No Action against Matt Taylor by Social Services

No further action will be taken against Matt Taylor by Brighton Social Services, following a “vague” referral by Sussex police.

Is there a Satanic Sect within Sussex Police?

Is Matt Taylor a M.I.5 Agent?

Is Sheva Burton a satanic cult member?

Matt Taylor accused of Sexual Harassment

Matt Taylor Data Hack – Drop

Mrs Adams – Hoaxtead/Hampstead Satanic Cult Member

Satanic member Morticia Adams has reported Matt Taylor from Brighton for sexual harassment.

Under investigation by Sussex police for harassment- with violence against the suspected satanic cult leader Mr Demon and one year into a two year suspended sentence for harassing a particular individual, Matt Taylor is hopes for this travesty of justice to end, and that he’ll get his computer and smart-phone back by Halloween.

Exposing The Hoaxtead Troll

Sheva Burton – Hoaxtead Troll

Sheva Burton Hoaxtead/Hampstead Satanic Troll

“I agree with Hoaxtead.”

Mel Ve

On the 24th October 2019, the first of a two part feature titled HOAX, that I produced, premiered on the Hoaxstead Research collective media platform. This is an in-depth investigative report formatted as a presentation and dialogue between myself, and Karen Irving, also known as El Coyote, the founder of the Hoaxstead Research blog and You Tube Channel.

The HOAX I refer to in this context pertains to the FALSE CLAIMS made by two young children, who were coached by their Mother Ella Draper, and their Mother’s boyfriend at the time, Abraham Christie, into participating in a HOAX, which made lurid and false claims about the biological father of the two children, including that he was part of a group of people centred around Christchurch School in Hampstead, who raped selected school kids, ate babies, and participated in blood drinking rituals as part of a Satanic cult, which was alleged to operate at the local church, as well as the aforementioned school.

The two siblings claimed that they were repeatedly Satanically Ritually Abused by their father, teachers and other parents of children at Christchurch School. None of the other people who were named by the children as victims or perpetrators of these acts of Satanic Ritual Abuse, have ever come forward to verify these claims.

In fact, during the court case of Sabine Mc Neil, many of those who had been caught up in this HOAX, and who’s lives were destroyed as a result, gave clear testimony that there is no basis to this story, and that it is indeed a HOAX. Sabine Mc Neil is presently serving a 4 year jail sentence for promoting, publishing and distributing information contributing to this HOAX.

The topic of Ritual Abuse, in particular, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), has become a hot and controversial topic. With the rise of online culture, information (and disinformation) has never been easier to disseminate and access. The topic of Ritual Abuse has triggered mass movements of people, fuelled by by so called gurus of truth such as David Icke, and his followers, who seize upon this so called “truth” like a new found religion, to the point of violently attacking anybody who may bring an alternative view, citing them as being a “disinformationist” or part of the “dark agenda”.

It was in 2009, the year I turned 33, that I properly woke up. This was the year that I started Freedom Central, and went on to work with some of the biggest names in the “Truth Movement”. In September 2009, I got the opportunity to interview David Icke for the first time in Amsterdam, and the second time in November 2009 in Zurich. This was the year we gave up everything and took to a camper van, moving from one conference to the next, gathering interviews, and uploading them at coffee shops that had free internet, whilst making documentaries and writing books.

It was also in 2009 that I became an activist as a result of all the information that I came across, a move which has put me in danger at times, and cost me everything, including my health, my family, childhood friends, and my home on more than one occasion. Many have asked me over the years, how I have managed to keep going, and my answer always has been that we have to create a better world for everybody, as we simply cannot hope to enjoy a free, fair, just, sustainable world, unless that is a realistic expectation for everybody, which means, we do what we do to create a better world for us all, and indeed, that comes with sacrifices. One of the many actions taken was to start a live broadcasting online TV network called Conscious Consumer Network, which gave us the opportunity to work with a number of so-called disseminators of information from various backgrounds.

Hoaxtead You Have my Full Attention

Mrs Adams – Hoaxtead Troll

Satanic member Morticia Adams has revealed her true identity after months of remaining in the Hoaxtead shadows.

A life long member and regular contributor of the satanic promoting Hoaxtead Research, Morticia Adams, recently hit the head-lines after mixing up one Matt Taylor with another.

Harbouring a grudge against the Matt Taylor from Brighton in Sussex, as opposed to the Matt Taylor from Lichfield in Staffordshire; the satanic supporter wrote the following message, and in doing so has finally revealed her true identity, by stepping out of the shadows.

