Taylor is an Evil Stalker!

Matt Taylor, 48 years old from Brighton UK, has been outed as an evil stalker, who will soon be locked up in prison, for being a criminal psycho.

In an insult heavy comment left via Youtube, Tom Niedermeier, (whom Taylor satirizes as ‘Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me,) launches a scathing attack against Taylor’s good name and character, accusing him of having a “sick, deeply perverted fascination with pedophilia and zoophilia.”

Following on from the inflammatory remarks made by failed transgender rapist, Paris Barrington from Peterbrough, Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me; ended his tirade after voicing his objections regarding Taylor’s recent Graphic Design and Book-Keeping courses at Brighton Met Colleges, with the chilling words, “This criminal psycho needs to be locked up NOW.”


A maverick politician, who came last in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election campaign with just 69 votes, Taylor kicked off his 2025 UK General Election today, as the leader of the UK Moai King William IV Party, with his party’s first political pledge;

Legalize all drugs, including cocaine, heroin, cannabis and hallucinates.

    Sussex Police fail to learn lessons from Shana Grice Horror!

    Sussex Police haven’t learnt any lessons from the Shana Grice horror. They continue to treat the victims of harassment and stalking (Taylor, Paterson and Power-Disney) as the criminals, while protecting the real perpetrators of harassment and stalking.

    Sussex Police Inspector Thompson said in an email dated 13 February 2020 at 13:15hrs, in relation to a deranged individual rapist called Paris..

    “I would ordinarily take the report, however as you are a suspect for a similar matter that I am overseeing it would not be right or proper for me to do so.”

    Witness Intimidation by Chris E


    The following information has been published for the purposes of defending myself in the forth-coming Dearman v’s Paterson/Taylor harassment case.

    The evidence of this witness intimidation by someone identifying as Chris E, is to be used as evidence in my defence.

    Email sent on 31 January 2020

    Dear DC Lloyd, Inspector Thompson and CPS Team;

    I continue to receive malicious communications on a daily basis, which is causing me immense alarm, fear and distress.

    I wish this to be taken into consideration in the forthcoming trial of Dearman v’s Paterson/Taylor.

    I have reasonable grounds to believe I am being contacted by Mr Dearman, due to the comment:

    “I find it very comforting that the last person who threatened me is locked away in Chelmsford prison , crying himself to sleep on the vulnerable prisoner wing, threatening to kill himself.. “

    Who else would say this comment if it wasn’t Mr Dearman, or a person pretending to be Mr Dearman?

    I find the following comments immensely distressing:

    “Look on the bright side Matt, at least you’ll get 3 meals a day in jail, must be hard digging in bins behind the supermarket just to survive, K will meet a real man, kids get a new dad, a real one they can look up to. Its not all bad news. Might take K for a drink myself. Is she dating anyone ?”

    “K” refers to my ex partner Karina Moran.

    I am a vulnerable adult who suffers from extreme anxiety due to what has happened to me since 2017. Whoever this person is he’s violating Section 51 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994-

    s.51(1) creates an offence directed at acts against a person assisting in the investigation of an offence or is a witness or potential witness or juror or potential juror whilst an investigation or trial is in progress; and

    s.51(2) creates an offence directed at acts against a person who assisted in an investigation of an offence or who was a witness or juror after an investigation or trial has been concluded.

    I am innocent until proven guilty and demand protection against this clear witness intimidation and malicious communications against myself; and now threats against my family.

    If this isn’t a death threat, I don’t know what is?

    “To be fair you’re very lucky the dad of the kids you target on a regular basis hasn’t ended you.”

    I wish this information to be taken as evidence, in the forthcoming Dearman v’s Paterson/Taylor court trial.

    I demand protection and an investigation.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Matthew Taylor

    Three Youtube Videos that sum up my year 2019…

    Having the Police round threatening to smash down my door!

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    Having my livelihood stolen by Sussex police.

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    Reminded everyday in the news, that our nation is being rule by dirty perverted criminals.

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    Mrs Adams – Hoaxtead/Hampstead Satanic Cult Member

    Satanic member Morticia Adams has reported Matt Taylor from Brighton for sexual harassment.

