Revisiting a Guerrilla Democracy News editorial first published on Thursday 24 January 2013

(They’re only perverts, criminals and sexual deviants…)

The Queen sitting in the Top Seat
“Calm down dear, they’re only politicians…”

This famous quote which Michael Winner never said, illustrates perfectly why people should stop blaming politicians for the woes and foes in society. After all, they are only the middle management of a power structure controlling the world and have as much influence on the future of mankind, as does the average Joe off the street.

The German word Kapo, best describes their role. 

Kapos, as in prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, working for the SS. Their job was to supervise forced labour and carry out administrative tasks in the camp. They’d be spared physical abuse and hard labour, provided they performed their duties to the satisfaction of the SS guards. They had access to certain privileges such as civilian clothes, more food and a private room. Their sole purpose was to cut costs by making the camps run themselves with as little SS personnel as possible. Nazi philosophy has always been to divide and rule, to play one against the other, victim against victim. The Kapos were pitted against their fellow prisoners in order to maintain the favour of their SS guards. If they weren’t up to the job, they’d be returned to the status of ordinary prisoner. The irony is that once the camps were empty and there were no more to load onto the trains, there was no more need for them and ultimately their fate was the same. 

This is the life of a politician. 

They are thrown a bone to do the dirty work of the top tier of the power structure, and once their job is done, they are thrown away with the rest. 

Politicians are the least of our problems.

If you want to blame anyone for the woes and foes in society, you have to go to the very top.

Queen Elizabeth II… The Monarchy, the Crown…

Remember who the politicians, military and judicial all pledge allegiance to… The Crown, sitting on the head of the Queen.

This inconvenient truth has been made all the more crystal clear this week with a Court order revealing the truth of the Queen’s power.

After much stalling and manoeuvrings, 10 Downing Street were forced to reveal the extent of the Queen and Prince Charles secretive powers of veto over every aspect of British life.

Those in the know have known for centuries that the Crown has ultimate control over all it’s interests. 

Politicians have been ordered to lie to the electorate to cover-up this blatant fact…

“The Queen’s role in Parliament is ceremonial and she has no power to interfere with Parliamentary business,” has been the aged old line.

“Prime Minister’s past and present visit the Queen once a week as a symbol of respect. They do not attend to receive their weekly orders. Don’t be preposterous,” they would reply if ever the suggestion that the Queen holds the true power is ever made.

Even after the truth has been revealed, A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman attempts to continue the lie: “It is a long established convention that the Queen is asked by parliament to provide consent to those bills which parliament has decided would affect crown interests. The sovereign has not refused to consent to any bill affecting crown interests unless advised to do so by ministers.”

To imply the Queen only revokes her power of veto on the advice of ministers is a blatant lie, to carry on the Status Quo. 

Lets get it straight: The Seal of Approval is required from the Crown over every aspect of British and Commonwealth life.

In one instance the Queen completely vetoed the Military Actions Against Iraq Bill in 1999, a private member’s bill that sought to transfer the power to authorise military strikes against Iraq from the monarch to parliament.

The though of Power transferring from the Monarch to the Parliament, especially when it comes to war, is absurd and obscene as far as the Queen’s considered.

No wonder she admits to never having the time to read a book. As she admits herself, She’s too busy reading the contents of the governmental red boxes.

As Andrew George, Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives reveals, “This is opening the eyes of those who believe the Queen only has a ceremonial role.” 

“It shows the royals are playing an active role in the democratic process and we need greater transparency in parliament so we can be fully appraised of whether these powers of influence and veto are really appropriate. At any stage this issue could come up and surprise us and we could find parliament is less powerful than we thought it was.”

Of-course that will never happen, but its good to let the politicians believe they have a say.

So stop blaming politicians. They are middle management Kapos, who are as much in the dark as the rest of us.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the Queen Elizabeth II. Blame the Crown…

The Crowd used in every Coronation since Queen Victoria

Now is the time for a British Revolution. 

Now is the time to SMASH THE CROWN…


Revisiting a classic Guerrilla Democracy News article first published on Sunday 13 January 2013.

