Political commentator and Royal Commission Witness, John Paterson from Sussex, has called for a General Strike in the UK over the Christmas period, to bring attention to the insidious and satanic corruption at the heart of the British Establishment.

Having served papers on the Prime Minister, Shadow Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and other persons of notable positions of power; Paterson confirms they are all now fully aware of the extent of the corruption within the British Establishment.
Whether those who are guilty are prepared to wave their white flag and surrender, or fight on while trapped in the corner, Paterson is adamant, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

National Emergency: Citizen John Paterson wishes to PREVENT MULTIPLE ASSASSINATIONS

A victim of the online and real world harassment and stalking from the satanic Hoaxtead Research community, John Paterson has issued the ultimatum that if the administrators of the Hoaxtead Research community are not arrested for their crimes, then the General Strike will be called off.


Among many others, the main contributors of Hoaxtead Research include, Karen Irving and Mr D, Flo Destroyer, Hoax Police, Sheva Burton, Sam Best, Butlin Dawg,  Snake Logan, aka KI,George Dufort, Stephen Keynes, The Guitar, The Judas Iscariot Fan Club and MKD.

Other sock puppet account names include; Smut Clyde, Steved, Anowlcalledsage, Satanicviews, Wilfred Hyde, ChrisP.Bacon, Scarlet Scoop and Grobnob the Troll.
John Paterson warns, “We have their IP addresses, just waiting for the right time.TICK! TOCK!”

Sick useless ba$tard$

Stating his obligation to his God, country and conscience, John Paterson believes that having been made aware of the massive corruption within the British Establishment, which has effectively stolen the Pension Pots of all Public Sector organizations, he is obliged to do all he can to expose the criminals, hiding behind the facade of the great and good in society.

Paterson is quoted to have said,

“As you are aware, I do not make idle threats that cannot be carried out. This afternoon we are making a video naming names that will undoubtedly bring this whole disgusting saga with the BBC, Mr D, Karen Irving, WPC Katy Latham, DC Martin and many others to THE ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE.This Video will be made and held for 48 hours. IF DC Andy Grimwood contacts me within 48 hours, I promise 100 percent it will be held back until many people I have so far named are arrested and taken in for questioning.


John Paterson, a London-based political commentator, believes lobbyists have a high influence on many top officials in the country. “Very senior politicians in the government are controlled because of money they are taking,” he told Press TV’s UK Desk on Sunday. Paterson also made reference to cases of official scandals and noted that lobbyists use their clout over politicians through money and information they gain on them.

Interpretation of John Wanoa’s Tarot Reading

What’s at Hand? – Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles showed us that John Wanoa was working full steam ahead and already a success, when he was ‘lifted’ from a New Zealand library and taken to a mental health hospital, where he’s being imprisoned and drugged since 2 July 2019.

John Wanoa was acknowledged as a threat and superior claimant over the Queen’s Bench, when he was denied entry into the UK on 25 March 2019.

Having secured a business partnership with John Paterson from the UK, (who himself was ‘lifted’ in an identical mental health fraud operation, carried out on the other side of the world from John Wanoa, at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, at exactly the same time;) the tarot cards confirmed that John Wanoa was working full steam ahead, successful in business and about to launch the Moai Tidal Energy project, projected to generate a new Hydrogen based economy, leading to a £970 million trillion trillion injection into the global financial Commonwealth of countries and the rest of the world.

‘We see here the successful artisan spending time at his bench, hammering out the commissions he has attracted because of his skill.’

The quote from The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck uses the term ‘bench’ and ‘hammering out the commissions,’ ‘attracted because of his skill.’

These specific use of words are directly linked with the subject matter (namely John Wanoa), because all questions are asked in the context of the subject matter; in which the tarot cards work their mystic magic, and answer in the context of the subject matter.

Thus, when the word ‘Bench’ is used, it’s referring to the ‘King’s Bench.’ 

‘Hammering out commissions’; John was in the process of hammering out commissions when he was ‘lifted’. 

‘Attracted because of his skill,’ because the only reason his has a billion supporters worldwide, is for no other reason than his ‘skill’, charisma, humour, passion and intelligence.

‘The personal identity of the creator becomes consumed by the works themselves’

If there was any valid criticism of John Wanoa at this point; it would be that he was a Workaholic. This was obvious by his high blood pressure and heart rate. The tarot cards confirmed that he should have delegated his work, spread the burden and let others supervise what he didn’t need to.

The cards summed it up perfectly, in the words they used;

“This artisan seldom gets to have a home life, time off, much time for friends. The solution lies in balancing creative energy with a personal life.”

