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Why King Arthur is as relevant today, as he was 1500 years old.

Our Nation’s darkest hour is now.

If ever there was a time we needed our Nation’s greatest King, its today!

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‘Absolute Proof’ by Peter James Book Review.

Having been an avid fan of Peter James, since well before his Roy Grace crime novels, I broke out in a massive grin of excitement when I saw a hardback version of ‘Absolute Proof,’ on sale in St Catherine’s Hospice charity shop in Redhill, Surrey.

Careful with my pennies, having to survive on the pittance of Universal Credit, I handed over the £1.50 with joy and appreciation, saving a massive £18.50 from it’s original retail price. RESULT!

Described as the international bestselling author of many award-winning novels, I was especially excited about reading this book, because the year before, I picked up a free booklet from WHSmith, promoting the release of the hardback version, with three chapters from the book, wetting the reader’s appetite.

With the passing mention of the legendary King Arthur, and the promise of the Holy Grail thrown in for good measure, it was a story I was eager to read, and frustrated I didn’t have the money to buy the book as a Christmas present to myself!

I always get a cosy, fuzzy and warm feeling when I embark on a Peter James novel. I’m familiar with his style of writing, his pace, chapter length and how he jumps from one scene to another.

I remember with fondness the literal fright I got while reading ‘Twilight.’ That moment when they exhumed a young ladies coffin, only to see scratch marks INSIDE the coffin’s lid; sent a chill of terror down my spine, that still breaks out goosebumps when I think about it.

I’d better put in a disclaimer at this junction in my book review. As much as I’m an avid fan of Peter James, I’m also an avid fan of the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

Labelled the ‘Forensic Historians’ by documentary maker Richard D Hall; Wilson and Blackett claim that the King Arthur we remember today, was in fact based on a real historical figure, King Arthur II, born on Christmas Day 503AD, in South Wales.

Funnily enough; I wrote an email to Peter James about it; which I may as well share with you now!

Sent on the 11 September 2018, at approximately 9:46am, it read:

Hi Peter James;

I picked up a free taster of your forthcoming novel, ‘Absolute Proof’ yesterday and having enjoyed reading the first few chapters, feel compelled to tell you some information about JC and King Arthur, which you may not know.

I’ve been an avid follower of two historians called Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett… Have you heard of these gentlemen before?

According to their historical research they have torn up ancient British history, and claim to have rewritten the history books, based on the ancient Welsh Khrumry records, which apparently the established academia, have decreed to be fake and unsubstantiated.

I’ve written a lot about their research, which are linked below: I think you’ll find the information very interesting.

So, not only was King Arthur real, there were actually two of them, which history has mistakenly blended into one. (Actually there have been about five King Arthur’s throughout history, but who’s counting.)

And now for something even more amazing….

According to the research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, JC survived the crucifixion and traveled to South Wales with his family. They claim he was there-after known as the Lame Fisher King, which makes a lot of sense, considering nails were banged into his feet!

Don’t take it from me though; watch the interviews yourself, where Alan Wilson explains further.

No need to thank me Peter; I’m always here to help my fellow writers.


Either way, I’m looking forward to reading ‘Absolute Proof,’ and wish you and your beautiful wife, Lara, all the best.

Oh yes, before I forget; Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett claim to know the buried location of the Ark of the Covenant, King Arthur II’s resting place; and—– Wait for it———-

The grave of JC himself….

All the best,

Matt Taylor

So where was I?

I had high expectations of this book, and knowing how much thorough research Peter James does for his novels, I was interested to see whether, (having mentioned King Arthur,) he would follow the discredited route of putting King Arthur in a Glastonbury setting, or whether he may have come across Wilson’s and Blackett’s research himself, and would be brave enough to mention that?

I commend Peter James on his thorough research, because we know he’s a common partner with Sussex police, as he joins patrols and works closely with Dave Gaylor and Graham Bartlett, both retired police chiefs from Sussex police, to ensure his detail is correct.

I often think about a scene in one of his Roy Grace books, in which a criminal was reminiscing about his childhood, and tells a story how his dad once made him stand on a kitchen top and fall forward, under the promise he would catch him before hitting the floor.

