins with different names died in a period of 18 months. All Three Probate Estates had Unusual Management. Each on its own was Negligence Proof. The combination of All Three was Systematic Plunder Proof for the Probate Estate Beneficiaries against the Law Firm. Citizen Mr Hoath was the only Beneficiary who was capable of Remedy Management. The Corrupt Lawyers bought Protection Frauds from the Law Society and Bankruptcy Frauds from the Law Courts. Citizen Mr Hoath resisted the Bankruptcy Frauds very successfully for more than 10 years. The Bribes and Bribe Promises exceeded the Bankrupt Estate. The Fraud Conspirators decided to make up the shortfall with Drug Production on the Stolen Farm. The Police demanded Before Event Protection Fraud Proof from the Law Courts. On 8th June 2001 the Bankruptcy Cases 1991 191 of Citizen Mr Hoath was used for a Judgment Fraud by High Court Justice Mr Neuberger. It acknowledged the Fact Admissions and Intent Admissions that were Bankruptcy Fraud Proof and a Restraint Fraud to deny the Victim use of the Law Courts for Fraud Remedies. The Police accepted it as Before Event Protection Fraud Proof. The Top Judges insisted that their Organised Crime Manager control the business because they did not trust anyone else to pay them.  He needed Protection Frauds that would last his lifetime. He was given the Firearms Theft Protection Frauds. He has been a Fraud Victim for almost 60 years. He has known it for at least 30 years. The result for the Royal Commission is a Corruption Proof Set that enables Comprehensive C0-ordinated Remedy Management.   

On 20th February 2020 the Contempt QB 2020 004208 Committal Permission Application got Case Papers and a Hearing Audio Record that is Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof + Bias Fraud Proof for Citizen Ms Berry, the Royal Commission, Lord Bishops and Crown against State Lawyers, State Counsel Mr Eardley, the Solicitor General, Attorney General, High Court Justice Mr Nicol, Appeal Lord Justice Dingemans, the Cabinet and Prime Minster Mr Johnson. The result for the Royal Commission is a Corruption Proof Set that links the Human Organ Theft Murder of 5 Months Old Miss Sunaina Chaudhari in 2000 with In Progress Crimes. 

On 22nd February 2020 there was Letter Box Service of an Arrest Notice Fraud by the Magistrates Court against Citizen Mr Paterson who is in Chelmsford Prison. The Ministry of Justice cannot deny knowledge of it. The result for the Royal Commission is a Repeat Framing Fraud + Arrest Warrant Fraud Investigation.

The Integrity Tests got much more…..

The Integrity Tests 2nd Series continues

The result is Proof Sets that will get Corruption Findings and Remedy Denial Fraud Findings for the Victims, Citizens, Royal Commission, Lord Bishops, Crown and People against the Governing Majority, Cabinet and Prime Minister.

Best Advice: Remedy Negotiations between the Equity Lawyer and Prime Minister Mr Johnson

Sussex Police admit Satanism is “Under-Reported.”

Isn’t it any wonder Satanism is “Under-reported,” in Sussex, when Sussex Police themselves have been fooled by an alleged satanic cult leader?

John Paterson, aged 70 years old, is dying in Chelmsford Prison, awaiting trial for alleged offensives reported to Sussex Police by the same alleged satanic cult leader who fooled them, concerning Mrs Justice Pauffley’s Court Judgements dated 10 February 2015 and 19 March 2015.

“GET ME OUT BY ANY MEANS,” Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa.

John Wanoa from New Zealand is being held against his will at Middlemore hospital, (a mental health secure facility) in New Zealand, accused of issuing death threats against Jo-anne Sollis, a known internet troll, currently under investigation by Sussex Police for harassment, stalking and malicious communications.

Part of an international operation to quell an Islamic style up-rising in the UK, secret service units in London and New Zealand, have kidnapped the following high level threats to national security.

  • John Wanoa – Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa
  • Edward Ellis – Equity Lawyer
  • John Paterson – Fraud Investigator
  • Neelu Berry – State Corruption Whistleblower
  • Lee Cant – Financial whistleblower

He must be released from jail.