Queen Elizabeth II, Monarch of Great Britain and the Common Wealth, has today been arrested for High Treason against the British People.

Following the revelations of Jimmy Savile’s perverted past, police swooped upon Buckingham Palace and arrested her Majesty and her husband Prince Philip. Further police raids were conducted at Clarence House, where Prince Charles was also arrested and taken to Cannon Row Police Station for questioning.

Mr Adrian Leppard , the Metropolitan Police Commissioner for London confirmed that compelling evidence revealed by the blogger Christopher D Spivey, lead the police to conduct dawn raids across various Royal Palaces including Sandringham Palace and Balmoral Palace in Scotland.

He says “Evidence has come to light which directly implicates her Majesty and her husband Prince Philip and her children with Satanic rituals involving young children.”

Following the Sunday Express revelations that the Royal’s close friend Jimmy Savile conducted Satanic rituals in attendance with other unspecified persons, prompted a number of specific allegations being reported to police.

Queen Elizabeth Windsor, who’s real family name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, has been revealed to be an imposter to the British Crown.

A descendent of a Belgium Royal dynasty called the House of Wettin, its been alleged that the true Royal blood-line, leading down from the renowned King Arthur of folk-lore, has been fraudulently covered up to allow the Wettin Royal Dynasty to fraudulently claim the British throne.

Queen Elizabeth who heads Britain’s most secretive family, has been accused of being a compulsive adulterer. Following seized love letters revealing that in fact Prince Andrew’s real father to be Lord Porchester and Prince Edward’s real father to be Baron Patrick Plunket.

Her children certainly follow in her immoral footsteps, revealing that the rumours are true that Major James Hewitt is indeed Prince Harry’s father and that Princess Zara Philip’s real father is Princess Anne’s secret lover, Sgt Peter Cross.

The charges of High Treason refer to the specific charge that in 1972, she knowingly allowed the corrupt paedophile Prime Minister, Edward Heath to sign away the British people’s sovereignty to her ancestral Royal Dynasties of Europe.

The Queen can technically be hanged for her crimes, as the crime of High Treason in British Law still carries the death penalty.

Sources inside Scotland Yard say the Queen remains stubbornly silent, as she has done so throughout this unfolding scandal.

She is being held indefinitely under anti-terrorism laws and its expected that further charges of Conspiracy to Murder are also being prepared against her following the release of Keith Allen’s documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’ which points to a cover-up of Princess Diana’s murder and subsequent inquest.

Specific charges of murder have already been charged against Prince Philip and Prince Charles, following the discovery of a hand-written letter by Princess Diana which states that Prince Charles is planning to kill her in a car accident.

Police are also investigating the apparent murder of a 15 year of Eastern European girl who’s dead body was found on the Sandringham ground on New Year’s day 2012. Its believed that the girl escaped a Satanic ritual being conducted as a New Year’s celebration within the Palace, and died from hypothermia while hiding for her life in a ditch outside the palace grounds.

The arrests have caused shock and disbelief throughout the Nation. Demonstrations outside Buckingham Palace have seen tens of thousands of people coming out and venting their angry.

Armed police were forced to open fire on the crowd as they pushed against the palace gates.

Further arrests are expected, including close friends of the Royal family such as Rolf Harris, Cliff Richard and ex politicians, namely Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

Matt Taylor the leader of the SOS Party, and recognised by many as the next Prime Minister of Great Britain says “The collapse of the British Establishment is happening all around us. This is the end we have all been waiting for.”

A spokesman for the Windsor family says “Her Majesty fervently denies all charges against her and her children.”

David Icke has also released a statement saying “I told you so…..”

Disclaimer: This story is fake and is meant for entertainment purposes only. (After all, Dark Forces are at work and no-one wants to meet with an unfortunate accident or to commit suicide)



PRINCE Harry has been pictured for the first time since his marriage in May 2018, WITHOUT HIS WEDDING RING…

No Wedding Ring

The Duke of Sussex was snapped today at the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final at Wembley, WITHOUT his wedding ring, fuelling speculation that his marriage to Meghan Markle is over.