“Matt Taylor Which I corrected straight away, but as you full well know it was you that I rang, to be laughed at cos you didn’t care that you knew it was all bullshit cos you firmly believe it’s the way to bring the government down, funny cos that’s what Belinda McKenzie always promised. With each hoax she promoted from Kevin Annett, Holliehoax, Hampstead, now John Wanoa and the pyramid scheme with no foundation, given that Finchley Rd is merely a lot of businesses office mail address, which has always happened to be used by those avoiding taxes or the law, but by promoting a whole lot of BS and wasting as much time for professional bodies as possible, that is how you all conspire to disrupt, divide and conquer….trouble is there are too many convicted child abusers in amongst you, isn’t there, Matt. BTW. I have the message including your phone no. in my message box, I won’t release the no. But can produce an edited screenshot if necessary, tho that is evidence. And you are lying and you know it.”

Failing to fully understand what the satanist Siren is on about; a more worrying aspect of the story comes to light; with the threats she is issuing against innocent parties.

For example the innocent Matt Taylor from Lichfield suffered a police raid and investigation, on her say so; raising the question, what influence does the satanic member hold over the police?

Matt Taylor said, “They managed to get information on me only the police know. Yes, I got arrested for the possession of class a drugs and yes, I had a drug addiction problem they tried to discredit me (and more, evidence by the use of etc)”



She issued the following threats against Mr.X:

“I’m sure you will re meet some police officers again soon and I’m sure they will be happy to give you some advice about real investigating……… maybe when you probably end up behind bars, you could spend your time studying?”


“@Mr.X I’m sure some more resources will be wasted again on you soon.”

Again, this raises the question that needs to be continually asked; what influence does she hold over the police?

What influence does she have that compels serving police officers to do her bidding and investigate and ultimately arrest anyone she wants them to.

A Mr.X Investigation has revealed the disturbing answer.


We know from a previous Mr.X Investigation that Sussex police are prime targets for blackmail and extortion from organised criminal gangs, due to the sexual perversion within their rank and file.

Even their Chief Constable Giles York is rumoured to harbour a secret sexual perversion/addiction, having publicly admitted that he is happy for the public to know how much he is paid, but not what he spends his money on.

God forbid, but perhaps he has a coprophilia addiction; (get it – ‘cop’rophilia!)

December 2018 PC Daniel Barnes Child porn
April 2018 Det Con Richard Holder Selling sex while on sick
October 2018 Inspector Tony Lumb Sex with vulnerable women
October 2018 PC Alexander Walsh PC Stalker, hassling colleagues for sex, child porn
March 2018 PC Martin Harris Sex on duty
June 2018 DC Celia MacDonald Failing to investigate child-abuse claims
April 2016 PC Luke Smith Filmed himself having sex with whores in uniform
March 2017 Chief Insp Rob Leet Sex on duty
March 2017 Sergeant Sarah Porter Sex on duty
December 2016 PC Daniel Moss Advertising for sex while off duty on sick
September 2011 Sgt Philip Savidge Child porn
December 2015 Inspector Lee Lyons General pimp, addicted to sex with prostitutes

Picking out an example from the table above; Inspector Lee Lyons, was sacked from the force after ringing up to a dozen prostitutes within an hour while at work,

Why would he make 23 calls to 11 prostitutes in an hour on the 23 July 2015, if it wasn’t for either;

  1. securing sexual services for other serving police officers,
  2. or trying to find a suitable prostitute who offered a specific sexual service

It isn’t too much of a leap of imagination to conclude that satanic members provided the services which other prostitutes refused to offer.

With so many police officers reprimanded and sacked from Sussex police for sexual misconduct; (the most recent being Chief Inspector Rob Leet, facing a gross misconduct hearing after allegedly having sex with a fellow officer, Sgt Sarah Porter, and a victim of crime, while on duty); satanic members would have rich and easy pickings to find a police officer, (or police officers), with whom they could gain influence, by providing black magic favours of promotion, wealth and perverse sexual satisfactions and pleasures.

Specialists at providing the sexual services which other prostitutes would walk away from, satanic members of the Hampstead community have identified a unique gap in the market, and thus now enjoy influence over Sussex police officers, because they can blackmail and extort them, satisfying their unique ‘Coprophilia’ and other, sexual perversions.

Sussex Police have declined to comment.



Troll Exposed

Satanic Troll Targets the Wrong Matt Taylor

Hoaxtead Research Break-in and Entry

The Sirens off Brighton’s Palace Pier; A Special Report by MrX

Any Publicity is Good Publicity

Satan Rules OK!

