Matt Taylor accepts New Zealand invitation to meet alleged Christchurch killer Elliot Dawson

Name: U N OWEN


Comment: I invite you to Linwood Islamic Centre to meet Elliott, the man you accuse, if you dare, oh, and I invite you to meet me too, I look forward to your coming out of you comfortable setting into the real world and see that we do not live in a soap opera, but a world full of beautiful people, so come on, what are you waiting for? Or are you a keyboard coward?

keyboard coward

Dear U N OWEN,

Please accept my apologies for taking so long to reply to your kind offer of an invitation to the Linwood Islamic Centre, to meet both yourself and Elliot Marshall Dawson, who I accuse of being the real killer at the Linwood Islamic Centre where at, 7 innocent worshipers were shot dead in cold blood.

As you can imagine, (remembering the events of Christchurch), the anguish of all Christians across the world this Easter weekend, (following the barbaric terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka, and the desecration of The Notre Dame in France, displaying their satanic contempt to Allah, by ensuring even the aliens on the moon could see the upside crucifixion burning from the surface of the Earth); has been truly terrible and shocking.

As an ex Royal Military policeman, (trained to conduct criminal investigations), I will relish the opportunity to travel to New Zealand, and prove to my satisfaction that Elliot Marshall Dawson, is not the killer at the Linwood Islamic Centre.

I am thrilled to come out of my comfortable setting into the real world, and humble ask both Allah and the Islamic community in New Zealand to crown-fund the necessary amount to fly me to New Zealand and provide the resources to conduct a serious criminal investigations.

We do not live in a soap opera; but yet soap operas are all what we watch on TV; why do you assume soap operas aren’t played out in real life?

The world is full of beautiful people and anyone who denies me this opportunity are ugly and undeserving of Allah’s grace and mercy.

For example, take what Asa Graves had to say in response to my serious allegation that Elliot Dawson is the real killer at the Linwood Islamic centre.

Is he frustrated that he has to use twizzlers for his micro penis.”

REALLY! Is this the best the friends of EMD from New Zealand can produce; small dick jokes?

Even Elliot’s own response was cowardly.

Can anyone in u.k report this to the authority even if through fb etc. The guy I think is brittish an a lowlife scum.”


Rather than coming to me directly; you, EMD and the whole Islamic community in New Zealand have gone running to MI6 complaining that I’ve accused sweet innocent Elliot Marshall Dawson (EMD) of being a satanic super soldier.

Well done you keyboard cowards, you managed to take down my Youtube channel, where hundreds of others have tried and failed.

Even though Voldemort aka (sounds like Sickly Semen) likes to claim credit.

Where was Elliot when Prince William visited Christchurch over Easter?

As an ex-royal military policeman, with experience of criminal investigations and spotting crime, I doubted EMD’s claim of hiding in the bathroom of the Linwood Islamic centre as soon as I heard it.

And wasn’t it such a co-incidence that I should be EMD’s Facebook friend, having never previously met him?

What is wrong with New Zealand that I can’t even speak my opinion, in danger of my Youtube platform being shut down.

My youtube channel showed over 500 videos, with over 1500 subscribers and has been publishing since 2014.

Video subjects promoted on my channel included charitable campaigns to raise money for orphans and widows in Africa, videos about King Arthur II, aliens, police corruption, comedy, etc.

How dare you get my youtube channel taken down. Damn you all. The actions of EMD, ASA Grave, youtube and MI6 agents working in conjunction with the NZ government; is clearly actions of a coward, with secrets to hide.

I would sincerely welcome your kind invitation to Christchurch, to meet yourself and Elliot Dawson. I would dearly wish for this and urge the Islamic community in New Zealand to crowd-fund the amount to cover the trip’s expenses and a serious investigation, into whether Elliot Dawson was the real Linwood killer?

I am heartbroken that my Youtube platform has been shut down as a result of this, and will do everything in my power to prove I had serious grounds to accuse Elliot Dawson of being a killer at the Linwood Islamic centre, and get my youtube channel re-instated.