    Under investigation by Sussex police for harassment- with violence against the suspected satanic cult leader Mr Demon and one year into a two year suspended sentence for harassing a particular individual, Matt Taylor is hopes for this travesty of justice to end, and that he’ll get his computer and smart-phone back by Halloween.

    Exposing The Hoaxtead Troll


    Sheva Burton – Hoaxtead Troll

    Sheva Burton Hoaxtead/Hampstead Satanic Troll

    The Shana Grice scandal – Sussex Police condemned as a ‘Sham’ 

    RIP-shana grice

    The parents of murdered 19 year old Shana Grice, have condemn Sussex police officer’s hearing as a ‘sham’

    ‘We can barely believe what we have witnessed these past two days. The panel allowed a wholesale character assassination of our daughter,’ say parents.

    Effectively murdered by Sussex police themselves, Shana Grice was fined by Sussex police and issued a fixed penalty notice, for reporting harassment and stalking by her ex boyfriend, Michael Lane.

    Reported in the Independent newspaper and across the national tabloids, current affairs programs and late night radio chat shows, Shana Grice, 19, reported co-worker Michael Lane to Sussex police five times in six months, but was fined £90 for wasting police time before she was killed later that year.

    Sharon Grice and Richard Green, parents of a Shana Grice, have condemned a Sussex police disciplinary hearing against the police officer involved as a “sham”.

    Trevor Godfrey, who retired from Sussex Police in 2017 after 29 years, was found to have committed misconduct, but found not guilty of gross misconduct, allowing him to keep his pension.

    He was told his actions did not amount to gross misconduct despite being serious at a hearing in Lewes – meaning he would not have been fired even if he were still working.

    Shana Grice, 19, reported co-worker Michael Lane to police five times in six months, but was fined £90 for wasting police time before she was killed later that year.

    Lane slit Grice’s throat before trying to burn her body at her Brighton home in August 2016. He was jailed for life for murder and imprisoned for a minimum of 25 years.

    He pursued Shana Grice by fitting a tracker to her car, stole a house key to sneak into her room while she slept and loitered outside her home. It later emerged 13 other women had reported Lane to police for stalking.

    Shana Grice was a real victim of stalking and harassment

    Her parents, hit out at both the hearing and the decision to give Mr Godfrey the lesser disciplinary offence.

    “We can barely believe what we have witnessed these past two days. The panel allowed a wholesale character assassination of our daughter, who is obviously not here to defend herself,” they said.

    “Godfrey’s testimony only proved his discriminatory attitude, even accusing Shana of coercing Lane. We can barely believe what we have heard. The misconduct charge is a joke and the hearing a sham. Had Godfrey not retired, he would be allowed to carry on serving as a police officer.

    “What message does this give to other officers? Even more importantly, what message does it send to victims? We are disgusted and feel thoroughly let down by the process. There is no justice.”

    Shana Grice was fined for wasting officers’ time after it emerged she initially failed to disclose the pair had previously been in a relationship. The case was closed before her appeals for help were properly investigated.

    A report commissioned after the teenager died found stalking and harassment offences were not being properly investigated by Sussex Police. 

    The hearing was told how Mr Godfrey was a police constable tasked with investigating an allegation of common assault on 25 March 2016 after Grice claimed Lane chased and made physical contact with her while taking her phone from her ear.

    During an interview, Shana Grice made a number of other allegations against Lane, including that he had sent her unsolicited flowers and had made numerous attempts to contact her.

    Stalker Lane was arrested and told Mr Godfrey the pair were in a relationship and provided details of mobile phone messages to back up his story.

    Shana Grice later admitted the pair were having an affair and during a phone call lasting less than a minute and a half, Mr Godfrey told a frightened and scared Shana Grice, she would be fined for wasting police time over the harassment allegations – a decision ratified by police bosses.

    A Decision Ratified by Police Bosses

    Mr Godfrey stood by the decision when giving evidence to the misconduct panel. He told the hearing: “Absolutely, she did waste my time. I arrested someone as a result of her evidence on a false allegation. She had committed a criminal offence.”