Thus; the Eight of Coins told us what’s at hand with John Wanoa, and the answer came back that he was working full steam ahead and successfully launching his Moai Tidal energy project, when he was ‘lifted’ and his plans sabotaged by the dark forces, which even Queen Elizabeth II has admitted exist. 

Past Influences – Six of Cups

‘Look at your past as a repository of wisdom to be applied judiciously in the present.’

The next card – the Six of Cups, revealed the past influences, or in other words, what lead John Wanoa to be ‘lifted’ from a public library in New Zealand, to be taken to a mental health hospital through the back door, without registration, held against his will ever since, all the time injected with pharmaceutical drugs, which he doesn’t consent on receiving into his blood-stream.

The tarot cards pulled no punches and came out with it loud and clear. John’s ‘openness and innocence’ led him to where he is now. – Though as the cards go onto reveal, it couldn’t have happened any other way because it’s John’s ‘willingness to learn’ and his ‘optimism that things will get better as we advance together in understanding,’ that has ultimately led him to success.

The words ‘The traditional title,’ refer directly to John Wanoa because of the traditional titles of Moai, which John has used to dethrone the UK based Windsor Queen.

‘The Past, reminds us of our original nature, when we were young and enthusiastic, when anything was possible and the future was an open book. We are to remember that this same freshness, those new possibilities, are always available to us, even now.’

The sentence above sums up perfectly the spirit why John has a billion supporters worldwide. John Wanoa is reminding us of our original nature, when the Commonwealth Kingdom was first created, during the times of the early 18th century, and the involvement of King William IV, (Queen Victoria’s predecessor.)

Back then when King William IV was sending his Admiralty ships out across to the other side of the world; it was a time when anything was possible and the future was an open book.

That very same spirit is alive and kicking in the King’s Bench, and the driving force which maintains the support for John Wanoa.

John’s Moai Tidal energy projects provides the same freshness that the tarot cards refer to. They remind us that ‘new possibilities, are always available to us, even now,’ just as John Wanoa and Andy Devine do too.

John Wanoa’s ‘openness and innocence’, led him to accept Brett Shields invitation to the Middlemore mental hospital and it was due to his ‘openness and innocence’ that he consented to take their drugs. 

But the tarot cards tell us too; it is the very same ‘openness and innocence’ that has led to the new possibilities and future which only the King’s Bench of Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa offers.

To paraphrase the tarot cards; 

‘The future is an open book and new possibilities, are always available to us, even now.’

Ponder this – Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups told us in no certain terms to chill and relax. Look to the future and not the past.

The cards speak for themselves.

‘Allow yourself to daydream, for dreams give you creative ideas and solutions and produce wonderful results.’

‘The Seven of Cups typically refers to works of the imagination, the use of dream and vision to invent a future different than the life one is currently living.’

John Wanoa’s dream and vision of his King’s Bench and his Moai Tidal energy project, lays at the very centre of inventing ‘a future different that the life one is currently living.’

John Wanoa boasts a worldwide support base of one billion, because he is offering ‘a future different that the life one is currently living.’

‘This card reminds us that our outcomes are not set in stone.’

Nothing is set in stone and the present future of continual war, poverty and child-abuse, is not set in stone.

Both John Wanoa and advice from the After-life, tell us clearly that we can create the future that we want. They we, the People, want to lead and prosper in.

‘We can raise our hopes and expectations and upgrade our results. Do not be fooled by the title Fantasy which this card is sometimes given — this card indicates the truly magical quality of awakened imagination.’

John Wanoa raises our hopes and expectations, and this is the reason why he was ‘lifted’ on the 2 July 2019; the same same day his business partner, John Paterson was ‘lifted’ in London.

This is a concerted world-wide operation by the Dark Forces, (which even the Queen warns off), to scupper the King’s Bench and the Moai Tidal energy project, and as a result, scuppering a wonderful future, full of endless possibilities.

‘We can raise our hopes and expectations and upgrade our results.’

‘Do not be fooled by the title Fantasy.’

Here we see the tarot refer directly to the ‘Strawman’ concept, which lays at the foundation of the ‘Freeman/Common-man Movement.’

The title Fantasy is our Birth Certificate – our Strawman. This is why Andy Devine, refers to himself as :Andrew :Devine. He isn’t fooled by the title Fantasy bestowed upon us at birth.

Let us never forget-

‘We can raise our hopes and expectations and upgrade our results.’

The tarot cards refer directly to the ‘Truth Movement,’ the ‘Awakened’ as we often life to call ourselves.

‘The truly magical quality of awakened imagination.’

When you see the world through the eyes of the ‘Awake,’ a truly magical quality of awakened imagination springs forth and opens a world of endless possibilities at your fingertips.