I stand by my contention and vehemently defend the thought process and journey, which my conclusion was founded upon.

It was the NZ government that originally sounded the alarm bells by attacking anyone from sharing the live streaming shooting at the Al Noor mosque.

Don’t shoot the messenger; by the footage of Al Noor was soon dismissed as fake.

Don’t start trolling me just because the Al Noor video was forensically examined frame by frame, and was proved to be littered with inconsistencies.

No wonder the NZ government were so keen to lock anyone up caught watching or sharing it for 14 years?

I have a history of conducting criminal investigations. It’s not rocket science. There is a framework that needs to be followed. Questions asked, evidence sought and conclusions noted.

Then of-course we have ex CIA operative Robert Steele, claiming its a false flag event

And then another CIA operative, David Rock confessing to have orchestrated the Christchurch shooting on the orders of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton.

It would appear the NZ government wants all critical thought shutdown and banned.

New Zealand is the New World’s Order leading light of Example. What is happening in New Zealand and Australia today, is the glimpse of the things to come, to the rest of us by tomorrow.

I stand by my contention that Elliot Dawson is not a reliable witness and that his testimony shouldn’t be believed.

I would dearly love to come to Christchurch to conduct my own investigation and to meet Elliot Dawson in person.

I pray to Allah and the Islamic community in New Zealand to make it happen.

Yours Sincerely,

Matt Taylor

Brighton, UK


Liam Power is a Fucking ‘Mental’ Retard

In all honesty and sincerity, anyone who believes 50 people were killed in Christchurch are fucking mental retards.

While I will undoubtedly receive a fierce and vicious reaction to such a comment; I stand by it until new evidence is presented that proves once and for all, what really happened at the Al Noor mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Having watched the video in question, I believe it to be fake for 5 obvious reasons.

  1. There were dead bodies piled in the two corners of the room, before Tarrant started shooting at them.
  2. No empty shells were hitting the ground while shooting outside the mosque. 
  3. No blood splattered against wall when victims were shot at close range.
  4. No visible entry wounds of rounds being fired at dead bodies.
  5. The car’s front windscreen window didn’t shatter when he fired through it.

A Cover-up is in operation and its supported by the mass-media.

In both these clips below, one from Good Morning Britain featuring the ex and discredited Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, and the other featuring BBC’s anchor woman Victoria Derbyshire; both call for the public to NOT watch the video and NOT to share it.

We now know why they were so keen to persuade people NOT to take a critical look, because they knew that if a security expert were to inspect every frame, they’ll find many more anomalies than just five.

Then of-course when the alleged shooter, Brenton Tarrant was hauled before court, his face was pixelated.

We now know why! The Brenton Tarrant featured on the video, was not the person hauled into court.


And with this in mind, it makes absolute sense why the New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern now refuses to name his name ever again.

“He sought many things from his act of terror, but one is notoriety. And that is why you will never hear me mention his name. He is a terrorist. He is a criminal. He is an extremist. But he will, when I speak, be nameless.

And to others, I implore you: Speak the names of the lives who were lost, rather than the name of the man who took them.”

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pretending to be a Muslim
New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pretending to be a Muslim

The Black Satanic Awakening is Now!

You heard it on Guerrilla Democracy News first, that a new breed of genetically modified soldiers are about to be unleashed onto the world.

Matty Inglis Taylor was the first to spread the news that a new threat faces the world, a new threat calling itself ‘The Black Satanic Awakening.”

satanic super soldiers
Beware the Satanic Super Soldiers

These pictures show giant soldiers on-route to carry out horrific murders. Just look at their height. These ruthless killers have been genetically breed for nothing else, but to kill and bring terror to the world.


The very next day after reporting that thousands of giant satanic super soldiers were coming our way, the image below was flashed across our media waves.


Anyone who knows how the satanic overlords operate; know that they are obliged to show their intent in plain sight.

