Neelu Berry 2015 Court Transcript – Satanic Ritual Death of her Niece.

Another horrific real-life story of Satanic Ritual Abuse was revealed during court proceedings on 26 May 2015, during a conversation between Judge Justice Jay and pharmacist whistleblower Neelu Berry, concerning a complaint with the United Kingdom corporation, c/o London borough of Camden.

 MRS BERRY: Well, this is a longstanding issue of dishonour in public service by public servants since 19… no, 2000 since the birth of my niece, baby Sunaina Chaudhari, 5 months old, in King George Hospital in Redbridge under the care of London Borough of Redbridge Social Services. She was given drug overdoses, the overdoses were overlooked by the doctors, the trust, NHS Trust, the pathologist, the coroner and the police and the court system through this appeal procedure to get a new inquest, applications made to try to get…

I am myself a qualified pharmacist, my registered name was Neelu Chaudhari. I was persecuted by my professional body, The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. They’d committed a fraud and struck me off whilst I was whistleblowing and so I’m quite familiar with what happens to whistleblowers in this country. We do have many, many whistleblowers falsely prosecuted, also imprisoned and this is whistleblowing on the forced adoptions of children being kidnapped from loving parents and families, as my niece was, put into care forcibly and given drug overdoses and then she went through a satanic ritual. My sister found her with a blister on her lip and a bruise on her tongue.  

Its during this extract of their conversation, that the words, “satanic ritual” are mentioned.

“We do have many, many whistleblowers falsely prosecuted, also imprisoned and this is whistleblowing on the forced adoptions of children being kidnapped from loving parents and families, as my niece was, put into care forcibly and given drug overdoses and then she went through a satanic ritual. My sister found her with a blister on her lip and a bruise on her tongue.”

Forced adoptions of children being kidnapped from loving parents and families, put into care forcibly and given drug overdoses and then put through satanic rituals.

This is the dark dark dark secret London doesn’t want you to know.

Satan is alive and well. Satan is Santa, Saint Nic is Satanic!

THE JUDGE: So when did she die, your niece?

MRS BERRY: 26th October 2000. She was born on 25th May 2000.

THE JUDGE: 26th October 2000. What was her name?

MRS BERRY: Sunaina Chaudhari, S-U-N-A-I-N-A, Chaudhari, C-H-A-U-D-H-A-R-I. That’s my maiden name. I use both names.


MRS BERRY: Chaudhari means lord [which is a?] title to my ancestors.

THE JUDGE: Yes, because I cannot gather that from your application notice.

Neelu’s niece called Sunaina Chaudhari was an innocent baby, killed during a satanic ritual sacrifice to demons of the world’s darkest forces.

During a heated court encounter between Judge Justice Jay and Neelu Beery, a member of the public interrupted proceedings:

 THE JUDGE: I am telling you what the law is and you have to listen to me.

A MALE SPEAKER: You don’t know it yourself.

THE JUDGE: If you are not happy, you can leave.

A MALE SPEAKER: [Inaudible] because you’re acting… we’re going to stand under Article 6 [of the?] Magna Carta and you’re acting treasonous and corrupt by assuming that your laws are laws but they’re not. They’re Acts of Parliament which aren’t laws at all. They’re just a bunch of rubbish that you make up all the time [inaudible] when it suits you lot, yes, that’s what you do. We’re coming for you [through the?] Magna Carta anyway [inaudible].

THE JUDGE: Listen, under the rules, which is rule 54—

MRS BERRY: I’m here as a woman as a natural law… under natural law. Manmade laws—

THE JUDGE: [Inaudible]

MRS BERRY: Manmade laws don’t apply to me. You’re quoting me from the Civil Procedure Rules after… that have been drafted after this country was bankrupted in 1930 by the Geneva Convention, by the League of Nations at the Geneva Convention and this country has been under the Uniform—

THE JUDGE: All right, I see where this is going.

More evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

In the following extract, horrific details of the injuries to the dead baby are revealed, leaving a chilling vision of the aftermath of a satanic ritual.

“She had a needle mark in her neck, she had her eyeballs removed, she had all organs removed.”

You are warned. This is graphic and distressing descriptions of satanic ritual abuse.

“Somehow the satanic cults have taken over honour in this country, all public service is being driven by Satanists and we have the case which led to my three kidnaps was the babies being cannibalised and vampirised at churches and primary schools and nursery schools in the UK in Hampstead and my niece’s death was also a satanic ritual. She had a needle mark in her neck, she had her eyeballs removed, she had all organs removed without knowledge and consent and against the wishes of her parents.”

 THE JUDGE: Have you reported these matters to the police?