Marred by continuing rumours and allegations of a fake pregnancy and that their 3-month-old baby son Archie is really a doll, depressed Prince Harry has been seen in public without his wedding ring, after flying to the south of France in a private jet, paid for by music rock legend, Elton John.


After a blazing row at Elton John’s exclusive South of France Estate, Prince Harry cut short his holiday with his wife Meghan and baby Archie, in favour of royal duties at the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final at Wembley, his first public engagement since July 25.

“Something is about to hit the fan.”

Bucking the trend of his blue-blooded brother and Grandfather, Prince Harry is said to understand and respect the deeper significance of wearing a wedding ring, and not wearing it in public, is a clear sign that not all is well within their marriage.

Penny Junor, author of The Duchess, told Vogue, “I think it shows, as if proof were needed, that Harry is the least conventional member of the Royal Family. Harry’s chosen to do what most married men do today. I like it.”

The Deeper Significance Behind Prince Harry’s Decision to Wear a Wedding Ring

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth do wear their wedding rings, while their husbands, Prince William and Prince Philip, do not. It’s been reported that Prince William doesn’t wear his wedding ring, because he generally doesn’t like wearing jewellery. Prince Charles wears one, but on his pinky finger, tucked behind his signet ring.

Harry and Meghan debuted their matching wedding bands, (the duchess’s, made of Welsh gold, the duke’s, of platinum), mere days after their grand wedding at Windsor Castle in May 2018, at a garden party at Buckingham Palace. 

The significance of appearing in public without his ring, has sent shockwaves throughout the close-knit circle of friends, shared by both Prince William and Harry; that Harry is about to declare his divorce from Meghan.

Kate Middleton and Tom Inskip

“I am miserable.” 

Left out of the traditional Balmoral activities, at which the rest of his family were present; its rumoured that the ‘straw-the-broke-the-camel’s-back,’ was the shocking revelation that not only had Meghan previously had slept with his uncle Prince Andrew, (during her young days of yachting), but that she has also had a relationship with Harry’s close friend Tom Inskip.

A close friend of Harry since his days of school together at Eton, banker Thomas Inskip, nicknamed “Skippy”, is the son of Owen Inskip, himself a friend of the Prince of Wales and David Cameron, and is described as not only Harry’s best friend, but his brother’s as well. 

Looking miserable and forlorn at the Rugby Challenge Cup Final, an event he would otherwise participate with gusto, on-lookers reported something was wrong with Harry. 

Friends noticed he had very low energy, as if something heavy was weighing on his mind.

More on this breaking news coming soon, on Guerrilla Democracy News.



As reported in the Hello magazine; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tuck into £15 Sunday roast with baby Archie at local pub

Following in the footsteps of the in-laws, Prince William and Katie, both Harry and Meghan slummed it at The Rose & Crown in Winkfield village, a ten minute drive from Frogmore Cottage, as the venue to deny rumours of an imminent divorce.

The Sun newspaper’s headline shouts, Harry and Meghan, who were joined by baby Archie, tucked into a £15 Sunday roast. 

The Duke enjoyed a couple of pints of beer during the two-hour visit while Meghan appeared to stick to water. The royals sat inside and went largely unnoticed by fellow customers, apart from one couple who revealed that Meghan cradled her three-month-old, who was as good as gold throughout the meal.

Ensuring the alleged baby Archie was shielded from public view, fellow diners, went on to reveal that Harry and Meghan were joined by another person at the table, (perhaps their private secretary), and were watched over by two protection officers. 

Staff clearly knew who they were but kept the service low-key, and indicated to the couple that Harry and Meghan had been there before. 

Putting on a public display of unity, following making a public appearance without his wedding ring, on-lookers reported the royals chatted away and were laughing a lot, like any other couple.

More on this breaking news coming soon, on Guerrilla Democracy News.