Mental Health Frauds

The British deep state criminal Cabal are using Mental Health Frauds to silence any and all whistleblowers, stifling any whiff of an Islamic style awakening from happening in the UK.
  • Edward Elllis remains in hiding in urgent need of kidney treatment, too scared to visit a NHS hospital in fear of being apprehended by Sussex Police and sectioned.
  • John Paterson is currently a free man, having been sectioned initially for a month, but released after 4 days, following a public campaign by members of John Wanoa’s King Flag Party.
  • Neelu Berry and Lee Chant, both remain undercover at safe houses, continuing to release information assisting Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis’s Royal Commission into Judiciary, State and Police corruption.

Making up stories.

Involved in a beastiality scandal with her husband, Sollis is renowned in the Truth Movement for being a sexual deviant who once got out her dilbo, during a video chat with multiple men.



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New Zealand Police – Free John Wanoa Now..

Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa, has been in jail for 15 days.


Watch “Guerrilla Democracy News Special Report – Putting the Record Straight about John Wanoa” on YouTube

Watch Out Fake Monarchy The Kings Surrogate John Wanoa is on British Soil 7 of 7

Watch “Andy Devines’s Update 15th July 2019” on YouTube

Please leave your message of support and do everything you can to get John out by any means.

Dear New Zealand Police;

Crime No’ P038423237

You must release John Wanoa from Middlemore mental health hospital now and end all investigations against him.

We are now aware that you have acted on the information of a certain Jo-Anne Sollis, who is a troll in the Hoaxtead Research community. Sussex police are currently conducting a criminal investigation into harassment stalking and malicious communication crime no’ 0621, in which Jo-Anne Sollis is a suspect.

You are acting on the information supplied by a criminal troll.

I am the UK Mananger of the UK Moai Tidal project and an ex RMP in the British army. I am also the editor of Guerrilla Democracy News, a blog read by 10,000 a month .

I will continue to highlight and report on this Breaking story.

As a business partner and friend of John Wanoa, you must release him now and as the editor of Guerrilla Democracy News, what is your comment that you have detained an innocent man on the strength of a criminal troll under investigation by Sussex Police, for harassment, stalking and making malicious communications?

Many thanks,
Matthew Taylor

Latest News on Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis for the attention of Dame Victoria Sharp Queen’s Bench

Edward Ellis talks with Andy Devine about his 20 Page Document dated 23rd June 2019

For the attention of Dame Victoria Sharp, the first woman President of the Queen’s Bench, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Lords and Bishops.

Read more: News from the Queen’s Bench

24 Hour Remedy Demand + Immunity Offer – Personal Liability of all Officers of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in Citizen Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

This is a 24 hour Remedy Demand as per the attached telephone call made to the CEO Marianne Griffiths, copied to the Health Minister and PM May.

1. Withdraw the Mental Health Fraud on Mr Edward William Ellis, National Health Service Patient 632 855 6020

2. Pay for Remedial Kidney Care at a private facility in London within 24 hours to remedy the wrongful Fistula placed by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in the left arm since December 2018, which connects an artery to a vein pending dialysis (within a few days) but no dialysis has been provided in 7 months under the pretence of being on a dialysis waiting list and pretence of no dialysis available.  This is an assassination attempt by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust officers in which the CEO and all Directors have personal liability.

Attempt 1. On 17th June 2019, a phone call was received from a Redbridge Mental Health Team offering their services, which were declined by Mr Ellis

Attempt 2. On 18th June 2019, at 9.45 am, an unannounced Mental Health Home Sectioning Fraud Attempt was made by a Team of 3 at the new home of Mr Edward William Ellis (1)

Attempt 3. On 19th June 2019, at 9.45 am a second failed Home attempt with a Team of 4 (2)

Attempt 4. On 19th June at 3pm, an attempt was made by a Nephrologist, Dr Lever at Queens Hospital, Romford Essex, on grounds that there was an earlier Mental Health Fraud by Nephrologist of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, namely Nephrologist Dr Adam MacDiarmaid-Gordon (3) Transcript below (4) who has failed to provide Dialysis without follow-up of the Fistula left in place for 7 months, causing the blood to bypass the lungs and kidneys, causing weight loss, infections, hayfever, heart enlargement, concealing a slow tortuous death.