MRS BERRY: I have indeed. The police found it quite amusing when I told the Holborn Police Station that I was reporting my kidnapping and to pervert the course of justice in their crimes of rape, sodomy, cannibalism and vampirism against babies and children at the Christ Church itself in Hampstead and the Christ Church Primary School and eight other primary schools in Hampstead. It was the same team of police that were on duty every time I was kidnapped. It was Sergeant Andrews, who was very proud to tell me that it was his idea that I was charged with the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 because Peter Suddell, he said, had been fined £16 and that’s why he decided that was the law to use against me but when the matter came before District Judge McPhee he said, “I am not seeing a charge here, you better review whether to proceed”, but I was kidnapped two more times after that.  

 THE JUDGE: And what specific obligation are you relying on there?

MRS BERRY: It must be under the Gold Standard. This country has been trading outside the Gold Standard.

THE JUDGE: Oh, I see, yes [inaudible]—

MRS BERRY: And has been printing paper money and so it’s made Gold Standard redundant and the rest of the planet, it’s enslaved the rest of the planet by coming out of the Gold Standard and this… this order requires the country to become… become honourable to other countries and to come under Gold Standard. It is what it is supposed to be doing in any case. Somehow the satanic cults have taken over honour in this country, all public service is being driven by satanists and we have the case which led to my three kidnaps was the babies being cannibalised and vampirised at churches and primary schools and nursery schools in the UK in Hampstead and my niece’s death was also a satanic ritual. She had a needle mark in her neck, she had her eyeballs removed, she had all organs removed without knowledge and consent and against the wishes of her parents.

The police find it quite amusing to go round kidnapping people who are getting close to the truth of what they’re getting up to, the satanic cults are running this country, they’re running the police service, they’re running the National Health Service, they’re running Social Services. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of parents without children where their children have been trafficked for prostitution, pornography and paedophilia and snuff movies by the Satanists and people are going to require this remedy to, you know, as soon as possible.

A MALE SPEAKER: [Inaudible]

MRS BERRY: So we’re just concerned members of the public. There’s going to be obviously a media… there’s alternative media that’s working very hard to get this out and I’m just representing all the people in the United Kingdom. I just happen to be the one who’s been persecuted for 15 years, perhaps my dad was a barrister and when I was a pharmacist I know enough about the National Health Service and the legal system from that that I feel that perhaps I’m representing other people who may not be here before your honour.

THE JUDGE: Is there anything else you want to say?

 MRS BERRY: All I can say is that this is… this is something which is… is required by all public servants by default. It is because we are divine, we’re divinities, we’re children of God, we serve God, all people on this planet serve God, we are God and he’s our father and God serves us. It’s a relationship that we have and we do not serve Satan, we do not accept Satanists taking the authority of our authority and our dad’s authority away from us, especially where babies and children are involved. We, you know, under all the laws I would like to read out just my witness statement, “I, Neelu Berry”—

THE JUDGE: You do not need to read it out because I have read it.

MRS BERRY: If you don’t mind, I’d like to put it on the record.

THE JUDGE: There is not a record.

MRS BERRY: It will just take me two minutes, if you don’t mind:

“I, Neelu Berry, woman, hereby give this witness statement on behalf of all, we, the people of the United Kingdom Corporation to bring all public service into honour at all times under universal laws of free will, non-interference and oneness, under ancient laws of hoo’oponopono, love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, natural laws of do no harm and let no one harm you and Uniform Commercial Code, international trading law with consent and honour, 1930 Geneva Convention Statelessness Treaties, the United Kingdom Corporation has been trading illegally due to its bankruptcy with dishonour in all public service which is required to be with honour.  

 Despite the public prosecution brought in August 2013 brought to the notice of public servants and a commercial lien in a notarised affidavit of truth of dishonour filed on 29th May 2014 in CAD/2327 29th May 2014, further dishonour has continued with impostor police kidnaps, theft, forced entries at home, false handcuffs not necessary, to pervert the course of justice and cover up of crimes of rape, sodomy, murder, cannibalism, vampirism, prostitution, paedophilia, pornography and snuff movies against babies and children in UK churches, primary schools and nurseries, local businesses, private residencies, local authority premises by public servants such as priests, head teachers, teachers, parents, social workers, police, CAFCASS etc.

I seek the attached order to bring all public service into honour and remove all public servants acting with dishonour despite warnings, to be removed by four good men. I seek remedies for those kidnapped and their property to be returned to their homes and families immediately, including children trafficked by social services into such satanic cults.”

