The Bavarian Monster attacks Matt Taylor

Last night’s conversation with the Bavarian Monster.

BM: Now you can hear me Matt?

MT: Oh I can hear you Sir.

BM: It’s me Tom Niedermeier

MT: Who, who are you?

BM: My name is Tom Niedermeier Matt.

MT: Oh right okay I haven’t heard of that name before. Would you like to introduce yourself to the audience tell us a bit about yourself?

BM: I’m the guy that you call a monster, a stalker and a criminal. 

MT: Oh who’s that, no I don’t think we talk about; are you talking about the Mr X the Hamster dad?

BM: No, I’m talking about you Matt and I will get you locked up. I will get you imprisoned, I will get you fucking imprisoned you asshole.

MT: Wow I’m surprised. Um, have we ever met before?

BM: No we’ve never met 

MT: So where’s all this anger, um coming from?

BM: Because you’ve been harassing, because you’ve been harassing me and my family for months now and I can’t wait to put you behind bars. (inaudible, inaudible)

MT: Wait hang on, isn’t that child abuse? I’ve just, I’ve already spoken about that. it’s very mean of people saying that because it means you’re taking away a loving father from their children. I’m the actual person who helps the key workers in the UK.

BM: Getting you locked up is the best thing that could happen to your children.

MT:  Oh really, do you really believe that. But have you ever met my children?

BM: No but I (inaudible)

MT: So how do you know that’s gonna be the best thing for my children?

BM: That’s enough to know that you’re a psycho and a weirdo and you’re not good for children.

MT: Oh really 

BM: You have convictions for harassment.

MT: I haven’t got any convictions for harassment, and I’ve noticed um…

BM: [Censored, censored-censored.]

MT: Woo, OK look, goodbye, we are not allowed to say things like that mate, ha ha ha ha.

Conversation ends.

MTTV – King Arthur II Special….

Why King Arthur is as relevant today, as he was 1500 years old.

Our Nation’s darkest hour is now.

If ever there was a time we needed our Nation’s greatest King, its today!

For more information check out Rich Planet TV, where Richard D Hall has many hours on interviews with historical detectives Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. –

Check out Britain’s Hidden History Ross Youtube Channel –…

Check out Real British History –…

The Normans 1066-1154 (88 years)

The Plantagenet’s 1154-1399 (245 years)

The House of Lancaster 1399-1461 (62 years)

The House of York 1461-1485 (24 years)

The Tudors 1485-1603 (118 years)

The House of Stuart 1603-1714 (111 years)

House of Hanover 1714-1910 (196 years)

House of Windsor 1910- (110 years and counting)

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Arthur The War King Chapter One

The first installment of Arthur The War King.

The book throws us into 6th Century Britain and the campaigns for survival leading up to the arrival of the renowned Arthur on to the scene.

Fate leads to a young Arthur being appointed ‘Uther Pendragon’ and supreme commander of the united British forces and we then follow him on his famous campaigns and climatic battles across Britain.

The book is written in an exciting story-teller style and is packed with historical references and information.

I am hoping to record the whole story in short videos with only some of the slower parts skipped.

There will also be maps and graphics where helpful. This is the new bed-time story in my house so while there are no interruptions in this video I can’t promise that will always be the case!

My boys often have some interesting questions and I hope no-one minds if I leave some in.

Enjoy this dramatic, informative and action-packed story.

Maverick Politician Matt Taylor Declares his Candidacy for Brighton Kemptown Snap General Election 2019

UK Moai King William IV Party leader Matt Taylor claims he can become Brighton Kemptown MP at the next snap General election.

GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS EXCLUSIVE: The 48-year-old ex-Royal Military Policeman believes Lloyd Russell-Moyles has failed the Brighton Kemptown constituents and says his last GE election campaign was sabotaged by Sussex police Freemasons.

UK Moai King William IV Party leader Matt Taylor believes she can become the next Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown and scupper Lloyd Russell-Moyles re-election – despite coming last in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown GE election with 69 votes.

With a general election expected before Christmas, the maverick politician claimed he could oust bad boy Lloyd Russell-Moyles and become the first UK Moai King William IV Party representative in Parliament in Britain’s history.

He leads the UK’s political wing of the global Moai King WIlliam IV Party, created by the Surrogate King William John Wanoa, from New Zealand, to save the world from the evil New World Order. 

The fastest growing sector of the Truth Movement, with a billion strong army of Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa supporters, dedicated to bringing truth and justice to the world, by taking direct and positive actions in making our world a better place.

Mr Taylor aka Mr.X insisted the unprecedented political chaos facing the world today, could propel him into Downing Street and Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa into Buckingham Palace.

Speaking exclusively to Guerrilla Democracy News as he prepares to launch his Brighton Kemptown Snap General Election campaign, he said: “I was robbed of my election last time and I came last. This time no-one is going to rob me and I’m going to come first.”

Matt Taylor turns into a werewolf during the full moon

The UK Moai King William IV Part leader spoke to Guerrilla Democracy News as he prepared to launch his Brighton Kemptown Snap General Election 2019 campaign (Image: The Argus)

Mr Taylor is determined to keep the memory of King Arthur II alive (Image: Monika Escobar)

“We are looking at an entirely different type of political movement to any previous political movement and that’s why our level of ambition is on a different scale.

“Creating a hydrogen based economy, delivering the freedoms, security and wealth, which voters today can only dream of attaining through the established parties of Labour, Tory, Liberal and any others.”