Attempt 5. A Phone call was received from the Mental Health Team at  5pm on 19th June 2019 to attempt to kidnap Mr Ellis

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is hereby served with the 20 page document by Mr Ellis, on the Mass Remedy Process which he is managing on behalf of the Crown & Lord Bishops, already served on Parliament

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is hereby offered the Immunity offer to provide the remedy of Dialysis and after care to commence within 24 hours, paid for by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust at a private facility chosen by Mr Ellis in London, until he is fully recovered.  This is a Public Interest Case.

This immunity offer is valid for 24 hours after sending of this email, namely until 2pm on Thursday 27 June 2019.

Your acceptance of the offer by return email copied to Mr Ellis, copied in, will also confirm payment arrangements by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust directly with the Private Kidney Care Facility for the immediate admission within 24hrs

18 June 2019:NHS Mental Health Fraud Caught on CCTV on Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis

19 June 2019: NHS Mental Health Fraud Caught on CCTV on Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis

19 June 2019 4pm: Kidney Specialist Caught Impersonating a Psychiatrist in Kidnap Attempt of Mr Ellis

DRAFT TRANSCRIPT of (3) above is below 

2019 06 19 Transcript of Kidney Ambulatory Care Unit Mental Health Fraud in Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis 
Dr Lever: I want you to be seen by, I think you should be seen by the psychiatric services here. 
Mr Ellis: I refuse 
Dr Lever: Yes but at the moment these processes are not absolutely not going to recognise…. 
Mr Ellis: They’ve screwed up
Dr Lever: I’m not going to argue with you. I’d rather, What I am saying is, all I want to do…
Mr Ellis: I am giving Notice to Parliament
Dr Lever: I’m not interested, I am saying
Mr Ellis: I’ll finish
Dr Lever: Please, I’m saying I’m not interested, I’m not interested I am saying for you to have a mental health assessment
Mr Ellis: A decision is being made this week, I will finish the grounds this week
Ms Berry: Sorry, Hi,
Mr Ellis: Hello Do Sit down
Dr Lever: Who are you
Ms Berry: I’m with Edward
Mr Ellis: This is Neelu Berry
Dr Lever: Oh Hello! Hi
Mr Ellis: She has consent to sit
Dr Lever: Hi I’m Dr Lever I am a kidney Consultant Hi So what I am saying is, what I am saying to Edward is that he has, so I have received correspondence from his GP, and I’ve also received correspondence from DDiarMaidGordon who was one of his consultants when he was seen at the Royal Sussex County in Brighton in March 2019. Dr DiarMaid-Gordon, dr Bukhari and myself have concerns 1. About Edwards kidney failure OK Right Because Edward does have kidney failure in terms of his kidney function is less than 10% of what it should be. So Edward is at the level where we need to think about starting dialysis treatment
Ms Berry: Can you show me the tests that you’ve done
Dr Lever: So I’ve got all the tests over here. This is the creatinine level. The creatinine level today is 791
Ms Berry: And can I see that it is his blood test and not somebody else’s blood test
Dr Lever: This is his address Edward Ellis Ok Alright It’s been around that time.
Ms Berry: He’s just started a lot of activities with the swimming and walking
Mr Ellis: I just swam 36 lengths on Friday
Dr Lever: His Creatinine was 686 in March and now it’s 791. The normal level for someone like Edward would be less than 90
Ms Berry: Yeah but He is very fit for his age, he’s not a very good drinker, he’s been dehydrated because he doesn’t drink very well
Dr Lever: Right ok so this is going to be very helpful What I want to do is I would like to admit Edward to hospital today in order for us to review both the requirements and both how we logistically can start dialysis treatment
Ms Berry: What he would like is an independent second opinion
Dr Lever: So he has been seen by Dr MacDiarMaid-Gordon
Mr Ellis: Please let us cut to the chase on this
Dr Lever: mmm
Mr Ellis: I need to give priority to the next communications for the lord Bishops I will do that tonight.
Ms Berry: Right so he will come back tomorrow
Mr Ellis: What you need to know is there are many Doctors who are subject to Disclosure restraint frauds
Ms Berry: Edward I think we should just walk out of here, we don’t require your services
Dr Lever: But you do require our services
Ms Berry: We don’t
Mr Ellis: Neelu
Dr Lever: I am the clinical lead of kidney services in this Hospital
Ms Berry: But you are outside your remit with the mental health
Dr Lever: No no no no, I know I am, I know I am, absolutely, and I agree with that I agree with that I completely agree with that in terms of the
Ms Berry:  It’s that conflict that you’ve abused and we are not interested in your services
Mr Ellis: No please allow me to conduct
Dr Lever: Allow me to speak please What I am saying is what I would like to do in order to deal with this and as you are quite right I am not a mental health specialist at all And you’ve got no delusion evidence
Mr Ellis: No In which case what are you doing requiring mental services with a delusion deficit
Dr Lever: Because of the fact that you’ve been labelled as having that historically so I would like to
Mr Ellis: Yes and that has been subject to a blackmail criminal investigation
Dr Lever: All I was asking for was
Mr Ellis: No no no, you have taken crime proceeds and said that you want to use them for medical purposes. That’s what you’ve done
Dr Lever: All I’m saying that I would welcome a further assessment by somebody
Mr Ellis: You are not having, you are enforcing a mental health fraud which itself was crime proceeds, that ends.
Dr Lever: I’ve started a new assessment
Mr Ellis: That is not a new assessment
Dr Lever: It’s the first time, I haven’t met you before
Mr Ellis: What you haven’t done is asked for any of the evidence to support my position
Dr Lever: I am asking simply
Mr Ellis: No no It is how they run the frauds is they ignore the evidence of the citizen and just decide..
Dr Lever: Right I’m going to get somebody else in here No we are going