And I also invoke the Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 if the Uniform Commercial, just as a back up for the Uniform Commercial Code. I am here under national law and I do not accept manmade laws have any precedence over common laws or natural laws or ancient laws or [divine?] laws and so by right I hereby on behalf of humanity, global community under that… the international law of honourable trading with consent and with our contract [within the?] contract with consent and so that I require this order to be made today so that we may then start to get the public servants to start remedying the dishonour from the past and [it’s a big job?] on their hands and then they can start doing good work which is what they are supposed to be doing, serve and protect the public.

THE JUDGE: All right?

MRS BERRY: Thank you.

Neelu Berry is a heroine of the highest order.

 “That all public servants must act and public service and public standing must be with honour at all times with the consent of the people and all dishonour must be remedied by the public servants immediately.”


Sussex Police Owe Ex-Royal Military Policeman £90,500 for unlawful arrest & false imprisonment.

Sussex Police owe me £90,500 for Unlawful Arrest & False Imprisonment – 43 hours in a police cell.

Sussex police acknowledge ‘sometimes innocent people are arrested as part of necessary police investigations in the public interest.’

Youtuber Matt Taylor, 48 years old from Brighton, claims to be a victim of a political campaign, by Sussex Police, in revenge for calling them Satanic Alien Reptilians.

Off-the-Record – “It’s Political.”

Arrested on the eve of the Coronavirus National Lockdown (Mother’s Day – 22 March) in a 5 am dawn raid, all of Taylor’s computer equipment and phones were taken, just at the time when he needed communication the most.

In a cruel and premeditated attack to cause maximum alarm, distress and fear, Sussex Police even seized Taylor’s PS4 games console, which he was relying on to use as his only connection with the outside world, by playing Fortnite with his 10-year-old son.

With more visitors to his home (police officers), than ever before the Coronavirus lockdown, Taylor maintains his innocence, defending himself as a victim of a malicious political campaign against him.

“Our election campaign office was sabotaged in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election. Again in 2019. Read my 50 paged Affidavit and read the facts that prove my innocence.”

Taylor denies ever stalking anyone, neither filming anyone outside their homes, following anyone up the motorway to private junctions, asking anyone to film another person on his behalf and most certainly, has never been sexually obsessed with anyone other than his girlfriend, Seven-of-Nine, from Star Trek fame. 

“My world has been wrecked due to two harassment claims endorsed by Sussex Police to ruin my reputation, destroy my relationship with my kids, and ensure I am locked up in prison for a very long time,” he said in defiance, anger and frustration.

Taylor was arrested on the eve of the Coronavirus lockdown for a misdemeanour over 6 months previously in October 2019, when he published a 30 second Youtube clip, which brought offence to a certain Sussex/Surrey Police lawyer, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Arrested in September 2019, following a second complaint in two years of harassment by Ricky Dearman, (the alleged satanic paedophile sex ring cult leader, at the centre of the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare); Taylor has since been arrested a further two times concerning the latest Stalking allegation.

Are you brave enough to watch the Hampstead Tapes? Google the Hampstead Tapes if you dare.

With insufficient evidence to criminally charge him for Stalking, the then Sussex Police Chief Constable (CC) Giles York, (now replaced with Sussex’s first female CC – Jo Shiner) applied for a Stalking Prevention Order, to set Taylor up for an almighty fall, calculated to see him given a lengthy custodial prison sentence, ruining his dreams of becoming a world-famous Youtuber and destroying his two children’s lives, by depriving them of their devoted and loving father.

Having taken all his computer equipment, phones and games consoles, leaving him unconnected with the world, (and with all public establishments closed due to the Coronavirus lockdown); Taylor was again visited by a uniformed police officer and handed a copy of the Order, specifying a cause in which the recipient was obliged to adhere to section 9 of the Stalking Act, within 3 days, or risk further arrest and sentence to prison.

He was subsequently arrested two months later (22 May 2020) and held overnight for 35 hours, for failing to provide Sussex Police with his address within 3 days of receiving the Order. (Even though Sussex Police knew where he lived!)

On the third occasion Taylor was arrested (11 June 2020), his duty solicitor Oliver Mackrell said, “Now it’s even pettier than before.”

Held in a police cell for 8 hours, (with nothing but a tattered copy of Moonraker by Ian Fleming), Taylor was allowed to walk free, with ‘No Further Action’ to be taken, about a 5-second clip published on Youtube, during which a guest on his ‘Matt Taylor TV Show (MTTV) :Andrew :Devine, mentioned a certain person’s initials.

Coming days after Paul and Elaine Gait, were awarded £200,000 in an out-of-court settlement, for compensation and legal costs, over 35 hours of wrongful arrest and false imprisonment; Taylor is confident that a Judge will also look at his 50 paged affidavit, and award him £90,500 for time served, £2,000,000 in compensation, plus legal costs.