Asked if he thought he could become Brighton Kemptown MP, he said: “Absolutely – and what’s more, not only do I think I would be a better Member of Parliament than Lloyd Russell-Moyles, but I think I would be a better Prime Minister than either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn.

“I say that with complete confidence because I don’t think any of them is up to the job.”

Standing as an Independent in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election, he came last with 69 votes, led by Conservative Simon Kirby, who beat Labour’s Nancy Platt by only 690 votes.

Matt Taylor says his election campaign was sabotaged, resulting in him coming last in Brighton Kemptown 2015 general election (Image: Matt Taylor)

“If I hadn’t spent my £5000 on legal costs keeping our election campaign open, a roof over our heads, and a man alive, I would have been able to post 90,000 leaflets through every Brighton Kemptown’s constituents front-doors, get more than 10% than I did, without any exposure and a sabotaged campaign.”

“I would have easily got 10% more than I did with 90,000 leaflets through everyone’s doors and now Nancy Platt’s would be Labour’s Brighton Kemptown MP, and bad-boy Lloyd Russell-Moyles would still be a Brighton and Hove Councillor.”


Lloyd Russell-Moyles is embroiled in an elderly abuse scandal having rejected David Neilson’s concerns that he is a victim of police corruption.

HIV Bad-Boy Lloyd Russell-Moyles has been accused of elderly abuse by dismissing the concerns of David Neilson, as this extract from his letter from Lloyd Russell-Moyles shows.

“my office will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

“I am satisfied that Adult Social Care have complied with the appropriate safe-guarding procedures and have met their duties towards you. as well as providing ongoing health and social care support. with a clear offer to review your needs if and when you  feel these have changed. East Sussex Council have repeatedly addressed the allegations of elder abuse and neglect which you have raised, and my office will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

Yours sincerely

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

Mr Taylor denied he was setting himself up to fail with his target to become Brighton Kemptown MP.

“I was robbed of the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election and this time with the backing of the billion strong global Moai King William IV Party lead by John Wanoa, I intend to win.” he said.

“Only the Moai King William IV Party, led by John Wanoa, delivers a cultural change in political thinking, by mirroring the corrupt establishment of the Church and State.

“I am no longer the strawman known as TAYLOR Matthew. I am the flesh in blood real man called :Matt:Taylor, a live-life claimant and freeman.”

“Whatever we can conceive, we can believe and achieve.”

He added: “I’m not naïve, I recognise that this is ambitious – but I do think the seismic change in politics makes it possible.”

Catch The Matt Taylor Comedy Show on MATT TAYLOR’S TV  (Image: Mr.X Entertainment)

To Brighton, Kemptown and Peacehaven Constituents,

You may remember me from the Brighton Kemptown general election when I came last with 69 votes.

In 2015 my election campaign office was attacked by thugs in cooperation with Sussex police Freemans. My last election campaign was sabotaged and I came last, this time I have the billion supporters of John Wanoa and his global Moai King William IV Power House Movement behind me, I intend to come first.

I spent £5000 of my own money on the 2015 General Election, and came last. With your money in the snap Brighton Kemptown General Election I can come first. And in doing so enact a cultural change in society.

Please support me by becoming either a casual, moderate, committed or super Patreon supporter at

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As the leader of the UK Moai King William IV Party I stand for:

Creating wealth, freedom and security with a hydrogen based economy based on Moai Tidal Energy, generated by installing sea-bed tidal turbines across the world.

See UK Moai King William IV Party for more information:



As your Brighton Kemptown MP I will actively campaign for the abolishment of Income Tax. We pay enough tax in our Council rates, VAT, National Insurance and Road Tax. What is our Income Tax even be spent on? Paying the interest on a fraudulent and imaginary world banker’s debt, politician perks, war, death and destruction.


We urge all supporters of the UK Moai King William IV Party to issue their own Live Life claims which regains ownership of our own flesh and blood, rejecting the corporate Strawman construct of our surname in CAPITALS followed by our christain name.


Using Earthship building techniques perfected by architect Micheal Reynolds, 100 21st Century constructed hovels will be made in Wild Park.

With the benefit of a free bus ride all homeless people will have the benefit of a dry sleeping space, free from the wind, offering a hovel over their heads, with the provision of fresh water in the morning, toilet facilities, and freshly grown vegetables, herbs and fruits, Michael Reynold inspired Earthship Hovels is the Moai King William IV Party’s solution for homelessness.

A Moai King William IV Party inspired proposal that can be adopted across the country.

An inexpensive solution with lasting benefits to the community, businesses and the homeless themselves.

Brighton and Hove will no longer walk pass sleeping rejects of society littering our streets, because they will be around a campfire somewhere at Wild Park, good company, good food, and somewhere dry and warm to sleep at night.

Turning Moulsecoomb into an international tourist attraction

The ‘New Camelot’ Film & TV Studios – Bringing Hollywood to Brighton

Remembering Britain’s Greatest War King, King Arthur II, and welcoming the Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa.

A mini film about King Arthur II by Matt Taylor

Near Free Energy 

Ending Brighton, Kemptown and Peacehaven’s dependence on Petroleum fuels, by installing seabed tidal turbines along the South Coast, generating Hydrogen generated power, that exceeds the energy currently being generated by the above wind turbines currently situated off the coast of Brighton, Hove and Portslade.


Legalisation of all drugs, and as a consequence, lower crime, and freeing Sussex police to concentrate on improving the conviction rates of human traffickers, extortionists, fraudsters, murderers, rapists and burglars.

Oh What a Night – Recalling the night I came last in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 General Election

Bad-boy Russell Lloyd-Moyles has got my Job

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