Above we see a giant satanic super soldier, dressed all in black, crouched in stealth mode.

For all we know, the ship’s hull could be filled with 8 foot genetically modified satanic super soldiers, brought into the UK, to await for further orders.

satanic super soldiers
Beware the Satanic Super Soldiers



New Zealand Mass Shooting Slaughter



The Shoreham Flight Shite by Christopher D Spivey


Mission Accomplished
Investigating the stories which the mainstream media dare not investigate

New Zealand Mass Shooting Slaughter

On the morning of the New Zealand mass shooting massacre at the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch; I published a Facebook update indicating that it looked like a false flag event.

Guerrilla Democracy Breaking News- New Zealand shootings looks like another false flag event

“You Deluded Cunt”


Up until this point the only news footage being shown was of a police officer running to a colleague and pointing. Furthermore, the only footage of the dead and injured was of a young man on a stretcher, who appeared unharmed, other than a strained wrist, and a more older man with his shirt off, being directed to a wheel chair, who himself, appeared unharmed, but holding his wrist in pain.

It was due to a lack of visual evidence of a mass slaughter, killing 49 people and injuring a further 20, that I called the shooting into question.

“I mean there’s an actual video, you deluded cunt.”


Link to video

Having watched the video, startling anomalies arise, which call into question, the validity of this terrorist attack.


For example, the shooting starts 6 minutes and 38 seconds into the footage. It was at about 6 minutes and 50 seconds into the live feed, that Brenton Tarrant enters the large room of the mosque, only for two piles of dead bodies to be seen at either end of the room.

The point I’m making, straight-off, having watched the footage, is that people were already dead and piled up, before Brenton Tarrant entered the room and started shooting.

Now how the hell did that happen?

Next up is the lack of blood spray, whenever Tarrant shot at his victims at close range.


With a pile of dead bodies, having just been shot, you would have expected a very large puddle of blood to have formed at this stage.

No puddle of blood is visible, as isn’t any blood spray, when victims are shot at close range.

The walls of the room are bright white and no where is blood visible on the walls.

The picture above is a screen shot 11 minutes and 22 seconds into the footage. The head cap of a victim is seen flying of the person’s head, but no blood spray visible against the white washed wall.

This is seen again throughout the footage, in which bodies leaning up against the wall are shot, but no blood spray being visible.


Dummy Dummy


Is this a dummy laying on the floor? The hands certainly make you think it is.

Carrying on with the theme of the lack of blood spray; this is seen again, with Tarrant’s last victim at the La Noor Mosque shooting.


This lady was first shot at while outside, finding protection from the La Noor Mosque perimeter fence. At 11 minutes 46 seconds, Tarrant shoot at her, and at 12 minutes into the footage, we can hear her pleading for help while lying in the gutter.

At 12 minutes, 2 seconds, Tarrant took one last look at the mosque, walked up to the lady pleading for help, and shot her point blank range in the head.

While black material is seen flying from her head, no blood spray or brain matter is seen. Something you would have expected from such a close range shot.

Satanic Black Awaking


Information you’ll only hear on Guerrilla Democracy News; Matty Inglis Taylor reveals the disturbing development that there are thousands of these fascist occult sleeper super soldier in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

Its called the ‘Satanic Black Awakening.”


We have seen these Satanic Super-Soldiers before, as the picture below shows. Matty Inglis Taylor is right, they are satanic genetically modified giant super-soldiers of the Satanic Black Awakening.

satanic super soldiers

Last but not least, we see a dead victim of the La Noor mosque massacre, actually texting on his mobile phone.




We expect Christopher D Spivey to join in with the debate, and no doubt he’ll too come to the conclusion that the New Zealand mass slaughter shooting is a false flag event too.

After all, he’s the only journalist in the world, claiming that the Shoreham Airshow crash was a false flag event.


Read more: The Shoreham Flight Shite

how to spot a false flag

Investigating the stories which the mainstream media dare not investigate