As any kid would do, with a solemn promise from his dad, the kid stood up on the kitchen top, fell forward, only to smash his face against the floor, knocking out his front teeth.

“Don’t trust no one son,” the father said, looking down at his bloodied son laying on the floor.

Finishing the story, the criminal said with pride and joy, “That was the best lesson my dad could ever give me.”

I remember reading that chapter with horror, and still believe that Peter James wouldn’t have included it if it wasn’t true. Knowing his appetite for stringent research, I guess that it was a real story told to him by either a police officer or social worker.

So, where was I? Off-track again!

Absolute Proof by Peter James

Loving the book, I noticed Peter James posted the picture above on Twitter, recommending these three books as Valentine Day presents.

Wanting to be like Peter James (an international best-seller), I couldn’t help nicking his idea and putting out my own Valentine Day’s book advert up on Twitter.

Check out my books on –

I sincerely pray Peter James doesn’t think I’m a stalker (as other people do,) but again, I just couldn’t help myself, and I sent him the following Tweet as a reply.

It was perfect timing because at the time of sending the tweet, I had just finished chapter 94 and had no idea what chapter 95 had in store. It was only in bed that night, that chapter 95 revealed the third set of coordinates – 34°4’56.42″N 118°22’56.52″W’ – to be in West Hollywood, Los Angeles!

I was more than intrigued, I was flabbergasted. Here was I fearing it would have pointed to Glastonbury, hoping it would point to South Wales, and utterly mystified why it pointed to Los Angeles. But of-course, this is exactly why I love reading Peter James. He defies expectation and leads his readers to places they would otherwise never imagine going.

Hey, its 2020 and the book was published in 2018, so I cannot be accused of spoiling the ending for anyone; but here I was hoping that the absolute proof of the son of God would point to the bones of Jesus of Nazarene, when Peter James, had something much better in mind!

Jesus Christ – Mark 2 – in the flesh and blood

A woman with a DNA match to Jesus Christ, married to a man who was also a DNA match to Jesus, who had a son, who to all intent and circumstances, was an exact DNA replica of Jesus Christ.

Only Peter James could have thought up such a scenario!

“I know who I am,” Delaney said….

Brillant, awesome, fantastic, 10/10, Peter James at his very best!

Thank you Peter James; I remain Sir, your avid reader and utterly love your work.

I noted with interest in his acknowledgements that he confessed ‘Absolute Proof,’ to be;

“Undoubtedly the hardest book I’ve ever written, from the sheer scale of the subject matter, but also the one I have learned the most from.”

From a readers point of view, I would have never guessed!

He also mentions his beautiful wife, Lara, who’ve I’ve met myself, as she’s a friend of the wife, of one of my best friends at school.

“Above all, my wife, Lara, who believed in this book from the very start. She has been a constant source of wisdom, and has driven me on with her endless enthusiasm for this project.”

Which makes it only fitting that Lara should get my thanks too…

In a funny way; Peter James knows more about me than anyone, (maybe only equal to what Sussex police know about me), because there was an occasion when Peter and Lara, went for a drink with Lyn and Andy (Andy being my school-hood friend, and Lyn being Lara’s friend), where I know I was a subject of conversation during their meet-up.

I only hope Andy didn’t reveal too many secrets and that I was painted in a good light!

Oh yes; there was one other tweet I sent to Peter James – God I hope he doesn’t think I’m a stalker too!

Sometimes even Peter James couldn’t make it up!

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I’d rather you throw me some notes; £1 coins can hurt!

Thanks for reading and please come again!

Arthur The War King Chapter One

The first installment of Arthur The War King.

The book throws us into 6th Century Britain and the campaigns for survival leading up to the arrival of the renowned Arthur on to the scene.

Fate leads to a young Arthur being appointed ‘Uther Pendragon’ and supreme commander of the united British forces and we then follow him on his famous campaigns and climatic battles across Britain.

The book is written in an exciting story-teller style and is packed with historical references and information.

I am hoping to record the whole story in short videos with only some of the slower parts skipped.

There will also be maps and graphics where helpful. This is the new bed-time story in my house so while there are no interruptions in this video I can’t promise that will always be the case!

My boys often have some interesting questions and I hope no-one minds if I leave some in.

Enjoy this dramatic, informative and action-packed story.