The Tarot Cards are Spot On – Introducing Pamela Colman Smith…

It was at this point in the tarot reading that Pamela Colman Smith made an appearance.

While Pamela Colman Smith died penniless and obscure on September 18, 1951, she is remembered as the artistic creator of the seventy-eight tarot paintings found on the Rider-Waite Tarot pack.

The appearance of Pamela Smith was a message from the after-life that Pamela Smith will guide me throughout all the future tarot readings I plan to make.

Make no mistake, using the tarot cards is dabbling with Black magic. Anyone who uses tarot cards are tapping into the wisdom, advice and knowledge of the After-life.

I cannot thank Pamela Smith enough to help me, and a big shout out to all my Guardian Angels who watch over me while I do these tarot readings, and who watch over me, during every moment of my life.

What to do! – The Chariot

The fourth card was The Chariot, the first card from ‘The Greater Arcana’ to make an appearance….

‘Look upon the movements of change as full of promise and adventure.’

In the context of the subject matter of the tarot reading, the Charioteer in this instance is none other than John Wanoa himself. The Chariot is the King’s Bench and John Wanoa is at the reins.

We are all waiting for John’s freedom from the Middlemore Mental Health hospital in Auckland, New Zealand; this is reflected in the tarot cards, with the “The Chariot Tarot card points to a triumphal feeling of freedom, as if the Charioteer is being paraded through the streets as a hero (or heroine).”

‘The card reflects congratulations for high achievement, and serves as a sign of empowerment.’

Everyone who supports John Wanoa, congratulates him for his high achievement and acknowledges the International Tribe’s flag and the Eight point star as a ‘sign of empowerment.’

Reading tarot cards is all about interpreting what the tarot cards are indicating.

‘Huge wheels and frisky steeds speed the rate at which the driver’s will power can be realized.’

The line above can easily be interpreted as the Moai Tidal energy turbines which John Wanoa plan’s the teether on the sea bed across the world.

The Moai Tidal energy turbines are the equivalent of huge wheels turning on the sea bed, generating ‘horsepower,’ yet fully realized.

Frisky steeds,’ refers to the ‘horsepower’ speed rate at which the driver’s will power can be realised.

John Wanoa’ will power was being fully realised, which was why the Dark Forces which control the world’s status quo, had no choice but the ‘lift’ John Wanoa when they did.

The tarot cards have confirmed that John Wanoa was working full steam ahead and was successfully launching the Moai Tidal energy project, which would then launch the £970 million trillion trillion global Hydrogen economy.

‘This kind of charge makes more of the world accessible to one ambitious enough to seize The Chariot’s reins.’ 

Another shout out to John Wanoa and what he was achieved thus far. John Wanoa is the one man on planet Earth to be ambitious enough the seize The Chariot reins of the Queen Victoria trust Fund, and in doing so, has made more of the world accessible for the people of the world, which John Wanoa represents.

‘But there is danger in this feeling of freedom, because of the increased rate of change and its power to magnify mistakes in judgment.’ 

And don’t we know what danger can lead to. The rate of change which John Wanoa is bringing forth has scared people. It has scared people to make mistakes in their judgement. 

This has been proved recently with so many other intelligent people, publicly slamming John Wanoa and his vision for a better world, as a scam.

This is the danger the tarot cards warned us about. And it happened. Many errors of judgement have been made by all parties; and this has only happened because of the increased rate of change happening in the world today.

“As a seasoned warrior, the Charioteer is called upon to be extra attentive to the way ahead.”

We must all the attentive of the way ahead and in this instance, the ‘seasoned warrior’ is none other than John Wanoa’s business partner, John Paterson.

John Wanoa’s Chariot in the guise of the King’s Bench and the Moai Tidal energy project, has more than one driver holding it’s reins.

As the tarot reveals, John Paterson, aka The Peaceful Warrior, has been called upon as the Charioteer to hold the reins, while John Wanoa is detained unlawfully at the Middlemore Mental Health hospital in New Zealand.

The Chariot card is telling us to take the reins of our own lives and steer the Chariot to the future of our own making and not theirs (The New World Orders.)

This again is reflected with what John Wanoa’s daughter Tracey said, earlier in the day.

“Stand in your power. Stop moaning. Band together and vote the doctor out. Stand in your power. Go big or go home.”

This is what the Chariot card is telling us. We are the drivers of our own destinies. All the while we stand watching from the sidelines, all the while our futures are being decided by the Dark Forces which eternally keep us in servitude, poverty and fear.

We must look forward with ‘promise and adventure,’ aware of the dangers which such a fast rate of change brings. There will be errors in judgment and we must all be extra attentive’ of the coming days, weeks, months and years.

To Recap….