Celebrating 50 years of Sussex Police

Sussex Police are wide open to Organised Crime Blackmail and Extortion

Check out Matt Taylor’s SOS Party Political Manual


Available from


Matt Taylor flees to Hollywood to escape prison!

On the verge of securing a $500million four-year-deal with Walt Disney, to build a Film/TV studio in Brighton and start filming the movie trilogy King Arthur II – The War King; Matt Taylor is fleeing to Hollywood to escape prison.

Matt Taylor flees to Hollywood

Reported to police by members of the online satanic Hoaxtead Research community, the ex-Royal Military Policeman is accused of taking part in a £50 Billion Share scam.



Blacklisted by the high street banks and forced to use cash only, multi-millionaire Taylor is also facing a year in prison and an unlimited fine, for making a false statement on his nomination papers as an independent candidate for the Moulsecoomb and Bevendean 2019 local elections.

It is a criminal offence to make a false statement on your nomination papers as to your qualificiation for being elected

Following in the footsteps of the world’s first conspiracy theorist David Icke, who was recently banned from speaking in Australia because he believes in aliens; to Tommy Robinson banned from Facebook and Instagram for not paying his BBC TV Licence; Matt Taylor has been banned from standing in the local Moulsecoomb and Bevendean 2019 elections because he’s got a criminal record.

Fuck You - I'm with Icke

Matthew Taylor banned from local elections after conviction by Jody Cove, The Argus

Have you been Banned yet?

banned from Argus

A victim of sloppy journalism by apprentice Jody Cove, from Brighton’s premier newspaper The Argus, this private Messenger conversation between Taylor and Cove demonstrates the lack of professionalism of Brighton’s failed journalists.


Matt Taylor

“I would like to point out that you are wrong in saying I’m disqualified from standing because of my sentence. The Representation of the People Act only disqualifies on conviction of “an offence” and sentences for contempt of court are expressly excluded. As I understand it, my suspended sentence arises out of a civil contempt as the victims had to take a civil action.

I would like a correction and retraction please.

Jody Cove

You’ll have to speak to the editor about that sort of thing, I’m not in the position to make corrections or retractions. Best contact is

Matt Taylor

“I’ll let you tell him and he can email me, thanks!”
Jody Cove
“Okay – I’ll tell him. Best to remind him through email if he doesn’t get back to you”
Matt Taylor
“I can’t believe you got the vote number wrong, what kind of journalist are you??? 69 is my number. Cancer sign, hello! It cost me £5000+ to get 69 votes and you go and fuck it up for me! I am not happy with Argus journalism, for the hundred time.”

I never thought politics could be so dangerous

Join the UK Moai King William IV Party

Maverick politician, Matt Taylor is the leader of the UK Moai King William IV Party, representing New Zealand born, Surrogate King William IV Monarch, King John Wanoa.


As a Director of Moai Power House and a champion of Moai Tidal Energy, businessman Taylor is one the verge of a multi-million pound windfall.


Moai Tidal Energy Gold Shares.

Moai Toai Turbines generate energy under 120 meters depth to the seabed rock solid foundation. The size of this steel turbine is 50 meters in diameter with the construction legs out at 60 meters diameter. The idea is to stall the sea tide at a slower speed resulting in the turbine revolving at 1rpm or one revolution per minute or 1m/sec or 1 meter per second brake horsepower of the giant turbine 25 meter diameter turbine shaft. In the men time the tide is flowing at 5m/sec meaning we have extracted all that energy of sea captured in the blade halves of 2140 tons per square inch on the water pump plungers head surfaces That’s the simplest way of putting it The turbine is an integral double action water injection pump that creates high volume pressure we use to power a water motor generator which gives us electricity as a result of 391 MW Megawatts of electricity This is only the pump MW Power output We re yet to boost it up to 540 MW with added features We are only primarily concerned with Electricity First stages of development.


Having been arrested 10 times between 2017 and 2018 by Surrey and Sussex police, Brighton’s premier writer is also posed to sign a £20 million 4-year-deal with NewsCorp, to publish a range of books.

Taylor Tales – A collection of true life stories

Check out Matt Taylor’s SOS Party Political Manual

Matt Taylor’s debut sci-fi novel, The Golden Cube

Available now at


King Arthur II - The War King -The True Story


With his integrity and military record called into question, Matt Taylor is facing this darkest hour and can only pray for King Arthur to come to his rescue or second best, take a one way trip to the moon.


Matt is NOT an ex cop

“A troll of the worst kind”

Matt Taylor is a troll of the worst kind

Harassed, hounded, burgled and secretly bugged, Matt Taylor has been a victim of Hoaxtead Research victimization and abuse since 2015, when he first publicly declared he believed a satanic ritual abuse story, told by two children called Jack and Jill.