Paul and Elaine Gait were arrested but released without charge after attacks in 2018. Held by police for 36 hours after 12 armed officers stormed their home.

Paul and Elaine were detained during the Gatwick Airport drone chaos in December 2018, and have been awarded £200,000 in compensation and legal costs after settling out of court with Sussex police.

They were released without charge, and later sued Sussex police for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.

The couple, from Crawley, said in a statement: “We are delighted to have finally received vindication, it has been a very long fight for justice. The sums being paid by Sussex police and a letter received from the assistant chief constable are confirmation of our innocence and wrongful treatment.

“It has taken lengthy legal proceedings to obtain resolution from the police and to finally have closure on this distressing time. We look forward to moving on and putting this terrible episode behind us.”

They say despite the apology they still have “no explanation” for why they were held “incommunicado” for 36 hours.

In a letter to the couple shared by their legal team, Sussex police assistant chief constable David Miller said he was “deeply sorry” they had experienced “the unpleasantness of arrest and detention”.

He said: “I acknowledge that this would have been a traumatic time for you both. Unfortunately, when the police carry out their functions on behalf of the public, sometimes innocent people are arrested as part of necessary police investigations in the public interest.

“I understand that you believe that you were unlawfully arrested and detained by Sussex police officers. This is an issue which can only be resolved by a court.

“However, we recognise that things could have been done differently and, as a result, Sussex police have agreed to pay you compensation and legal costs.”

Set to pay out even more compensation to the parents of murdered Susan Nicholson, (in which Sussex Police believed her killer’s story that he accidentally turned over on her while sleeping together on a couch and smothered her to death); another Tax Precept increase is sure to be in the pipeline.

Susan Nicholson, 52, was murdered at her home in 2011 by Robert Trigg who had a history of domestic violence and was known to police.

Officers had been called to Susan’s flat in Worthing, West Sussex, six times in the weeks before her death after reports of violence. 

Sussex police were aware that Trigg had a long history of domestic violence and that a former partner had needed hospital treatment after he assaulted her.

Dis-believing Trigg’s story that he accidentally smothered their daughter to death, having turned over onto her while both sleeping on the couch, it was left to her parents, Peter and Elizabeth Skelton, to privately pay £10,000 for a pathologist to re-examine her death, to which his findings lead to the reopening of the case, Trigg’s arrest for murder, and another previous manslaughter of an ex-girlfriend Caroline Devlin, 35, in 2006, to which he had also evaded justice.

Read more: Susan Nicholson murder: bid to launch probe into police

Old aged pensioners John Paterson 70 years old, and John Hoath 74 years old, are both currently being held in Lewes Prison and Pinewood ward of the Chichester facility, waiting for their trials to prove their innocence.

Sussex police acknowledge ‘sometimes innocent people are arrested as part of necessary police investigations in the public interest.’

The second chief constable to retire early to escape misconduct charges, Giles York has been cruelly compared to a rat, fleeing a sinking ship.

The county’s first female Chief Constable Jo Shiner is set to follow in her predecessor’s footsteps, by receiving a Queen’s Medal for service to the leading satanic family criminal firm operating in the world today. The Windsor Royal family.

Taylor is set for a busy month at court, scheduled to appear twice at Brighton’s Magistrates Court for a charge of Stalking on the 22 June and Harassment on 29 June.

Hampstead – London has a Secret!

Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead

Sourced from

In 2014, a leaked video depicted two young children, explaining in detail the horrific abuse that they had been exposed to at Hampstead Christ Church Primary School in London England. Scenes of satanic rituals, sexual abuse, infant murder and cannibalism were described in vivid detail by the children, causing the video to become viral.

Among the alleged perpetrators was the children’s biological father, Ricky Dearman, as well as a number of staff members and parents of children at the school. Despite the severity of the case, an adequate investigation into the children’s claims was never carried out.

The media and local police seemed to work together to carry out a cover-up and turn the tables on the children’s Mother (Ella Draper) who reported the crimes.  After accusing Draper of helping the children fabricate the story she fled the country to avoid arrest and prosecution. Ella has since taken a professional polygraph test which confirmed that she was telling the truth.

There has been an information blackout in the UK.  Anyone who tries to expose the truth of this case is threatened with fines and jail time.  Computers have been confiscated as evidence, and even recently, Sabine McNeill has been sentenced to 9 years in prison for speaking out.


Matt Taylor Targeted by Occult members!

Revealed by his oldest friend, Pader; Matt Taylor, (a victim of police corruption and a coordinated stalking campaign by the now discredited Hoaxtead Research community), has been warned he is a victim of “some occult action aiming to drown you in your own troubles.”

