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Universal Monsters fans are going to be spoiled this year. Universal and Tongal are debuting the first pieces in a new art initiative focusing on all the classic monsters this year, starting with Wolfman, Frankenstein, and Dracula. The latter two are celebrating their 90th anniversaries this year, and expect them to get major focus because of it. Fans will be able to create their own monster at the Universal Monsters: Out of the Shadows site, and then the art will be judged on by a panel including Robert Kirkman, Andy, and Bárbara Muschietti, Crash McCreery, Tristan Eaton, and more. As part of this whole thing, three new pieces of art by Matt Taylor, Afua Richardson, and Yuko Shimizu can be found below. Go here for more info and to design your own monster!

Universal Monsters Art Initiative From Universal & Tongal Debuts

Anything Universal Monsters Is Welcome Here

“Beginning February 11th through March 4th, the initiative aims to discover visionary artists (open to U.S. residents only) to create an original character inspired by Universal’s classic cast of Monsters, including DraculaThe WolfmanFrankensteinBride of FrankensteinCreature from the Black LagoonThe MummyPhantom of the OperaHunchback of Notre Dame, and The Invisible Man. The winning artist will receive $10,000 and have their art recognized by an esteemed judging panel of filmmakers and industry creatives, including Robert Kirkman – of the award-winning comic turned TV series “The Walking Dead,” Andy and Bárbara Muschietti – director and producer (respectively) of the blockbuster horror films IT and IT CHAPTER TWO, Crash McCreery – legendary creature designer, Tristan Eaton – celebrated mural and fine artist who recently created a Monsters mural on the famed Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot, along with artists Afua Richardson, Matt Taylor, and Yuko Shimizu.

In celebration of this art initiative, Universal Monsters revealed a collaboration with three of the judges – Afua Richardson, Matt Taylor, and Yuko Shimizu – for reimagined artwork of Classic Monsters celebrating their iconic anniversaries in 2021: Dracula’s 90th (Richardson), Frankenstein’s 90th (Taylor) and The Wolfman’s 80th (Shimizu). This artwork, which serves as inspiration for the “Out of the Shadows” initiative, will be featured across consumer products launching later this year.”

Universal Monsters Art Initiative From Universal & Tongal Debuts
Wolfman by Yuko Shimizu

“This idea came to me first. It was my first time watching the film, and there is this mystical Eastern European dark feel to it. So, I was envisioning old Northern European Renaissance print type of look involving dark woods, which much of the story takes place. Usually, coming up with ideas is the hardest, but this came pretty easy to me. The actual work took longer; to get that engraving feel, each line needed to be carefully drawn. It took quite a lot of time, but I am really happy with the result and hope the viewers feel the same.”

Universal Monsters Art Initiative From Universal & Tongal Debuts
Dracula by Afua Richardson

“I’ve always seen a comparison between the Count and the gaslighting psychopath. They forfeit empathy, love, and self-sacrifice, surrendering to animalistic impulses using those around them as a resource to prolong their survival at the cost of everyone else’s. Count Dracula also brings to mind those in my life who were hidden enemies. The way he can cunningly convince someone, even as their life force slips away, that where they want to be is in the confines of his beautiful prison—what a beautiful, terrifying, lonely beast. And yet, you’ll always watch to see if there is a moment of reflection. Is there any humanity left in their veins? [Besides what they’ve pilfered out of someone’s aorta] I wanted to try to expose the beast that lives in the immortal predator. Whenever I create a composition, I chart out the dimensions and midpoints thru grids and diagonals. Along the way, this blood-red V made its way into the work as I outlined where I wanted to put all my focus. I thought I’d keep it to add a modern effect to a classic monster.”

Universal Monsters Art Initiative From Universal & Tongal Debuts
Frankenstein by Matt Taylor

“Frankenstein is a really special movie, and really not even a horror movie at all, but a warning on the consequences of playing God. The Creature has the mind of a newborn but is cursed with a body assembled in the form of a brute made from spare parts. I wanted the artwork to focus primarily on The Creature and his birth – the violence of his creation, with nods to all that happens after. I’ve looked at a lot of Frankenstein posters by some of the best artists in the game, and the image of The Creature being birthed by the lightning felt new to me. The skull, the grasping stitched hand, and the medical illustrations were all meant to speak to the macabre patchwork nature of creation; the windmill is such an iconic image in all of film that was no way I could leave it out; the image of The Bride a nod to what awaits The Creature just down the line. And then in the background, the face of The Creature itself, emerging from the chaos of the painting. I wanted him to have a somber expression – not aggressive or angry – The Creature isn’t the villain or a monster in any real way, but hopelessly misunderstood and unaware of his own strength. This might be my favorite poster I’ve painted – a mix of classic elements and contemporary framing and type – it all came together better than I could have imagined.”

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Jeremy Konrad has written about collectibles and film for almost ten years. He has a deep and vast knowledge of both. He resides in Ohio with his family.


The Truth Movement isn’t what it used to be!

I remember when I first jumped into the Truth Movement with both feet.

Back then YouTube was new, and ‘Going Live,’ was unheard of.

All we had back then was blogs, uploading to YouTube, Facebook and forums to exchange information and debate the news of the day.

So while a lot has remained the same, a lot has changed.

Back then David Icke was started up The People’s TV. Richplanet TV was on terrestrial TV, Ian R Crane was a fat piggy, Christopher D Spivey was smashing it, while Tom Cahill was the thorn in the side of all the top dogs, and the beautiful Danielle La Verite, was wooing us all with her stunning good looks and stories of being a secret MK super soldier.

Oh, those were the days!