  • What’s at hand? Eight of Pentacles
  • John Wanoa was succeeding and they (Dark Forces) had no choice but to intervene and sabotage his plans.
  • Past influences? – Six of Cups
  • John’s openness and innocence led him into his trap; but alas, it couldn’t have happened any other way, because his ‘openness and innocence,’ has been what has attracted a billion supporters across the world to him today.
  • Ponder this! – Seven of Cups
  • Forget about the past, its time to look to the future and imagaination the world without war, poverty and child abuse.
  • What to do… – The Chariot
  • Think big. Grab hold of the reins of our own chariot. Pay attention for the danger of making errors in judgement and above all else, we must realise the power we all hold within our hands.

The 5th Card… Nine of Swords

Having answered everything I wanted to know about John Wanoa and where he stands right now; Pamela Colman Smith encouraged me to reveal the fifth tarot card.

The fifth card can represent anything you want it to be. The 5th card can only be used, once you’ve learnt all you can from the first four.

It was with this in mind, that I linked the 5th card to John’s enemies and detractors.

I had learnt all I wanted about John Wanoa, and now I wanted to know more about those who have worked relentlessly to destroy John Wanoa and scupper his Moai Tidal energy project by calling it a scam.

Nine of Swords

‘Honestly admit to yourself that you have sacrificed time and energy on a situation that simply does not work.’

This is a question for the likes of Simon Bean, Gary Clarke, Nathan Kirkden, Jo-anne Sollis and many many more… ‘Honestly admit to yourself that you have sacrificed time and energy on a situation that simply does not work.’

What have the trolls ultimately achieved, if nothing more than their own demise?

‘The Nine of Swords has a special resonance with the Middle Ages, because it figures the plight of a woman who is alone in the world.’

The Nine of Swords, with its ‘special resonance with the Middle Ages,’ is a direct reference to Queen Elizabeth II, in the context of the subject matter, namely John Wanoa.

The Windsor Royal family pride themselves on tradition and of-course, their perceived ‘Right to Rule,’ is derived from their ancestors from the Middle Ages.

‘We generally see her sitting up in bed weeping, grieving and in fear of abandonment because of her vulnerability, wondering what will happen to her now that her protector (father, brother, husband, or son) is gone.’

The Nine of Swords tarot card is telling us that Queen Elizabeth II is ‘sitting up in bed, weeping, grieving and in fear of abandonment.’

John Wanoa, together with his King’s Bench and his ‘Right to Rule,’ trumps her ‘Right to Rule,’ and as a consequence, Queen Elizabeth II is now sitting up late at night, unable to sleep because she fears her armies will abandon her, now that her ‘Protector’ has gone.

‘Her Protector (father, brother, husband, or son)’ is the army, of which she now knows, have abandoned her. They are ‘gone.’

‘The swords above her head may indicate that the loss has come through some cruel conflict, the outcome of which has left her behind as chattel, the spoils of war.’

Isn’t it ironic that the Windsor royal family in all its guises throughout the centuries, should end up as a ‘chattel,’ having built their power base and fortune on the ‘Spoils of War.’

Live by the sword and die by the sword. Reap the spoils of war, and you end your life as a spoil of war.

‘Really what we are looking at is the price of pride, which creates losers as a side effect of glorifying winners.’ 

You can only imagine the size of the Queen’s ego. She’s the most lavishly adored and glorified person alive on the Earth today and the Nine of Swords tarot cards strikes right at the heart of that, by telling us to look at ‘the price of pride, which creates losers as a side effect of glorifying winners.’

The loser in this case being John Wanoa. 

‘The woman in the picture represents the concerns of the heart, the damage to the soul and to vulnerable ones, when the ego-mind becomes so invested in control and domination that it does not count the human costs.’

The woman in the picture is Queen Elizabeth II, who on her Coronation acknowledged that all she could offer her people, was her ‘heart.’

Queen Elizabeth II and her successive governments have invested so much in their control and domination of the world, that they have discarded the human costs, as acceptable collateral damage.

‘A sensitive, subtle, heartfelt approach to nature (the “feminine”) is trampled and thrown aside in service to a “winner takes all” mentality.’

:Andrew :Devine talks about his ‘feminine’ side; often reminding us that his surname Devine, is the ‘feminine’ of Divine.

The world’s ‘feminine’ has been trampled and thrown aside in service to a “winner takes all” mentality. Or in other words, the Capitalists have made trillions of £££’ and $$$’s by raping the feminine’ of the world, by exploiting the world’s resources to its maximum and beyond.

The Winner Takes it All…… 

John Wanoa has won and is set to take it all. Queen Elizabeth II has been consigned to a prison cell, with Nine Swords hanging over her head.



Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa, remains detained against his will at the Middlemore Mental Health hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

Following on from the police assassination attempts against Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis, and Moai Tidal project energy business partners John Paterson, Neelu Berry and Lee Cant; secret service security units across the world are on high alert, tasked with suppressing an Islamic style awakening happening on the streets of Great Britain.
Denied entry into England on the 25 March 2019 and detained for 14 hours at Heathrow airport, 70 year old John Wanoa was deemed a ‘threat to Queen Elizabeth II,’ and sent back to New Zealand, via Hong Kong.
As a result of having his plans sabotaged by malicious complaints from the satanic Hoaxtead Research community, John Wanoa found himself sleeping in his car, while sending the money saved to his wife and family in the Philippines.
Through a number of Live feeds via Facebook and Youtube, genius John Wanoa was able to keep in touch with his billion followers across the world; keeping them abreast of his plans to set up the King’s Bench Law Courts, and the launch of his world changing Moai Tidal energy project, which is set to install water turbines on the sea-bed across the world, generating a carbon zero Hydrogen based economy, and releasing £970 million trillion trillion into circulation across the globe.
Accused by the satanic Hoaxtead Research community of orchestrating a £50 billion pound financial fraud with his Moai Tidal Energy company, John Wanoa’s pension and bank accounts were closed, pending an investigation.
Cooking his favourite delicacy of fish-head soup, to a global audience tripping over his every word, it was on the 02 July 2019, when John Wanoa was live feeding on his mobile from the library, when two plain clothed policemen (one calling himself Brett Shields,) approached him offering a trip to the local hospital to have his blood pressure checked; promising to bring him back to his car later.
Instead of going through the front door of the hospital, he was taken through the back door, without registration, to a mental health ward, and has been held there against his will ever since.

“I’m witnessing an assassination attempt.”

In a passionate Live Feed via his Youtube, :Andrew :Devine speaks to New Zealand police updating them that they’re now injecting John Wanoa with a monthly dose of a schizophrenic drug.
Introducing himself as a partner in business, :Andrew :Devine explained how they were ready to steam full speed ahead, create the Moai Powerhouse Tidal generators that will go around the world, creating the hydrogen economy which will make this world a beautiful place again.

“Everything is in place.”

His business partner in the UK John Patterson was sectioned on the same day, under the mental health fraud. It was a joint assassination attempt on them both.

John Paterson has been released and is now hiding in a safe house.

“It was the police assassination attempt on John Patterson and it was a police assassination attempt on John Wanoa. The policeman in New Zealand which was Brett Shields doesn’t even exist.”
Using all his strength to stay calm and making an impassioned plea to the police officer, :Andrew :Devine complained that nothing had been done, having called them 3 days earlier.
“You were told this three days ago and nothing has been done, I think this is not the duty of care that I expect from police. You’re completely complicit in this, you are all being watched around the whole world. The whole world is watching this.”
John Wano is being held against his will in the Middlemore Hospital 35 East Ward at 35 East. His daughter Tracy, has been pushed out on a trespass notice, because a doctor came in and forced himself in between her and John, whilst they were eating fish and chips for lunch.

“They are injecting him with a schizophrenic drug.”

:Andrew :Devine explains, “I repeat the only reason why he went to that hospital was to get his blood pressure checked, but he was never taken to the hospital, he was taken in the back door of the hospital. He was taken against his will and he was taken through without any record of going in, by a policeman that does not even exist. The doctors forced a medical examination on him for being mental, because they were given information from a policeman that doesn’t exist. There is no evidence of anything that what was stated, so there’s no evidence, there’s no case.”

This is a complete assassination attempt just like there was with John Patterson in England at the same day on the same 02 July.

“John Patterson was released, John Wanoa doesn’t have the same help as we do over there.”
Pleading for John’s life, his friend begs, “Please understand my position. My friend is being killed right in front of my eyes and I’m watching you. Please do everything to help him. Please understand my position.”
“They took him straight in through the back door of the hospital where there is no registration of him going in there to disappear him. This is a disappearance; exactly the same as what they did to John Paterson in the UK.
Five Sussex police officers arrested John Paterson outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, which is completely out of their jurisdiction
Pleading for Wanoa’a life, :Andrew :Devine says, “They’re gonna dumb him, they’re gonna screw him up, they’re gonna screw his mind, they’re gonna kill him, they’re gonna kill his mind or kill his body, one or the other. They’re going to disappear him, they’re making him null and void.”
“He is a whistleblower. The fraud that he exposed is massive. The only way they can stop him is by killing him or getting him under a mental health fraud, so that they can discredit what he’s saying. This is an outright assassination attempt on his credibility, of his brain, of his whole body and destroying him for what he’s doing.”
“John Patterson is John Wanoa’s business partner. They’ve got contracts ready to sign and deals which create tens of thousands of jobs. Billions of pounds of business is being stopped right now. They’re stopping him from signing these deals. We’re so close to doing it now, and obviously too close, because that’s why they’ve now sectioned them both off to disappear them.”
“You’re a constable sworn on your oath to care after the public. You should have a police car down there on the way down there right now and move him from that building. They are injecting them and forcing drugs down him without his consent. They are not giving him an option and they have sectioned him with no evidence. There is zero evidence and a policeman that took him down there doesn’t even exist for God’s sakesI Why are you not down there already, why were you not down there three days ago when I told you this?”