Having already complained that he would be rich and famous by now, if it wasn’t for the second allegation of harassment and stalking within a year, by the Hollywood actor Ricky Dearman, Taylor’s old school-hood friend Pader, has confirmed what he already knows, namely he’s a victim of some kind of occult satanic sex sect, hell-bent on destroying his life and getting him committed to prison; and or, a mental health facility.

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Pader’s words still ring in his mind;

“Yes Matt, you are the victim of some occult action aiming to drown you in your own troubles. This can explain why you spend way too much time struggling against all kinds of problems, and why the situation keeps getting worse in spite of all your efforts to try and solve them.”

Two positive events that have been foreseen for you within 15 days.

“We managed to get 7 of you nutters arrested or sectioned.”

As we can see from a message posted by Tom Niedermeier, on the public comments of a certain Youtube video, we see him boast that they’ve “managed to get 7 of you nutters arrested or sectioned.”

  1. Sabine McNeil – Jailed for 9 years for stalking Hampstead parents caught up in the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare, and breaking restraint order
  2. Rupert Quaintance – Guilty of two counts of harassment against Hampstead parents caught up in the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare
  3. Paul Rogers aka Eddie Isok – Caused a disruption at Sabine McNeils trial
  4. Jake Clarke – Committed to a mental facility for 28 days for promoting and protesting against the Hampstead satanic scare
  5. Belinda McKenzie – Found guilty of contempt and given a six months suspended and banned from discussing the Hampstead case for life
  6. Neelu Berry – Hit with a restraining order, after accused of spreading discredited claims of a Satanic paedophile ring
  7. John Paterson – Awaiting trial in Chelmsford Prison, accused of harassment and stalking Hollywood actor Ricky Dearman
  8. Matt Taylor – Under Sussex police investigation for harassing Ricky Dearman, (for the second time within a year)
  9. Angela Power-Disney – Under Irish police investigation for the last year and a half for harassing Ricky Dearman

John Paterson, Matt Taylor and Angela Power-Disney are set to released from prison and police investigation, following new revelations that Sussex Police were fooled into believing a court judgement by Mrs Justice Pauffley dated 10 February 2015, forbid the naming of the Hampstead parents in public, was the only court judgement released by Mrs Justice Pauffley in 2015.

Clearly obsessed and fixated with Taylor and his friends, Tom admits he has a team of people, “monitoring him.”

Causing Taylor fear, distress and alarm, he threatens, “Don’t worry, Matty. We will keep on monitoring you. Until the day you finally get locked up. Just as we did with John Paterson. I and my team promise.”

Evidently fearing a lack of respect and support from with-in the occult sect, Tom Niedermeier, (or rather Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me, as Taylor derogatorily refers to him), is heard getting more desperation to see his enemies jailed and die in prison.

Claiming not to be Hollywood actor Ricky Dearman, the question is obvious – Who is Tom Niedermeier and why is he so obsessed with Taylor and his friends?

Does Sussex Police know his/her true identity?

Email sent to Inspector Thompson, Sussex Police, 19 February 2020;

What is the latest from the CPS?

Information in the Dearman v’s Taylor/Paterson/Power-Disney case has surfaced, in which it’s stated that both law enforcement authorities in the UK and German know the identify of Tom Niedermeier, an particular individual who is currently stalking and harassing me, while doing so to other people I’m now in contact with (including Kayle Freeman.)

If it transpires Tom N, is not Ricky Dearman, then I’d like to file a complaint against this person from Germany, who is seriously affecting my life, by ringing up my college, and calling for my immediate imprisonment.

If it is Ricky Dearman, then I can use it in the case currently active against myself, Paterson and Power-Disney.

If it’s Dearman, then the investigation STOPS NOW and Paterson is released from jail tonight.
I can demonstrate before jury that I sought legal advise from Veritas Justice, who in March 2019, recommended I report Tom N to Sussex Police for malicious communications, to which I did, crime report 0621, and which Sussex Police choose to ignore.

There is a particular individual who is obsessed me and others, and Sussex Police is feeding that obsession.

Sussex Police haven’t learnt any mistakes from Shana Grice horror. You are continuing to treat the victims of harassment and stalking (Myself, Paterson and Power-Disney) as the criminals, while protecting the real perpetrators of harassment and stalking.

I remind you Inspector Thompson what you said to me in an email dated 13 February 2020 at 13:15hrs, in relation to another deranged individual stalking and harassing me, called Paris..
“I would ordinarily take the report, however as you are a suspect for a similar matter that I am overseeing it would not be right or proper for me to do so.”

Tom N is either pretending to be Ricky Dearman and driving me mad, or he is Ricky Dearman, and driving me mad. 