Nowadays we have Danny Jones, Sharon Gale, The Mouse, Niki Cooper, AJ and Grobnob!

Hey, not all is lost. On the plus side we have John Wanoa, Dr Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Andy Devine and more tarot card readers than you can count on one hand!

Christopher D Spivey is clinging on with his finger nails. Ian R Crane is a shadow of himself, Tom Cahill has disappeared, along with Danielle La Verite, Greg Hallett and so many more who’s names escape me.

Where’s the Drama?

The only drama we get now is watching Sharon Gale getting pissed live on YouTube, and watching through fingers across our eyes, as to whether her boyfriend will either beat her up, or fuck her over the kitchen table!

There is no one we can depend on anymore. Back then we could operate without fear of being copyrighted or mass trolled by organised troll rings.

The leading organised troll ring operating at the moment are the satanic Hoaxtead Research Community.

They’ve sucked out all the fun from the Truth Movement by maliciously mass reporting everyone, resulting in them getting 3 month Facebook bans, losing their YouTube channels, and resulting in the cops banging at your door.

The horror stories of the last few years, include the tragedies of John Wanoa being denied entry into the UK, and the resulting mental health fraud against him, which saw him committed to mental institution in New Zealand, which nearly killed him; and of-course, we still have the People’s Champion, John Paterson, locked up in a mental health ward in Chichester, awaiting his trial in April 2021.


A lot has changed, since looking back with fondness to 2014, when I caused a storm at Ian R Crane’s Truth Conference.

Read more: Chasing a storm at the AV5 Truth Movement

I haven’t even mentioned the Q movement, the Trump years and Covid-19.

The world has changed immensely since those heady romantic days of discovering everything is a lie, and everything reported to us on TV is bullshit, designed to control and deceive.

Where’s Bill Maloney? Have no fear, we’ve got Jon Wedger instead!

While many have fallen to the wayside, new heroes and heroines are always rising to the top to savour their 15 minutes of fame.

With more features and options being made available to the amateur blogger, across the Internet, there has never been a better time to jump on board and get involved.

Shaun Attwood did so, and just look how successful he is now!

I miss Sam the blogger, Tom Cahill, Richard D Hall, Secure Team 10 and Bill Maloney.

I continue to watch Ben Emlyn Jones, UK Column News and James Corbett.

I’m thrilled to have discovered Britain’s Hidden History, Simon Parkes, Teal Swan, Gina Maria Colvin Hill, Jeanette Archer and many more whose names I can’t remember to mention.

A big shout out to my mates, Angela Power-Disney, Neelu Berry, Babs, Andy Devine, Dave Witcher, Jamie Bennett and of-course the shining star of them all, the awesomely wonderful, Cassie Sunshine.

So while I look back with sadness and fondness to the ones who have slipped away from the limelight, the spirit of the Truth Movement is being kept alive with the new blood joining the Truth Movement everyday.

Let’s just take a moment to remember all those who won’t be making a comeback.

Rest in Peace dear Guy Taylor, Patrick Cullinane, John Harris, Gordon Bowden and Ginger, my cat….

Leave a message, and tell us what you like best, or hate worse, about the Truth Movement?

“I am broken,” says Sharon Gale.

People’s worst fears were realised today, after the latest car crash YouTube live from the darling of the Truth Movement, Sharon Gale.

“Look at the fucking state of me.”

Pissed again, Sharon launched into a tirade of abuse against ex-prostitute Niki Cooper, accusing her of threatening to dig up her baby’s body who died in 2001.

“Dig up my daughter – Really – I will fucking murder you!”

Milking sympathy and using the tragic death of her daughter as the means to get it, the truth is Niki Cooper didn’t actually say she would dig up her daughter’s body, but rather that there needed to be a new investigation into the death and the remains would need to be digged up.

“I am fucking broken people.”

Exhuming bodies in light of new information in investigations, is common in the UK.

“I’m just some stupid woman from Hampshire. I’m not anyone.”

Turning on her supporters, and spitting venom at anyone who shows her any kind of support or sympathy, Sharon Gale complained strenuously that she was being “destroyed from inside.”

“Angela Power-Disney, Barbara Ohare and Brian Harvey, you’ve destroyed me from inside.”

“I don’t need a sick cunt like you telling me to have a lay down.”

Losing support and sympathy from her die-hard fans and supporters, even her closest confidants dared not leave a comment, too frightened she would turn against them too.

One such super-supporter called David Simpson has withdrawn his support following her venomous backlash.

“Oh fuck off David Simpson – Fuck off.

Another was Fanny Bones.

“Fuck of Danny Jones, I’m not interested.”

Clearly not compos mentis and on the verge of a serious nervous breakdown, Sharon remains at the mercy of her abusive boyfriend, unable to return to England and in danger of being classed an illegal immigrant, with her 90 day Turkish tourist visa set to expire soon.

Having mercilessly trolled Jeanette Archer, by lambasting her true life story of satanic ritual abuse while she was a child, and ridiculing Jon Wedger and his work he does on behalf of victims of child abuse and satanic ritual abuse, (not forgetting her glee towards Wilfred Wong being attested and locked up in jail,) Sharon Gale is now crying foul, when the tables are turned against her.

She can dish it out, but can’t it.

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Obviously not as strong in character, as we have been led to believe, her latest car crash YouTube live has proved once and for all, that she’s not the strong willed independent woman, we’ve all come to love, respect and admire.

Sharon Gale is like marmite, you either love her or hate her!

“I’m not well you stupid cunt. Unbelievable, un-fucking-believable.”
Cooper v’s Gale – Its War
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