Ms Berry: Edward lets go

Mr Ellis: You cannot be trusted with the process. I have to write the next set of Communications to the lord Bishops tonight


Dr Lever: Can I have somebody else in here please

Mr Ellis: Let me have the written evidence on which you rely

Ms Berry: Edward Edward

Dr Lever: Come back and sit down again

Mr Ellis: No

Ms Berry:  Lets go

Mr Ellis: You are going down for this

Ms Berry: Edward stop it

Irish Doctor: Hi my name is Dr [Irish accent doctor 45 years old 6ft 2″]

I told you they were going to do this to you, Edward, you’re not listening to me

Please allow me to conduct

I am fed up

Irish Doctor: Please stop its just me

We don’t require your services

No I don’t care who you are

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me

You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in to

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me

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Stop You can walk with me

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me


Go back to Ireland it’s a lot safer, its a lot safer

If we could have a chat

Come this way please Edward Edward

Go back to Ireland

Irish Doctor: Stop and chat to me

Go back to Ireland

Lets get on a bus, they’re going to try and catch you


19 June 2019 5pm: NHS Assassination at Queens Hospital by Kidney Specialist on Mr Ellis

Inside Court 16 – A Guerrilla Democracy News Special Report



Fraud investigator, Royal Commission Protected Witness and an all-round Peaceful Warrior, 69 year old Sir John Paterson, was sentenced to 21 days in prison, suspended for 12 months, for being in contempt of court.

A packed public gallery heard how in April 2017, John Paterson secretly recorded a court case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, on a small voice recorder.

Even though all court cases are recorded and available to the public, and whilst in some circumstances permission can be given to record court proceedings, Mr Paterson was subjected to 2 years of state sponsored torture, threatened with jail, and fines, for recording a public event, for his own educational and personal reasons.

In-side Court 16 of the Royal Courts of InJustice

Once Lord Justice Males and Mr Justice William Davis kicked off the proceedings, (with the latter doing all the talking), Citizen John Paterson addressed the court, stating he has Crown Protection and for his witness Equity Lawyer, Edward Ellis, to explain further.