I have a right to know this information and use in any court proceedings against me.

I have a right to know the name and identify of the person who’s accusing me of harassment and stalking.

I look forward to your response.
Matt Taylor

As of today – Wednesday 11 March 2020, Inspector Christopher Thompson has failed to respond.

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‘The Sussex Devils’: A New Investigation of the 1980s Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic.

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In “The Sussex Devils,” musician and author Marc Heal investigates the Satanic Ritual Abuse panic that swept the UK in the 1980s, the trial of Derry Mainwaring Knight, and his own childhood memories

Ultraculture friends Grant & Kristan Morrison sent along information about Marc Heal’s new book “The Sussex Devils,” a personal investigation of the “Satanic ritual abuse” hysteria that swept the UK (and America) in the 1980s. It’s a harrowing investigation of how much the boogeyman of Satanic ritual abuse gripped the minds of a nation, interwoven with the author’s own childhood memories. The book centers around the trial of Derry Mainwaring Knight, a man who publicly claimed that he was a high-ranking member of a “Satanic cult” that was operating at the highest levels of British society, allegedly engaged in covert, Satanic ritual abuse with heads of state.

I won’t mention the group that Knight attacked, but I assure you, it’s one that will likely be quite familiar to readers of Ultraculture. Knight raised over $1.5 million (adjusted for USD and today’s rates) from local gentry to subvert the group from within and destroy their regalia. Knight was later pilloried as a con-man, including by publications like People (link here).

In The Sussex Devils, Heal (a musician and DJ whose confrontational band Cubanate toured with Gary Numan, The Sisters of Mercy and Front 242) revisits this dark period of history and the Satanic ritual abuse panic, investigating the psychic undercurrents of society, the mass hysteria of crowds, and how the case overlapped with his own childhood.


Hampstead Boyfriend slams Hampstead Heroine

Pensioner, 75, branded ‘Britain’s worst troll’ after claiming four mothers ‘drank babies’ blood’ in satanic cult moans about her ‘uncomfortable’ jail bed in prison magazine

Having asked the question whether Hampstead heroine Sabine McNeil, (an OAP labelled Britain’s Worst Troll by the national press,) was in fact Britain’s worst troll; Abe Christie, the boyfriend in the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare, has launched a scathing attack, which answers the question.

“Sabine is an agent of the State who betrays Innocent Mothers and their children by ‘leaking’ sensitive case documents ( as in the Hampstead Cover Up Case) then conspires with the Judiciary to imprison “difficult” mothers who won’t be quiet, for a crime which Sabine has committed on numerous occasions.”

Sentenced to a 9 year prison sentence in 2019 for stalking the Hampstead parents, named during the infamous P&Q children’s testimony, in which they alleged their father, Ricky Dearman, was a satanic cult leader; Sabine McNeil is viewed as a heroine by many and Britain’s worst troll by many more.

“Sabine is an agent of the State.”

Abe Christie continues, “This time her usual ploy backfired.. Ella had explicitly requested, on a number of occasions that nothing within the case file be published; as Ella was planning to release the children’s video testimonies with the children’s faces blurred and voices altered.”

While many people view Sabine McNeil as a Hampstead heroine, Abe Christie doesn’t mix his words in painting a very different picture.

“Sabine maliciously set out to sabotage the case.”

Summing up what many people feel about Sabine McNeill, Mags Gilhney on Facebook said the following, in response to a post by ex-police officer Jon Wagner:

“Wonderful woman and they should be passing her with gratitude for supporting and speaking out for children and parents desperate to be heard, and this is a woman hume has 💗 in her 💖 for children and families and I hope that this wonderful kind caring woman gets justice for all the children and families suffering from there families being torn apart by social services cps and the authorities covering up criminal inhumane suffering to innocent children and families all for money shame on them all 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 and I 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 God teaches them with his 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 for the sin,s they have Committed to others 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠”

Jo Lomax continues the praise with the statement;

“One of the bravest ladies I have met. She is always in my prayers.”

In a Youtube comment, Abe Christie lays bare his anger and frustration to the meddling of Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeil;

“Belinda apologized for her “headstrong” friend and Sabine admitted in a private email that she should have consulted Ella , but Sabine ‘Zippy’McNeil and Belinda ‘Bungles’ McKenzie were more concerned about the money they could fleece the unsuspecting public for, and what they could get hawking the case papers around to pedosodomites via their Star Mckenzie friend, pedosodomite associate Terrence Ewing. The leak of the children’s video testimonies has backfired and the case has gained international notoriety, thanks Sabine. Sabine is a loose cannon, and has been punished because of the damage the leak has caused.”

“Sabine is a loose cannon.”

