Chief Constable Giles York Steps Down in Shame

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Conker crazy Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York, has announced he is standing down as the UK’s most senior policeman, amid rumours of an impending scandal set to hit the already scandal battered police force.

Having presided over a police force with the lowest moral in it’s history, Giles York is cruelly being compared to the chief rat, fleeing a sinking ship.

Having been criticized for his lack of leadership by retired police officers and the mainstream media, Giles York was appointed Chief Constable in 2014, taking over from his predecessor, Martin Richards.

Chief Constable Giles York has not shown leadership.

Retired Sussex police Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore, has slammed Sussex police Chief Constable Giles York, by calling his leadership into question.

“Sussex Police lacks direction.”

“They don’t have their priorities straight.”

He singled York out for criticism, saying “he had not shown leadership.”

Under fire after a series of gaffs, Chief Constable York is cracking under the pressure, evident by his refusal to face the public.


R.I.P Shana Grice

With blood on his hands, following the murder of 19 year old Shana Grice, who appealed for help from Sussex Police, only to be given a penalty notice for wasting police time; Giles York has been widely ridiculed for hiding from serious questions, while embracing positive publicity with enthusiasm and zeal.


Following a spate of sex scandals during his time in charge, dozens of police officers have been exposed as sexual deviants, including paedophiles, rapists, prostitutes and perverts.

Leaving the force open to blackmail and extortion from organized crime, members of the public, are rightly saying that he should have been sacked along-time ago, rather than be allowed to retired early and receive his attractive police pension.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, York has been accused of preciding over a false flag event at the 2015 Shoreham Airport Crash –

To hiding an alien satanic sex cult within his ranks.

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Famously quoted as saying he hasn’t got a problem with the public knowing how much he gets paid, but adverse to what he spends his wage on, Giles York explains his decision to stand down was “not an easy one.”

He said, “My decision to leave the service has not been an easy one and follows much soul searching with my family – there are so many compelling reasons to stay.

However, anyone in policing will know that the impact of this job on you and your family cannot be underestimated.”

As to how the job has impacted on his family remaining a mystery, Giles York started his police service in Maidstone with Kent Police in 1990 and was promoted through a number of operational areas, leaving as head of Special Branch in 2004.

Said to be “extremely ambitious,” by his predecessor Martin Richards, York first became an assistant chief constable with South Wales Police in 2005, where he was the lead for local policing, operational policing and crime, while also leading the Welsh Counter Terrorism and Serious and Organised Crime teams, Tarian.

Self-praising, York said, “It has been an absolute privilege to have been a police officer for more than 30 years, to have worked with so many fantastic, hard-working, loyal and selfless people – and an honour to have protected and served the public.

I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed a career that has been as rewarding as it has been challenging – from beat officer to the most senior detective in charge of policing the ports in Kent, to the operational world of counter-terrorism and serious organised crime in South Wales.

As a chief officer for the past 11 years, I have led Sussex Police through what has been one of the most extraordinary and difficult periods in policing history.

During that time, I am proud to have cultivated an increasingly diverse organisation that begins to reflect the communities we serve.”

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Criticized for his force’s treatment of vulnerable victims of crime, York has come under sustained pressure by ex Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor, as to how his force was fooled by an alleged satanic cult leader.


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