Top 10 Alternative Royal Scandals

Following on from The 50 Biggest Royal Scandals of all Time; as published in the royal publication of choice, ‘Woman’s Day;’ here are the Top 10 Alternative Royal Scandals of the Windsor’s.

Top 10 Alternative Royal Scandals
Top 10 Alternative Royal Scandals

1. Prince Charles is a Paedophile!

Likely to bring the Royal Windsor family to an end; speculation has been immense in the alternative media that Prince Charles is a paedophile.

With life-long friendships with a number of known paedophiles, including Jimmy Saville and Peter Ball; Prince Charles is believed to have been abused as a child himself, by his Uncle Lord Mountbatten and his father, Prince Philip.

Analysis of his recent letter to the Child Abuse Inquiry, reveals that yes indeed; Prince Charles has a case to answer.

2. The Queen is a member of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult

Kevin Annett, a Canadian priest and Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), has publicly declared to the world in a Youtube video that Senior Ninth Circle members include Pope’s Francis and Benedict, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, two British High Court judges, at least one Catholic bishop in Canada, senior government ministers in Belgium and England, and members of the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families; routinely conduct rituals involving the routine rape, torture and murder of children and newborn babies.

In what can only be described as the most serious allegation to be made against any British Monarch in history, Kevin Annett has blown open the veil of secrecy that hides horrific crimes against humanity.

Being named as members of a satanic cult is one allegation too far.

Any person of any class would be asked to defend themselves. Regardless whether a royal or a serf, an allegation of rape, torture and the murder of children and newborn babies, must be answered.

Read more:

3. The Queen is Named as Part of an International Paedophile Ring

4. Meghan is Faking her pregnancy

5. Prince William has a Body Double

5. Princess Diana wasn’t real

According to Britain’s most controversial alternative writer, Chris Spivey; Princess Diana was a fictional character created by the Windsor’s for their own nefarious reasons.

In his ground-breaking article ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ he contends that not only Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed didn’t die in the infamous car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997, but neither Princess Diana or Dodi Al Fayed even exist.

6. Princes Charles is Gay

charles gay2

Splashed across the US tabloids, but kept secret from the British Press, “Prince Charles’ “secret gay life has been blown wide open by shocking photos of the love-sick royal in a sizzling lip-lock with his toy boy beau!”

7. The Queen is Dead

Buckingham Palace once issued a press release stating that Queen Elizabeth died in her sleep .

The official statement, released by the Queen’s press secretary at the request of Prince Charles, states that Queen Elizabeth passed away in her sleep at Sandringham House after becoming “increasingly frail in recent weeks following her bad cough and chest infection over Christmas.

Buckingham Palace Retracted Queen Elizabeth Death Announcement; and is rumoured to have replaced the Queen with either a clone or a body-body.

8. The Queen Order the Assassination of Princess Diana

Whether Princess Diana was real or just a fictional character as Chris Spivey contends; the Alternative Media has asked the question; DId the Queen Assassinate Diana?

9. The Queen’s father is really Winston Churchill

Rebel royal insider Greg Hallet from New Zealand, claims that not only is Winston Churchill the biological father of Queen Elizabeth II, and King Juan Carlos I of Spain is also Princes William’s biological father.

10. The Queen is Guilty of Manslaughter

This stunning headline has been inferred from a report published by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, about the economic impact on children.

It found that the Government’s austerity measures will negativity impact on 600,000 of the nation’s poorest kids.

The report makes no bones about it, ‘Families with children in the poorest 10% of the population are losing an average of £40 per week.’

‘More children are entering poverty, ultimately, that means more children going without the basics because their parents and carers cannot afford them.’

Children will inevitably die. Children will starve to death and will be abandoned to the State.



fuck you icke


Latest News on Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis for the attention of Dame Victoria Sharp Queen’s Bench

Edward Ellis talks with Andy Devine about his 20 Page Document dated 23rd June 2019

For the attention of Dame Victoria Sharp, the first woman President of the Queen’s Bench, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Lords and Bishops.