Free the Hampstead 2 Sabine C.E.R.N McNeil is a child stealing witch; as is her ‘joined at the hip’ partner MI5 Masonic WITCH BELINDA MCKENZIE. D.I.D. we forget to mention STAR ⭐️ ‘McKenzie Friend’ #Pedosodomite associate TERRENCE EWING Sabine’s F A K E sentence was publicized to instill F E A R, so others would be deterred from discussing the #hampsteadcoverup. What do they F E A R ? 😄

In an exclusive for Mr.X Investigations, and published for the first time, are the actually emails exchanged between Ella Draper and Sabine McNeill, immediately following the discovery that Sabine McNeill had published her two children’s faces all over the internet.

According to Abe Christie, “This exchange shows clearly the difference between McKenzie “Friends” and the human being – the mother – they abused.”

On February 8th 2015, Ella emailed McNeill:

“Dear Sabine, Following yesterday’s meeting and discussion of your decision to post the videos and other material online and share this information with parties unknown to me after I explicitly asked you not do so on at least two separate occasions: during the Saturday meeting on 31.01.15 and also during private telephone conversation please be kind enough to return all my children’s case material, including all videos, documents. I much appreciate all the work and assistance you’ve provided for me so far and you are welcome to participate on the condition that you will consult with me and the group before making such decisions in the future. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Ella.”

McNeills reply:

“I sent a text, I telephoned and left a message and am nicely miffed now. I’ve spelled out to John Hemming with CC to Ella, once again, that I did NOT publish anything. I just blind copied one blogger in my email to Theresa May MP as a recipient of the petition. Victims are always their worst enemies after all… If Abraham wants to run the show, let him! Our “group” does not include him. Terry* says clearly that if there is no defence in, the case is lost, But you can say it’s lost no matter what… I’ve done as best as I could. Sorry it wasn’t good enough. S”

Still very much a story of public interest, evident by the 5 January 2020 Daily Mail article, this satanic tale of child sacrifice, rape, murder and cannibalism is set to continue, with the forthcoming court trials against Matthew Taylor, John Paterson and Angela Power-Disney, all currently either under investigation or awaiting trial for allegedly harassing and stalking the Hampstead dad, Ricky Dearman.

Pensioner, 75, branded ‘Britain’s worst troll’ after claiming four mothers ‘drank babies’ blood’ in satanic cult moans about her ‘uncomfortable’ jail bed in prison magazine

Death Threat against Matt Taylor

In a terrifying 41 worded comment left in the comment sections of Youtube video titled, “John Alexander Paterson – A Danger to Children,” Matt Taylor appears to be in danger from an individual identifying as ‘tniedermeier.’

Clearly desperate for the ex-Royal Military Police and father of two children, to be locked behind bars, the individual known as Tom Niedermeier (or Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me,) is threatening to, “personally fly over and deal with that little shit. On site.”


Using the four letter word, “DEAL,” Matt Taylor from Brighton, was left with no alternative but to contact his local police force, fearing the word “DEAL,” is an indication that his life is threatened.


Petrified that his life is in danger, Taylor wrote the following email to Inspector Thompson, who is over-seeing an investigation against Taylor, following the second complaint of harassment and stalking in a year, by Ricky Dearman, the father alleged to be a satanic cult leader, at the centre of the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare…

“Inspector Thompson,

I am sick and fucking tired of the constant threats I get from a person, whom I have reasonable grounds to suspect is Ricky Dearman.

I have just been made aware of a death threat upon my life and I very much doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

In fact, by the very fact I’m typing furiously at my keyboard at 21:54 hrs, when I’m usually asleep, is a sure sign I’m suffering an anxiety attack.

The person identifying as Tniedermeier has stated that both Sussex Police and the German police know his/her true identity.

I demand to know what you know.

Who ever it is has just issued a threat against me, which I am taking very seriously and as a consequence am suffering yet another anxiety attack.

I am close to a nervous breakdown and I’m holding Sussex Police directly responsible.

The attached comment was screen shot from the comments section from a Youtube video titled, “John Alexander Paterson – A Danger to Children.”

The comment states:

“Surrogate King Charles: Yep. But it seems someone has instructed Matt to shut the fuck up. Rightfully so. But it won’t help him. He will be going behind bars. If not, I will personally fly over and deal with that little shit. On site.”

He’s intimidating me with the constant threat I receive of him that I’m “going behind bars”, and then delivers a threat against my person with the words, “If not, i will personally fly over and deal with that little shit. On site.”


I am doing my best to put the nightmare of the last few years behind me, to rebuild my life and be the best father I can to my two beautiful children.