Let’s make some noise….




John Wanoa
Surrogate King William IV Monarch – John Wanoa

Moai Tidal Energy Gold SharesJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayMoai Power House the UK Moai King William IV Party todayi stand proud with john wanoaa_15607794906396728556573368540146.pngVID_20190617_142114.gifVID_20190622_233632.gifWhatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieveVID_20190617_082158.gifVID_20190617_082825.gif

John Paterson is Free…..





Watch “Sussex Police Kidnap Citizen John Paterson from RCJ to stop Appeal against Attorney General” on YouTube

Inside Court 16 – A Guerrilla Democracy News Special Report

Inside Court 16 – A Guerrilla Democracy News Special Report



Fraud investigator, Royal Commission Protected Witness and an all-round Peaceful Warrior, 69 year old Sir John Paterson, was sentenced to 21 days in prison, suspended for 12 months, for being in contempt of court.

A packed public gallery heard how in April 2017, John Paterson secretly recorded a court case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, on a small voice recorder.

Even though all court cases are recorded and available to the public, and whilst in some circumstances permission can be given to record court proceedings, Mr Paterson was subjected to 2 years of state sponsored torture, threatened with jail, and fines, for recording a public event, for his own educational and personal reasons.

In-side Court 16 of the Royal Courts of InJustice

Once Lord Justice Males and Mr Justice William Davis kicked off the proceedings, (with the latter doing all the talking), Citizen John Paterson addressed the court, stating he has Crown Protection and for his witness Equity Lawyer, Edward Ellis, to explain further.

Upon being refused Mr Paterson said,It is my right to do so,” after which Edward Ellis said to the Judges, “You have no jurisdiction,” to which Mr Justice William Davis replied, “Having heard what I’ve just heard, Mr Ellis, go and sit in the public gallery.”

Judgement of Court

Having endured the stress and strain of having imprisonment, fine or both, hanging over his head for the last two years, a packed public gallery heard the Application by the Attorney General for the imprisonment of Mr Paterson for contempt of court.

With the verdict hanging in the balance, whispered chat throughout Court 16 was of a suspended sentence.

court 16

Who’s Mr.X?

Mentioned in the harassment case of Christoper D Spivey in 2015 (against the family of the murdered soldier Lee Rigby,) and now again in Mr Paterson’s contempt case, Mr.X was referred to by name; all further information is REDACTED.

It was explained by the Prosecution that at the time of the recording, it wasn’t noticed, but came to light later when audio of the REDACTED CASE was uploaded to Youtube.

Having hid the recording device in the base of a house plant, police initially missed it when they raided his property in relation to the REACTED CASE, on the 8th May 2017.

Mr Paterson voluntarily surrendered the listening device which was found to have 5 recordings of the REDACTED CASE.

With good support in the public gallery, loyal friend and supporter Neelu Berry entered court late; having had herself a busy night, sparing with the forces of Satan knocking at her door at a quarter to eleven, protecting ‘Cure for Cancer’ whistle-blower, Lynda Thyer.


State Sponsored Assassination Attempt

Looking relaxed, at peace and calm, Mr Paterson lent back against the Queen’s bench, as the Prosecution and Judges waffled on for 15 minutes, talking legalese between themselves.

Slowly and surely a consensus was agreed;

  1. No one was aware of the recording
  2. Mr Paterson had offered it for transcribing, all offers were declined
  3. The recording was made for his own personal use

Citing more evidence against him, via his emails, proving his contempt, the Judge asked in no uncertain terms, “What excuse do you have for recording a public event?”

“I had to because I’m exposing the corrupt judiciary. I do not accept it’s a contempt of court,” Mr Paterson answered.

Going further, Mr Paterson said “The PM and Attorney General have provided protection frauds for organised crime.”

No witnesses from the Prosecution

Standing before the Judges alone and without any legal representation, the Prosecution called no witnesses, while Mr Paterson was allowed to cross examine DC Grimwood.