Read more: News from the Queen’s Bench

24 Hour Remedy Demand + Immunity Offer – Personal Liability of all Officers of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in Citizen Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

This is a 24 hour Remedy Demand as per the attached telephone call made to the CEO Marianne Griffiths, copied to the Health Minister and PM May.

1. Withdraw the Mental Health Fraud on Mr Edward William Ellis, National Health Service Patient 632 855 6020

2. Pay for Remedial Kidney Care at a private facility in London within 24 hours to remedy the wrongful Fistula placed by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in the left arm since December 2018, which connects an artery to a vein pending dialysis (within a few days) but no dialysis has been provided in 7 months under the pretence of being on a dialysis waiting list and pretence of no dialysis available.  This is an assassination attempt by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust officers in which the CEO and all Directors have personal liability.

Attempt 1. On 17th June 2019, a phone call was received from a Redbridge Mental Health Team offering their services, which were declined by Mr Ellis

Attempt 2. On 18th June 2019, at 9.45 am, an unannounced Mental Health Home Sectioning Fraud Attempt was made by a Team of 3 at the new home of Mr Edward William Ellis (1)

Attempt 3. On 19th June 2019, at 9.45 am a second failed Home attempt with a Team of 4 (2)

Attempt 4. On 19th June at 3pm, an attempt was made by a Nephrologist, Dr Lever at Queens Hospital, Romford Essex, on grounds that there was an earlier Mental Health Fraud by Nephrologist of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, namely Nephrologist Dr Adam MacDiarmaid-Gordon (3) Transcript below (4) who has failed to provide Dialysis without follow-up of the Fistula left in place for 7 months, causing the blood to bypass the lungs and kidneys, causing weight loss, infections, hayfever, heart enlargement, concealing a slow tortuous death.

Attempt 5. A Phone call was received from the Mental Health Team at  5pm on 19th June 2019 to attempt to kidnap Mr Ellis

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is hereby served with the 20 page document by Mr Ellis, on the Mass Remedy Process which he is managing on behalf of the Crown & Lord Bishops, already served on Parliament

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is hereby offered the Immunity offer to provide the remedy of Dialysis and after care to commence within 24 hours, paid for by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust at a private facility chosen by Mr Ellis in London, until he is fully recovered.  This is a Public Interest Case.

This immunity offer is valid for 24 hours after sending of this email, namely until 2pm on Thursday 27 June 2019.

Your acceptance of the offer by return email copied to Mr Ellis, copied in, will also confirm payment arrangements by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust directly with the Private Kidney Care Facility for the immediate admission within 24hrs