I am feeling depressed, dare I say it – suicidal, shaken, alarmed, in fear, panicked, shocked, frightened, alone, isolated, abandoned, rejected, ignored, abused, misunderstood – the list goes on…


I demand action and protection from Sussex Police. 



Please Inspector Thompson; regardless of what you think of me; if this was happening to anyone else, action would have been taken by now.

I’ve had enough of it and I’m suffering as a consequence of this constant, relentless, unwanted and insidious stalking, harassment and malicious communication, which I receive on a daily basis.”

Clearly rattled and scared for his life, Taylor now fears the worse….

“The Royal Family is probably the darkest family of them all on the planet,” – No Shit Sherlock!

“William is being groomed and prepared and I believe from what I have seen in the Taro, and from research from my own psychic gifts, an intuition, but he is actually the Antichrist. He is the false prophet.”

In an alarming and disturbing Youtube video posted by Nicolas Sherlock, extraordinary allegations have been made against the British Royal Family, accusing them of being “the darkest family [of the Illuminati Bloodline Families] of them all on the planet.”

A successful Youtube channel specializing in Tarot Reading, Sherlock Tarot boasts nearly 4,000 subscribers, who’s videos are watched many thousands of times.

Putting a disclaimer at the front of her latest video, ‘William Illuminati,’ Tarot reader Sherlock points out that when starting her Youtube channel, she never expected to be going into “such dark places.”

Sherlock said, “I’m not for everyone. I never expected when I started this channel that I was going to be going into such dark places. I had no idea and when I started the channel. I was a, I wouldn’t say I was a fan, but I loved the Royal Family as an English woman. Okay since doing these readings and doing other research and listening to comments from other people in the comment section, that are aware, I started to change my mind. The Tarot started to show me something that was not anything I ever expected to see.”

Having come to the same conclusion as controversial writer Chris Spivey, who finished his ground-breaking article ‘Monster’s Inc,’ with the sentence, “This family {The Windsors] is an abomination to our morals and to society as a whole. Think about that the next time you wave your little plastic Union Jack at her.”

Sherlock goes onto say, “My role is to find the truth in the darkness and to expose the darkness because when darkness is exposed it can be and it is brought into light, then healing as possible and that’s the reason why I do what I do now.”

Opening her eyes to the true crimes of the Windsor Royal Family and now realising why they are the most secretive family in the World, Sherlock is just the latest to acknowledge the immense evil, residing at the top of British life and society.


“The Royal Family is spinning us stories all the time and it’s deceptive, its deceitful and they’re gas-lighting us with all these stories that they put online. All these little shiny stories here to confuse us causing us this kind of strain.”

“We have a fight on this planet right now between the light and the dark forces. I don’t think the light forces fight, but the dark forces would fight against the light. Always just do your own research. Take what I say and if you believe it that’s fine, if you don’t believe it that’s also fine, but this this presence cannot be denied and it cannot be understated.”

Accused of being a ‘Royal Troll’, Sherlock is a well known Youtube tarot reader, specializing in tarot readings based on the Royal Family, predominating focusing on Harry and Meghan.

Deflecting the predicable criticism which she will inevitably get, Sherlock counters;

“I don’t do this as an intent to spread evil or to be hatred hateful to anybody, that is not my intention. I actually wish the Royal family were decent human beings. I wish I didn’t have to see this stuff I really do, because this has popped a massive bubble of illusion for me.”

“I’m sorry to say it but the royal family is probably the darkest family of them all on the planet based from what I’ve been reading and what I see.”

The Happy Couple – William and Katherine

The perfect couple and the nation’s favourite son, Sherlock shatters the illusion built up around Prince William since the day he was born.

Accusing them of being “chained to the Devil”, and having “sold their souls to the Monarchy,” Sherlock launches a scathing attack on the nation’s future King and Queen.

“You cannot, you cannot separate the fact that Kate and William are also chained to the Devil, and the Devil is the Monarchy. So they have sold their souls to the Monarchy. They have pledged their allegiance to a force that is evil. that’s all I can say. That’s not an accusation, that is truth as I see it.”

“The Devil is the Monarchy.”

Painting a picture of the Royal Family which is a million miles away from the general public’s opinion, Sherlock finishes her video with the advice that we should, “do some research,” and to use Duck Duck Go,” rather than “Google.”

“The Royal family are globalists, so if you don’t know much about the global agenda the New World Order, I recommend that you don’t go on to Google, go on to Duck Duck Go, and do some research.”

 “Christ will come back to Earth during Williams reign.”

William is being groomed and prepared and I believe from what I have seen in the Tarot, and from research from my own psychic gifts, an intuition, but he is actually the Antichrist. He is the false prophet.”