Mr Grimwood takes the stand

With the Prosecution asking DC Grimwood to open a number of bundles of paper, and to confirm that the Statement of 19 June 2017, was a true and accurate account of the events, and whether another statement on 24 May 2019, was also his own, the Prosecution wrapped it up and it was Mr Paterson’s turn to cross examine him.

Mr Paterson started by asking him to confirm whether he had received information about serious crimes of State and Judiciary?

Looking for guidance from Mr Justice William Davis to continue, DC Grimwood confirmed that he had.

Pressed by the Judge as to whether there were anymore questions, Mr Paterson asked why he hadn’t done anything about the serious crimes he had already reported?

“I’m guilty of trying to save my country.”

  • Mr Justice William Davis – “Do you accept that you did record the proceedings?”
  • Sir John Paterson – “Yes I did, I had to do it.”
  • Mr Justice William Davis – “Do you accept its contempt of court?”
  • Sir John Paterson – “No. I’ve had to do it, to bring the fraud to the attention of the public.”

Confirming to the court that Mr Paterson had reported serious crimes of government and judiciary to himself, and confirming that he is in possession of all the evidence Mr Paterson possessed, DC Grimwood was allowed to leave the witness stand.

    • 10.37am The Fantastic Four arrive, and pile into the public gallery


  • Frank McElheron, David Ellis, Bryn Real and Tony Livingstone.


The Judges rose to reassess the situation at 10.50am

Mr Justice William Davis offers Mr Paterson a choice of taking the witness stand or to remain seated. Either to give evidence or make submissions.

(It’s all legalese to me.)

As the mis-trial continued unabated, Mr Paterson was denied legal representation, and was left with no alternative but to defend himself against the Attorney General, (who was costing the taxpayer £19K a day)

A Mistrial and an Injustice of Justice

Mr Paterson read out the introduction of a prepared statement by Edward Ellis, declaring he wanted the Equity Lawyer to explain further, but is unable to.

This conduct does amount to contempt of court,” sneered the Prosecution.

With gasps from the public gallery, the Judges concluded that Mr Paterson has been proved to be in contempt, and that the respondent knew he wasn’t allowed to record but went ahead and did so anyway.

The Judge summed up in disjointed language, “Your defense of corruption has nothing to point.”

The Judges have now moved onto working out how long to sentence him.

“This is a set up, poor guy,” said a member from the public gallery.

The facts established are as follows:

  • He voluntarily submitted the listening device to police
  • He hasn’t undertaken any recording since
  • He’s never published anything online about the REDACTED proceedings

“Here’s hoping for a suspended sentence,” said one member in the public gallery to the other, “the Judges appear to be considerate that John has been a good boy.”

Mr Paterson’s previous Common Law lawyer and friend, Patrick Cullinane is mentioned. Mr Paterson’s voiced his fear that what happened to Patrick will happen to him.

“I don’t think he’s going down, but will be given a suspended sentence. I really hope so,” said one reporter to the other.

Whispering between themselves like sly bullies at school, conspiring to cause harm, loss and injury to the unfortunate souls they’ve chosen to pick on, both Lord Justice Males and Mr Justice William Davis moved onto discussing case studies, to determine how much time they can legally sentence him to.

Citing Mr Scarf, a 78-year-old pensioner, who received 28 days suspended for 2 years, for continually committing contempt of court, and Mr Cullinane, (Mr Paterson’s Common Law Lawyer) for his alleged crimes of contempt, both Judges were scratching around the bottom of the barrel, to find the case law allowing them to enforce a custodial sentence.

With nothing against Mr Paterson’s character and good standing, the Prosecution reverted to type and raised Mr Paterson’s previous offence of obstructing a police officer.

With a visible softening of the Judges, the packed gallery prayed for a suspended sentence, and muttering threats of revolution if it wasn’t given.

It was acknowledged by the Prosecution of the real concern of living in a world where it’s hard to enforce this law, with the technology of listening devices, getting smaller and smaller.

“This is a matter of importance for the public issue,” declared Mr Justice William Davis, climbing upon his moral high-ground, built upon the crimes of generations of his predecessors, “Now Mr Paterson, we have to decide what to do with you.”

Invited to give his response to the litany of lies, twisted-truths and allegations, leveled against his good character for the last 10 minutes, Mr Paterson was quick to explain what happened when the police assaulted him at Seaford.

To paraphrase;

“I was standing with my friend waiting to collect my car after it’s MOT. A police officer comes up to me and says he wants to search me because I’m being suspicious. He pushed me and assaulted my friend.”

During a passionate defense of himself on the day in question, Mr Paterson came coming across as a mild mannered gentlemen, unfairly treated by the state, convinced he is fighting a corrupt government and judiciary.

“That’s when my story began.”

One reporter was heard saying to another, “John is giving an impassioned speech before the judge.”