Upon being refused Mr Paterson said,It is my right to do so,” after which Edward Ellis said to the Judges, “You have no jurisdiction,” to which Mr Justice William Davis replied, “Having heard what I’ve just heard, Mr Ellis, go and sit in the public gallery.”

Judgement of Court

Having endured the stress and strain of having imprisonment, fine or both, hanging over his head for the last two years, a packed public gallery heard the Application by the Attorney General for the imprisonment of Mr Paterson for contempt of court.

With the verdict hanging in the balance, whispered chat throughout Court 16 was of a suspended sentence.

court 16

Who’s Mr.X?

Mentioned in the harassment case of Christoper D Spivey in 2015 (against the family of the murdered soldier Lee Rigby,) and now again in Mr Paterson’s contempt case, Mr.X was referred to by name; all further information is REDACTED.

It was explained by the Prosecution that at the time of the recording, it wasn’t noticed, but came to light later when audio of the REDACTED CASE was uploaded to Youtube.

Having hid the recording device in the base of a house plant, police initially missed it when they raided his property in relation to the REACTED CASE, on the 8th May 2017.

Mr Paterson voluntarily surrendered the listening device which was found to have 5 recordings of the REDACTED CASE.

With good support in the public gallery, loyal friend and supporter Neelu Berry entered court late; having had herself a busy night, sparing with the forces of Satan knocking at her door at a quarter to eleven, protecting ‘Cure for Cancer’ whistle-blower, Lynda Thyer.


State Sponsored Assassination Attempt

Looking relaxed, at peace and calm, Mr Paterson lent back against the Queen’s bench, as the Prosecution and Judges waffled on for 15 minutes, talking legalese between themselves.

Slowly and surely a consensus was agreed;

  1. No one was aware of the recording
  2. Mr Paterson had offered it for transcribing, all offers were declined
  3. The recording was made for his own personal use

Citing more evidence against him, via his emails, proving his contempt, the Judge asked in no uncertain terms, “What excuse do you have for recording a public event?”

“I had to because I’m exposing the corrupt judiciary. I do not accept it’s a contempt of court,” Mr Paterson answered.

Going further, Mr Paterson said “The PM and Attorney General have provided protection frauds for organised crime.”

No witnesses from the Prosecution

Standing before the Judges alone and without any legal representation, the Prosecution called no witnesses, while Mr Paterson was allowed to cross examine DC Grimwood.

Mr Grimwood takes the stand

With the Prosecution asking DC Grimwood to open a number of bundles of paper, and to confirm that the Statement of 19 June 2017, was a true and accurate account of the events, and whether another statement on 24 May 2019, was also his own, the Prosecution wrapped it up and it was Mr Paterson’s turn to cross examine him.

Mr Paterson started by asking him to confirm whether he had received information about serious crimes of State and Judiciary?

Looking for guidance from Mr Justice William Davis to continue, DC Grimwood confirmed that he had.

Pressed by the Judge as to whether there were anymore questions, Mr Paterson asked why he hadn’t done anything about the serious crimes he had already reported?

“I’m guilty of trying to save my country.”

  • Mr Justice William Davis – “Do you accept that you did record the proceedings?”
  • Sir John Paterson – “Yes I did, I had to do it.”
  • Mr Justice William Davis – “Do you accept its contempt of court?”
  • Sir John Paterson – “No. I’ve had to do it, to bring the fraud to the attention of the public.”

Confirming to the court that Mr Paterson had reported serious crimes of government and judiciary to himself, and confirming that he is in possession of all the evidence Mr Paterson possessed, DC Grimwood was allowed to leave the witness stand.

    • 10.37am The Fantastic Four arrive, and pile into the public gallery


  • Frank McElheron, David Ellis, Bryn Real and Tony Livingstone.


The Judges rose to reassess the situation at 10.50am

Mr Justice William Davis offers Mr Paterson a choice of taking the witness stand or to remain seated. Either to give evidence or make submissions.

(It’s all legalese to me.)