18 June 2019:NHS Mental Health Fraud Caught on CCTV on Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis

19 June 2019: NHS Mental Health Fraud Caught on CCTV on Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis

19 June 2019 4pm: Kidney Specialist Caught Impersonating a Psychiatrist in Kidnap Attempt of Mr Ellis

DRAFT TRANSCRIPT of (3) above is below 

2019 06 19 Transcript of Kidney Ambulatory Care Unit Mental Health Fraud in Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis 
Dr Lever: I want you to be seen by, I think you should be seen by the psychiatric services here. 
Mr Ellis: I refuse 
Dr Lever: Yes but at the moment these processes are not absolutely not going to recognise…. 
Mr Ellis: They’ve screwed up
Dr Lever: I’m not going to argue with you. I’d rather, What I am saying is, all I want to do…
Mr Ellis: I am giving Notice to Parliament
Dr Lever: I’m not interested, I am saying
Mr Ellis: I’ll finish
Dr Lever: Please, I’m saying I’m not interested, I’m not interested I am saying for you to have a mental health assessment
Mr Ellis: A decision is being made this week, I will finish the grounds this week
Ms Berry: Sorry, Hi,
Mr Ellis: Hello Do Sit down
Dr Lever: Who are you
Ms Berry: I’m with Edward
Mr Ellis: This is Neelu Berry
Dr Lever: Oh Hello! Hi
Mr Ellis: She has consent to sit
Dr Lever: Hi I’m Dr Lever I am a kidney Consultant Hi So what I am saying is, what I am saying to Edward is that he has, so I have received correspondence from his GP, and I’ve also received correspondence from DDiarMaidGordon who was one of his consultants when he was seen at the Royal Sussex County in Brighton in March 2019. Dr DiarMaid-Gordon, dr Bukhari and myself have concerns 1. About Edwards kidney failure OK Right Because Edward does have kidney failure in terms of his kidney function is less than 10% of what it should be. So Edward is at the level where we need to think about starting dialysis treatment
Ms Berry: Can you show me the tests that you’ve done
Dr Lever: So I’ve got all the tests over here. This is the creatinine level. The creatinine level today is 791
Ms Berry: And can I see that it is his blood test and not somebody else’s blood test
Dr Lever: This is his address Edward Ellis Ok Alright It’s been around that time.
Ms Berry: He’s just started a lot of activities with the swimming and walking
Mr Ellis: I just swam 36 lengths on Friday
Dr Lever: His Creatinine was 686 in March and now it’s 791. The normal level for someone like Edward would be less than 90
Ms Berry: Yeah but He is very fit for his age, he’s not a very good drinker, he’s been dehydrated because he doesn’t drink very well
Dr Lever: Right ok so this is going to be very helpful What I want to do is I would like to admit Edward to hospital today in order for us to review both the requirements and both how we logistically can start dialysis treatment
Ms Berry: What he would like is an independent second opinion
Dr Lever: So he has been seen by Dr MacDiarMaid-Gordon
Mr Ellis: Please let us cut to the chase on this
Dr Lever: mmm
Mr Ellis: I need to give priority to the next communications for the lord Bishops I will do that tonight.
Ms Berry: Right so he will come back tomorrow
Mr Ellis: What you need to know is there are many Doctors who are subject to Disclosure restraint frauds
Ms Berry: Edward I think we should just walk out of here, we don’t require your services
Dr Lever: But you do require our services
Ms Berry: We don’t
Mr Ellis: Neelu
Dr Lever: I am the clinical lead of kidney services in this Hospital
Ms Berry: But you are outside your remit with the mental health
Dr Lever: No no no no, I know I am, I know I am, absolutely, and I agree with that I agree with that I completely agree with that in terms of the
Ms Berry:  It’s that conflict that you’ve abused and we are not interested in your services
Mr Ellis: No please allow me to conduct
Dr Lever: Allow me to speak please What I am saying is what I would like to do in order to deal with this and as you are quite right I am not a mental health specialist at all And you’ve got no delusion evidence
Mr Ellis: No In which case what are you doing requiring mental services with a delusion deficit
Dr Lever: Because of the fact that you’ve been labelled as having that historically so I would like to
Mr Ellis: Yes and that has been subject to a blackmail criminal investigation
Dr Lever: All I was asking for was
Mr Ellis: No no no, you have taken crime proceeds and said that you want to use them for medical purposes. That’s what you’ve done
Dr Lever: All I’m saying that I would welcome a further assessment by somebody
Mr Ellis: You are not having, you are enforcing a mental health fraud which itself was crime proceeds, that ends.
Dr Lever: I’ve started a new assessment
Mr Ellis: That is not a new assessment
Dr Lever: It’s the first time, I haven’t met you before
Mr Ellis: What you haven’t done is asked for any of the evidence to support my position
Dr Lever: I am asking simply
Mr Ellis: No no It is how they run the frauds is they ignore the evidence of the citizen and just decide..
Dr Lever: Right I’m going to get somebody else in here No we are going

Ms Berry: Edward lets go

Mr Ellis: You cannot be trusted with the process. I have to write the next set of Communications to the lord Bishops tonight


Dr Lever: Can I have somebody else in here please

Mr Ellis: Let me have the written evidence on which you rely

Ms Berry: Edward Edward

Dr Lever: Come back and sit down again

Mr Ellis: No

Ms Berry:  Lets go

Mr Ellis: You are going down for this

Ms Berry: Edward stop it

Irish Doctor: Hi my name is Dr [Irish accent doctor 45 years old 6ft 2″]

I told you they were going to do this to you, Edward, you’re not listening to me

Please allow me to conduct

I am fed up

Irish Doctor: Please stop its just me

We don’t require your services

No I don’t care who you are

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me

You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in to

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me

No because you’re going to lose your job and I don’t want you to.

