Brian Harvey v’s David Icke

Ex-East 17 singer Brian Harvey has challenged the God Father of the UK’s Truth Movement, David Icke, to a conversation over Skype.

“Can you handle it?”

“Me and you live on BHTV2, live over Skype. I want a conversation with you David.
Right, no edits, no pre records, no nothing, just a straight conversation.
Can you handle it? I await your response.
Good morning everyone.”

David Icke
Brian Harvey

East 17 star Brian Harvey Tests Negative for Cocaine, Heroin & Speed.

Brian Harvey was accused of being a cocaine addict by his ex-Eastender’s actress girlfriend, Danniella Westbrook.

Daniella Westbrook & Brian Harvey

He was also accused of using cocaine and speed by Sharon Gale and fake police pervert, Danny Jones.

Sharon Gale
Fake Police Pervert, Danny Jones- real name – Linden Warden

Brian Harvey challenged Danniella Westbrook to take a drugs test, but she’s declined.

Brian Harvey admits to only using marijuana, for medical and recreational purposes.

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Brian Harvey Arrested

Brian Harvey Dead Man

Ann Drogyne Wastes Police Time

Ex Police staffer and transexual makeup supremo Ann Drogyne, dropped a complaint against Sharon Gale but made a new complaint of malicious communication against East 17 star Brian Harvey.


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Brian Harvey Arrested

Brian Harvey Dead Man

More Breaking News: Transexual Makeup Supremo Ann Drogyne Unveiled.

Ex Police staffer, and the UK Truth Movement’s leading transexual makeup supremo Ann Drogyne, has been unveiled as the person responsible for allegeding ex East 17 star Brian Harvey, sent him a malicious communication.

Ann Drogyne
Ann Drogyne

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Brian Harvey Arrested

Brian Harvey Dead Man

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East 17 star Brian Harvey has been arrested for making a malicious communication.

Clearly distressed and fearing for his life, Brian Harvey, the ex lead singer of the 90’s boy band East 17, has sensationally been arrested by police, for allegedly making a malicious communication against transexual makeup supremo Ann Drogyne.

Ann Drogyne

Streaming live on YouTube to thousands of his subscribers, Harvey is seen in a distressed state, asking them whether they were here to kill him for the Queen.

“Are you lot going to kill me? Are you going to put me in prison and kill me for the Queen?”

Directly implicating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the kidnap and murder of a former pop star, Harvey continues, “You are going to out me in prison and kill me for the Queen, yes you are.”

Protected by iron gates preventing entry to half a dozen police officers, and having asked whether they were on their oath to upload Common law, one police officer replied, “Right, if you carry on like this we’re going to have to take the doors off and come get you because you are making us concerned for your safety.”

The disturbing footage ended with Harvey saying he was surrender himself peacefully, before his phone fell to the ground and he exited his property. 

Stay tuned to Mr.X Investigations for an update as soon as we learn more on this breaking news story.

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Guerrilla Democracy News Weekly Round-Up

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Covering the London ‘Kill the Bill,’ march, the breaking news that Madeleine McCann is alive and living in Germany, plus the disgusting news that fake police pervert Danny Jones, was caught wanking during a live YouTube show with Sharon Gale….

Danny Jones caught wanking on live YouTube Show, by ex-East 17 singer, Brian Harvey!

Real name Linden Warden, has been exposed as a filthy fake police pervert, by actually masturbating himself, (out of shot,) while in discussion with Sharon Gale, the UK’s Truth Movement’s latest scarlet lady.


Danny Jones is a Racist

Danny Jones is a Paedophile

Danny Jones harassing Single Mothers

Danny Jones is a Racist – Part Two

Chris E is Danny Jone’s Controller!

Catches Fanny Bones having a wank!