Talking about REDACTED CASE.

Now Mr Paterson is giving it to the Judges with both barrels, talking about Patrick Cullinane, “In a court of law there is no justice, because even if you are innocent you are found guilty.”

With mentions of Gordon Bowden and Brian Setchfield, referencing the criminal frauds of the Finchley Road Boiler Room, and the police crimes of Bohemia Police station in Hastings; Mr Justice William Davis was keen to rein Mr Paterson in.

“I do understand you have these concerns,” he said interrupting Mr Paterson’s tirade, to which Paterson replied in astonishment, “Concerns.”

Mutterings from the Public Gallery growing louder and louder.

“Is there anything you want to add, that makes what you did less serious,” asks Mr Justice William Davies.

“Well I would have loved to bring in more witnesses, but the last time I tried to bring in a witness, they stopped me.”

“I’ll glad I’m here to explain myself to the public,” declares Mr Paterson, before stating for the purposes of the Court’s tape


  • “David Joe Neilson is too scared to return to his home, because he fears he’ll be killed by Sussex police.”


  • “Institutions have been infiltrated by organised crime.”



To which Mr Lord Justice William Davies, replied in defiance, “That’s for another day,” before standing up and declaring a recess.

John Paterson is Smashing It

Back in Court 16 at 11.25, Mr Justice William Davies declared with puffed chest and venom on his voice, “we are here to sentence John Paterson for contempt of court.”

“It’s been proved.”

The Attorney General gave these aggravating and mitigating features;

  • Previously recorded at another case
  • Length of the recordings, over several hours
  • Not significant but a recording of a sensitive case
  • The nature of the proceedings that the recordings dealt with, could have aggregated matters
  • The response to previous convictions of obstructing a police officer
  • Mr Paterson has cooperated with the police operation fully
  • He promised not to do it again, and he hasn’t for the last 2 years, honouring his statement
  • Used the recording for his own personal needs, and hasn’t disseminated it further
  • Mr Paterson is 67, (corrected to 69 by Mr Paterson)
  • Mr Paterson is of good character
  • Length of time the case has taken to come to court
  • Mr Cullinane and Mr Scarf were given as case studies; on both occasions, the sentence was found to be excessive on appeal

Mr Justice William Davies reiterates, “Recording without permission is a serious matter, and the law must be fully complied with.” and then adds, “In appropriate circumstances, the proceedings can be allowed to be recorded. What is not permissible is allowing the public to take action into their own hands.”

This is a sentence which is the basis of why Mr Paterson finds himself facing imprisonment.

Let’s put it into perspective; Over 2 years earlier, Mr Paterson recorded the audio of a case, which was being recorded anyway, and made available to the public, and that in ‘appropriate circumstances’ the proceedings can be allowed to be recorded.

The Judge made it perfectly clear why Mr Paterson is in the dock.

What is not permissible is allowing the public take actions In their hands.”

“The Sentence is to imprison you for 21 days, suspended for 12 months. Do you understand Mr Paterson. Keep out of trouble for 12 months and that will be the end of it.”

Paterson immediately asked permission to appeal, to which was instantly refused.

“It’s the discretion of the court,” screamed the Judge over the hissing from the public gallery.

Prolonging the agony, the Attorney General caught the Judges attention to hight-light two auxiliary matters.

“Forfeiture of the recording device and destruction of it.”

“I don’t think its lawful to destroy evidence in relation to my case,” replied Mr Paterson in response to the application of the destruction of recording device.

“Charlotte Wright from the BBC should be held in contempt too,” said Mr Paterson, complaining that she also recorded the same court case, but was allowed to do so, because she was from the BBC.

After a few moments of hushed whisper, the Judge’s decree that the micro SD card will be destroyed, but not the actual recording device.

“If you destroy that, you are destroying evidence,” decried Mr Paterson, to which the Judge reiterated, “I order the SD card destroyed.”

“Ordered SD card destroyed.” – ‘Too sensitive in nature to be released to the public.’

While the Judge’s crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, Mr Paterson spent the free time, (and for the purposes of the tape) to again speak about the 788-790 Finchley Road boiler room fraud.

  • Costs claimed at £19,944.89

Wrapping up 11.45 am.

As the proceedings wrapped up and the public gallery emptied, the Fantastic Four (Frank, David, Bryn and Tony) flew the International Tribes flag for the first time in a British Court of law.

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Mr John Paterson threatened with Jail

HM Attorney General v Mr John Paterson.

“Spread the Word, threats of prison,” writes John Paterson in an email alerting us to a Robed Application to Commit at Divisional Court 16 before Lord Justice Males and Mr Justice William Davis, on Thursday 13 June 2019 at 10.30am.