    He added: “She [Grice] lied to police three times. It was only right I advised her she cannot keep lying in police statements and getting people arrested for it.”

    He said his colleague took the decision to give Shana Grice a £90 fine.

    “His decision, which I don’t disagree with, was that she should not be able to get away with making false statements,” he said.

    James Berry, presenting the case against Mr Godfrey, accused him of applying an inaccurate stereotype that a woman could not be at risk from a man with she was in a relationship with.

    “I don’t have those views … There was no history of violence between them, there was no evidence of violence, or risk, at that time,” Mr Godfrey replied.

    Mr Berry said the former Sussex Police constable “did not show the expected level of diligence” when dealing with Grice’s allegation against Lane. He said there was a “serious failing” in Mr Godfrey not filling out a risk assessment form following this incident.

    “Mr Godfrey’s handling of this case did not represent the impartiality expected of a police officer,” he added.

    Panel chairman Victoria Goodfellow said: “Whilst these are clearly serious matters, they are not so serious as to amount to gross misconduct. We do not in any way attribute any blame or responsibility to Shana Grice for any action.”

    But the panel nevertheless found Mr Godfrey failed to adequately investigate Grice’s allegations of harassment and stalking, as well as failing to treat her as a victim. 

    Mr Godfrey declined to comment as he left the hearing on Tuesday evening.

    Sarah Green, of the Independent Office for Police Conduct, said: “Those close to Shana have testified that his actions affected her confidence in the police and may have prevented her from reporting Lane’s continued harassment.”




    The coppers all pee into the same pot. Probably all Freemasons. They’ll never accept responsibility for their mistakes. I wish I had his pension.

    Matt Taylor’s Reign of Terror is Over

    Master stalker and insidious troll, Matt Taylor’s reign of terror has come to an end.

    Taylor’s first ever Youtube Video

    Youtube has suspended his channel which had nearly 1500 subscribers.


    A convicted stalker, suspected peadophile and a financial fraudster, Matt Taylor’s online existence has now been permanently erased.

    Matt Taylor never Existed

    Taylor burst onto the Truth Movement in 2014, when he clashed with Ian R Crane and Brian Gerrish at AV5, at a Truth Conference at which he uncovered a cover-up.

    Since then he has attracted over a million readers to his Guerrilla Democracy News blog, becoming a regular topic of interest in the HOAXTEAD Research community and an arch critic of conspiracy writer Chris Spivey.

    Claiming to have unmasked a satanic super soldier, Taylor is said to have been shutdown by MI6, following calls from ChristChurch shooting survivors including Elliot Marshall Dawson.


    Elliot Dawson Responds to Christchurch Shooting Allegations

    Keen to distract from a diplomatic incident with the New Zealand government, the shut down and erasing of Matt Taylor’s existence for the Internet, may actually hinder a current and in-going investigation into Historical Child sexual abuse called Operation Hydrant, by removing certain videos relating to the historical child sexual abuse, which answers the questions asked by the PSD Department of Sussex Police in their investigation.

    operation h 1operation h 2operation h 3

    Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been made aware of the situation and is set to call a Cobra meeting after the Easter Holiday break.

    Matt Taylor no longer exists.

    no more youtube

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    It will be a day of reckoning for Sussex Police today.

    In the news today:

    They are going to be censured at least for the deaths of 2 women who had complained to them and did they nothing. Shania Grice is one of them and the other one was later. They are also being criticized for the death of a man in custody.

    Shana Grice: Disciplinary action for Sussex Police officers

    Sussex Police retraining after stalking murder

    Neglect contributed to death of a man restrained in a Sussex Police van

    Police chief faces misconduct hearing over sex claims in Sussex

    The official reports are due out today.


    New Evidence in the 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder

    Sussex Police are wide open to Organised Crime Blackmail and Extortion

    Celebrating 50 years of Sussex Police

    Low Morale in Sussex Police

    a personal opinion of a particular individual – “I’m furious with Sussex Police”

    The Incompetence of Sussex Police is Staggering; and its costing YOU money!

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