As the mis-trial continued unabated, Mr Paterson was denied legal representation, and was left with no alternative but to defend himself against the Attorney General, (who was costing the taxpayer £19K a day)

A Mistrial and an Injustice of Justice

Mr Paterson read out the introduction of a prepared statement by Edward Ellis, declaring he wanted the Equity Lawyer to explain further, but is unable to.

This conduct does amount to contempt of court,” sneered the Prosecution.

With gasps from the public gallery, the Judges concluded that Mr Paterson has been proved to be in contempt, and that the respondent knew he wasn’t allowed to record but went ahead and did so anyway.

The Judge summed up in disjointed language, “Your defense of corruption has nothing to point.”

The Judges have now moved onto working out how long to sentence him.

“This is a set up, poor guy,” said a member from the public gallery.

The facts established are as follows:

  • He voluntarily submitted the listening device to police
  • He hasn’t undertaken any recording since
  • He’s never published anything online about the REDACTED proceedings

“Here’s hoping for a suspended sentence,” said one member in the public gallery to the other, “the Judges appear to be considerate that John has been a good boy.”

Mr Paterson’s previous Common Law lawyer and friend, Patrick Cullinane is mentioned. Mr Paterson’s voiced his fear that what happened to Patrick will happen to him.

“I don’t think he’s going down, but will be given a suspended sentence. I really hope so,” said one reporter to the other.

Whispering between themselves like sly bullies at school, conspiring to cause harm, loss and injury to the unfortunate souls they’ve chosen to pick on, both Lord Justice Males and Mr Justice William Davis moved onto discussing case studies, to determine how much time they can legally sentence him to.

Citing Mr Scarf, a 78-year-old pensioner, who received 28 days suspended for 2 years, for continually committing contempt of court, and Mr Cullinane, (Mr Paterson’s Common Law Lawyer) for his alleged crimes of contempt, both Judges were scratching around the bottom of the barrel, to find the case law allowing them to enforce a custodial sentence.

With nothing against Mr Paterson’s character and good standing, the Prosecution reverted to type and raised Mr Paterson’s previous offence of obstructing a police officer.

With a visible softening of the Judges, the packed gallery prayed for a suspended sentence, and muttering threats of revolution if it wasn’t given.

It was acknowledged by the Prosecution of the real concern of living in a world where it’s hard to enforce this law, with the technology of listening devices, getting smaller and smaller.

“This is a matter of importance for the public issue,” declared Mr Justice William Davis, climbing upon his moral high-ground, built upon the crimes of generations of his predecessors, “Now Mr Paterson, we have to decide what to do with you.”

Invited to give his response to the litany of lies, twisted-truths and allegations, leveled against his good character for the last 10 minutes, Mr Paterson was quick to explain what happened when the police assaulted him at Seaford.

To paraphrase;

“I was standing with my friend waiting to collect my car after it’s MOT. A police officer comes up to me and says he wants to search me because I’m being suspicious. He pushed me and assaulted my friend.”

During a passionate defense of himself on the day in question, Mr Paterson came coming across as a mild mannered gentlemen, unfairly treated by the state, convinced he is fighting a corrupt government and judiciary.

“That’s when my story began.”

One reporter was heard saying to another, “John is giving an impassioned speech before the judge.”

Talking about REDACTED CASE.

Now Mr Paterson is giving it to the Judges with both barrels, talking about Patrick Cullinane, “In a court of law there is no justice, because even if you are innocent you are found guilty.”

With mentions of Gordon Bowden and Brian Setchfield, referencing the criminal frauds of the Finchley Road Boiler Room, and the police crimes of Bohemia Police station in Hastings; Mr Justice William Davis was keen to rein Mr Paterson in.

“I do understand you have these concerns,” he said interrupting Mr Paterson’s tirade, to which Paterson replied in astonishment, “Concerns.”

Mutterings from the Public Gallery growing louder and louder.

“Is there anything you want to add, that makes what you did less serious,” asks Mr Justice William Davies.

“Well I would have loved to bring in more witnesses, but the last time I tried to bring in a witness, they stopped me.”