Stop You can walk with me

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me


Go back to Ireland it’s a lot safer, its a lot safer

If we could have a chat

Come this way please Edward Edward

Go back to Ireland

Irish Doctor: Stop and chat to me

Go back to Ireland

Lets get on a bus, they’re going to try and catch you


19 June 2019 5pm: NHS Assassination at Queens Hospital by Kidney Specialist on Mr Ellis

King John Wanoa is Coming to sack the Queen…

A new threat from the other side of the world threatens the future of the Windsor royal dynasty, as once Oliver Cromwell threatened the Stuart’s.

Surrogate King William IV Monarch, King John Wanoa

(And history vividly remembers what happened to Charles I)
Mercilessly trolled by the satanic MI6 cyber wing of the Queen’s Satanic Super Soldier (SSS) army; Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa, 70 from Zealand, has been forced to sleep in his car, surviving on food stamps, because his pension has been stopped due to malicious complaints made by the MI6 sponsored trolls, and an assortment of useful idiots, and including maverick veteran Simon Bean MBE.



Banned from the UK, deemed a threat to the Queen; King John, (as he is called by his ever growing global audience,) has issued his last Writ against Queen Elizabeth II.
If not refuted by the 29 June 2019, she will be sacked her as the Trustee of the Queen Victoria Trust Fund, (which in today’s money, (plus costs, damages and compensation) amounts to £970 million trillion trillion), effectively depositing her as the Monarch of the United Kingdom and the Common Wealth.
Only a Monarch can depose a Monarch, and Queen Elizabeth II has until the 29 June 2019, to refute the Writ and Affidavit of King John Wanoa, of the Moai New Zealand Rogan Royal Dynasty.


The King’s Last Writ 2019


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King John denied entry to UK, deemed a threat to the Queen



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The Meghan Markle Conspiracy Theory

Guest Writer – Dan Spearman – Sourced from

Royalty Free LNOF

Have you heard the one about the Meghan Markle conspiracy theory?

In a world of terrorism, cyber-bullying, harassment and stalking, the bounds of human depravity knows no end.

Take for example the most recent and grievous stories on the Alternative Media, claiming Meghan Markle’s baby is nothing more a prosthetic dummy.

The serious constitutional questions arising in the likelihood of our most beloved and longest reigning Monarch, posing before the nation with a doll, is profoundly mind-blowing.

So here for your information and entertainment, are the most recent conspiracy theories about Meghan Markle.

Number One – She Faked her Pregnancy

Leading the charge that Meghan Markle faked her pregnancy, is an American woman called ‘Ashley’, who runs a YouTube channel called ‘DanjA zonE,’ with over 33,500 subscribers.

“Hey you guys, welcome to the DanjA zonE, its Ashley, lots of love and many blessings coming your way.”

Urging everybody to do their own research, DanjA zonE attracts hundreds of thousands of hits, ridiculing Meghan Markle’s pregnancy from its early days.

Claiming everything in her videos were found on a public domain, Ashley was one of the first royal commentators to accuse Meghan of wearing a prosthetic bump.

DanjA zonE has published over 200 videos calling into question the truth about Meghan’s pregnancy.

Number Two – There are no signatures on the Birth Announcement

Traditional to include the doctor’s and a witness signature on any royal announcement of birth; this never happened with the announcement of baby Archie, and has only put more fuel to the fire of the conspiracy bonfire..

The omission of the traditional signature, has caused uproar across the conspiracy community,  validating their claim, that no one wants to be associated with this insidious fake pregnancy being perpetrated against the world.