Jill and Jack



Hoaxtead Research Break-in and Entry

Hoaxtead Research reduced to flinging faeces

Sheva Burton – Honey Trap

Sheva Burton – Satanic Troll Targets the Wrong Matt Taylor

Any Publicity is Good Publicity

Beware the Satanist Hordes
Beware the Satanist Hordes

Even Pope Francis agrees that child sacrifice in pagan rituals is a cultural reality.

“Devil is alive,” says Pope Francis

‘God is Blind,’ implies the Vatican

“but its got me more views than anything else I’ve done”

On the verge of Superstardom, award winning Matt Taylor is weathering the greatest crisis of his life so far.


Tick Tock. It won't be long until you get that dreaded door knock again but this time I can assure you - you will be going to jail

“You will be going to Jail”

Have no doubt that you are going to et another knock from cops and you are going to jail. I have a big bet with a mate on you going down sunshine

“Have no doubt that you are going to get another knock from cops and you are going to jail. I have a big bet with a mate on you going down sunshine!”

Hoaxtead Research members are betting on whether I go to prison!

and frankly I find it shocking that you don't see what a fraud this guy is, he's told blatant lies and conned money out of people

If you can’t take down the man, take down his Youtube Channel

You know all those videos You Tube failed to remove? Might be worth reporting them again citing this story

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Please like, subscribe and share

Sheva Burton – Satanic Troll Targets the Wrong Matt Taylor

A silly satanic troll from the Hoaxtead Research satanic community called Sheva Burton; has been forced to admit she targeted the wrong Matt Taylor.

At war with the Hoaxtead Research satanic hordes, Matt Taylor, the premier writer in Brighton, set to flee to Hollywood, to pitch the film trilogy of King Arthur II – The True Story.



About as intelligent as those who throw rocks at the windows of podiatrists; silly satanic troll Sheva Burton admitted that:

“My bad, I just checked and I think you are right.”



“My bad, I just checked and I think you are right.”

Oblivious to the fear, alarm and distress her satanic trolling had inflicted upon her victim; satanic Sheva Burton brushes off her evil torment, with the black magic spell, “My bad.”

Read for yourself what the real Matt Taylor says about the satanic Hoaxtead trolls:


“Sinister odious bunch of people.

They make fun of people, employing the satanic black of doxxing. They managed to get information on me only the police know. Yes, I got arrested for the possession of class a drugs and yes, I had a drug addiction problem they tried to discredit me (and more, evidence by the use of etc)

Also they thought I was you mate.

I’ve got nothing to hide although these people have fake sock accounts and have an army of useful idiots, properly employed by the police or GCHQ, or just demonically possessed vessels who do it to scare people who have been abused, ensuring no one talks out, or blows the whistle on the underground SRA infestation.

Its a sinister group of people promoting Luciferism, Satanism and paedophilia.


Evil satanic troll Sheva Burton knows God’s Light of Love is shining down upon her corrupted immortal Soul.

Not only has Sheva admitted she’s mistaken, but PRAISE BE TO GOD; she’s sorry too!

“Please remove the posts as it’s not fair on him. Sorry.”

The Sirens off Brighton’s Palace Pier; A Special Report by MrX

Sheva Burton exposed as a ‘M.I-Thick-as-Shit’ Agent, has been threatening the other Matt Taylor; (called Mr.X by the Sun Newspaper and otherwise too dangerous to be named in public.)

Sheva Burton is a ‘M.I-Thick-as-Shit’ Agent

Here she threatens me with further arrest; while at the same time admitting the arrests she orchestrated through-out 2017-2018 were a ‘waste of resources.’

This is confirmed by the real Matt Taylor, when he said, “They managed to get information on me only the police know. Yes, I got arrested for the possession of class a drugs and yes, I had a drug addiction problem they tried to discredit me (and more, evidence by the use of etc)”

Sheva Burton further harasses me:

“I’m sure you will re meet some police officers again soon and I’m sure they will be happy to give you some advice about real investigating……… maybe when you probably end up behind bars, you could spend your time studying?”

As I wrote in my most recent blog:

Hoaxtead Research Break-in and Entry

“I am a vulnerable adult who has recently gone through a very stressful period in my life; where over 2 years, I have been arrested numerous times, all related to the harassment and stalking allegations brought against me; and the charge of making and possessing child porn.”

This is before or after a second abusive assault against my person:


“@Mr.X I’m sure some more resources will be wasted again on you soon.”