“I’ll glad I’m here to explain myself to the public,” declares Mr Paterson, before stating for the purposes of the Court’s tape


  • “David Joe Neilson is too scared to return to his home, because he fears he’ll be killed by Sussex police.”


  • “Institutions have been infiltrated by organised crime.”



To which Mr Lord Justice William Davies, replied in defiance, “That’s for another day,” before standing up and declaring a recess.

John Paterson is Smashing It

Back in Court 16 at 11.25, Mr Justice William Davies declared with puffed chest and venom on his voice, “we are here to sentence John Paterson for contempt of court.”

“It’s been proved.”

The Attorney General gave these aggravating and mitigating features;

  • Previously recorded at another case
  • Length of the recordings, over several hours
  • Not significant but a recording of a sensitive case
  • The nature of the proceedings that the recordings dealt with, could have aggregated matters
  • The response to previous convictions of obstructing a police officer
  • Mr Paterson has cooperated with the police operation fully
  • He promised not to do it again, and he hasn’t for the last 2 years, honouring his statement
  • Used the recording for his own personal needs, and hasn’t disseminated it further
  • Mr Paterson is 67, (corrected to 69 by Mr Paterson)
  • Mr Paterson is of good character
  • Length of time the case has taken to come to court
  • Mr Cullinane and Mr Scarf were given as case studies; on both occasions, the sentence was found to be excessive on appeal

Mr Justice William Davies reiterates, “Recording without permission is a serious matter, and the law must be fully complied with.” and then adds, “In appropriate circumstances, the proceedings can be allowed to be recorded. What is not permissible is allowing the public to take action into their own hands.”

This is a sentence which is the basis of why Mr Paterson finds himself facing imprisonment.

Let’s put it into perspective; Over 2 years earlier, Mr Paterson recorded the audio of a case, which was being recorded anyway, and made available to the public, and that in ‘appropriate circumstances’ the proceedings can be allowed to be recorded.

The Judge made it perfectly clear why Mr Paterson is in the dock.

What is not permissible is allowing the public take actions In their hands.”

“The Sentence is to imprison you for 21 days, suspended for 12 months. Do you understand Mr Paterson. Keep out of trouble for 12 months and that will be the end of it.”

Paterson immediately asked permission to appeal, to which was instantly refused.

“It’s the discretion of the court,” screamed the Judge over the hissing from the public gallery.

Prolonging the agony, the Attorney General caught the Judges attention to hight-light two auxiliary matters.

“Forfeiture of the recording device and destruction of it.”

“I don’t think its lawful to destroy evidence in relation to my case,” replied Mr Paterson in response to the application of the destruction of recording device.

“Charlotte Wright from the BBC should be held in contempt too,” said Mr Paterson, complaining that she also recorded the same court case, but was allowed to do so, because she was from the BBC.

After a few moments of hushed whisper, the Judge’s decree that the micro SD card will be destroyed, but not the actual recording device.

“If you destroy that, you are destroying evidence,” decried Mr Paterson, to which the Judge reiterated, “I order the SD card destroyed.”

“Ordered SD card destroyed.” – ‘Too sensitive in nature to be released to the public.’

While the Judge’s crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, Mr Paterson spent the free time, (and for the purposes of the tape) to again speak about the 788-790 Finchley Road boiler room fraud.

  • Costs claimed at £19,944.89

Wrapping up 11.45 am.

As the proceedings wrapped up and the public gallery emptied, the Fantastic Four (Frank, David, Bryn and Tony) flew the International Tribes flag for the first time in a British Court of law.

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The Equity Monarch Trust Corruption Remedy

We are at the mass publicity stage and I’m trying to get people like Ian Crane, Brian Gerrish, Richard D Hall, etc.

I’ve just managed to get Chris Everard to interview Edward.

I know you have contacts who have followers do you know any of these or others who interview and have a big following? if so can you kindly ask them to interview Edward please, you can provide this information to them.

Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis invites Mass Publicity Interviews on mainstream media globally.

He has gone Public about the UK Corruption and Mass Remedies and the Imminent Forced General Election.​