Number Three – The First Official Picture of Baby Archie meeting the Queen was Photoshopped

Leading this particular conspiracy is Chris Spivey, a well-known conspiracy theorist and leading critic of the Royal family, who contends the single picture presented to the world of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II meeting baby Archie, with Meghan and Harry, is photoshopped. He points out a number of inconsistencies, including the misalignment of the picture frame in the background.

Number Four – The Surrogate Mother wants more

The surrogate mother who carried baby Archie, wants more money. The deal has changed and the surrogate mother, (spotted waiting outside Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day Service in March 2019,) wants more for the final exchange and is the reason why the baby hasn’t been handed over.

Posed to bring down the Windsor Royal Family, this demonstrates starkly, the perilous position the Windsor Royal Family now find themselves in.

Number Five – Meghan Markle is a fictional character

According to Chris Spivey, the leading conspiracy theorist in Romford, Essex, Meghan Markle is a fictional character created by MI5 for their own nefarious and secret needs.

Chris Spivey has written a book about this called ‘Meghan Markle Exposed,’ which is available in print and eBook from

Number Six – Meghan named her baby Archie in spite of Princess Kate

While it’s public knowledge that the third-in-line to the British Royal Throne, Prince George’s nickname within the royal family is Archie. Insidious conspiracy theorists are cruelly claiming Meghan Markle called her baby ‘Archie’, to spite Princess Kate and her first-born child.

Number Seven –  Prince William and Princess Kate are keeping their distance from the fake baby Archie

Conspiracy theorists claim the reason why Prince William and Kate haven’t met baby Archie, is because they don’t want to be associated with the fake pregnancy scandal, which (they believe) is about to soon break in the mainstream media.

Number Eight – Prince Charles and Princess Camilla haven’t met baby Sussex too

The same seems appear for Grandparents Prince Charles and Camilla. It’s alleged that the reason the closest family members of the Windsor Royal family haven’t met baby Archie, is because baby Archie isn’t real and furthermore, they don’t want to be associated with a scandal, which they believe is about to become common knowledge across the world.

Number Nine – Harry’s Awkward Interview

Harry’s awkward interview, where he addressed the world following his son’s birth; coming across as over excited, distracted, incoherent, and laughing nervously throughout.

Number Ten – The Kensington Palace Tweet

At 3:02 a.m. on the 6th of May, the Kensington Palace Twitter account posted a public announcement stating the “Duke and Duchess of Sussex used the services of a surrogate. We apologise for any misunderstanding.” Conspiracy theorists say this is the final proof that proves Meghan Markle faked her pregnancy.

And one for Luck – Where did Meghan’s Mother, Doria Ragland come from?

Living in a digital world in which every moment in time and history, is likely to be recorded on a mobile phone camera, conspiracy theorists point out the lack of footage, of Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, coming into the country and making her way to the heart of the British royal family.

Adding weight to Chris Spivey’s claim that the one and only photo of baby Archie meeting his family is a fake; the lack of evidence of Doria’s arrival into Britain, simply adds further circumstantial evidence, that the conspiracy theorists are right, and that everything we know to be true, is nothing but a lie, to keep us all subdued, and compliant to a New World Order insidious agenda, of reducing the world’s population to a more manageable number of 500,000,000.

Long Live the Windsor Royal Family

In a world where it’s hard enough trying to differentiate between facts and lies, conspiracy theorists don’t make it easy.

Do conspiracy theorists really expect the average person in the street to believe that our royal family would lie so blatantly before our very eyes?  Would conspiracy theorists expect us to believe that the country’s longest reigning monarch would participate in such blatant and insidious play acting before the nation?

Who’s crazy here, the conspiracy theorists for entertaining such crazy notions that the royal family would intentionally lie to the nation on such an immense scale; or the Royal family, to continually endure such ridiculous speculation, from a population, who are meant to be educated and sane enough to know the difference between fact and fantasy?

Isn’t it time to bring back the Queen’s Royal Right, to chop of the heads, of anyone who commits treason against her royal realm.

In this day and age of slander, libel and malicious communications, there is certainly nothing more treasonous, than accusing the Windsor Royal family of presenting a fake baby to the world.

Heads will roll…